Monday, July 6, 2009

Ahhh, hello beach ... we definitely need to get together more often

We are here. Our house is great. We are just a few houses away from the beach and the tail end of the boardwalk which in my opinion is the best location. You don't get the noise, but you are within walking distance of the fun of the boardwalk.

We have a house sitter. So far my newest dog Molly is not taking to her. She is earning her money this week. Poor girl.

Elijah and I were up at 4 on Saturday morning, not the best start to our week. I realized he had only eaten a banana on Friday night for dinner. With all the kids and family it's easy to overlook these things I guess. I know I don't win a mother of the year award with that one. Let's move on.

We were thrilled when the realtor had food available for us so we had lunch there before getting to our house to unpack. So yummy too!

We hit the beach after unpacking. I actually fell asleep on the beach. I NEVER do that, but I had been up since 4. I even missed the excitement of our umbrella blowing away down the beach into the ocean. Oh, and did I mention it was wall to wall people? The crowds were nuts on the beach and boardwalk. We saw the fireworks on the beach. That's the best. So relaxing.

Sunday came and my stomach was sick so I spent the morning in the bathroom. Ugh. There should be some kind of law against getting sick while at the ocean. The good news is that I got to take a 3 hour nap. We also got to see Dottie's (my stepsister) mansion at the beach. Okay, it's not a mansion, but it is HUGE.

Last night we went out for ice cream. Elijah can't eat ice cream, but we thought he should be able to do sherbet right? Wrong. He threw up this morning. Hence still being at the house and not at the beach at 10 a.m. Poor little guy. I knew something was up when he was still sleeping at 8:30. Then he just could not wake up. He still feels a little funky. It's so sad because he's my morning person, full of energy right away and to see him all sad and icky feeling is awful. This is partly how I knew he had issues with milk as a baby. Any time I gave him dairy he would end up throwing up. His body just rejects any kind of milk product. It's definitely an allergy though and not just an intolerance. It's crazy, and makes feeding him super hard.

So, here we are. I think I need to live at a beach one day. Dan and I both feel this way. Knowing the big vast ocean is just minutes away brings peace to my soul. There's just nothing like it.

Hayes is super cute with his little 21 mos ways about him. He doesn't talk. He makes noises, but he gets so excited and words pop out like Elijah and ribs. He was running through the house looking for Elijah and was saying his name. He wanted more ribs last night and yelled, "Rib!" But, when you ask him later on to say words he just mumbles, grunts, etc. He is such a little show off. He is so adorable. Addie and Madelyn are "like sisters" they keep saying. They are cute. They have a couple matching pairs of pjs and outfits and they love it. Elijah goes between the girls and Hayes. He got confused at first and asked for his matching night gown as well. He also wanted pony tails. I think he gets it now though that he's not a girl.

Cousins are the best.

I think that's all for now. Stay tuned for more stomach issue stories ...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blog? What? I have a blog?

It has been SO LONG since I have posted. How sad. We have had a whole lot going on.

So, this will be a quick get caught up post ...

We have another dog and oh me oh my am I in love with her. She is 8 lbs, smaller than my cats, and is so funny and cute. I can't believe how quickly I fell in love with her. Madelyn too. Molly (the chihuahua) LOVES the kids. She is so sweet. I found her on Her family was moving and couldn't take her with them. Daisy and the cats have been fine with her. She's so little it's like they don't really care.

Elijah continues to crack us up. He has decided to call Molly "Ayeechop." I'm not too sure on the spelling, but it's pretty funny and has stuck with him.

We were in the car yesterday and Elijah said, "When I drink water from a water bottle and stick my tongue in that's my tongue exercise."

Madelyn really has a fun sense of humor now. She totally gets jokes, or funny things which is fun to see.

We are going to the beach with Shannon and her family and my mom. It should be crazy, but fun. Man do I love the beach. The doctor said this morning that the salty air should really help clear out Elijah's nose congestion. He gets sinus infections pretty regularly. Hearing her say that though I think is enough confirmation that we need to move to the beach. I'll keep you posted on that.

Friends are the best. I have 2 friends who just had babies. I love to see good families multiplying their numbers. Dan seems to be getting a bit of baby fever lately. I, on the other hand, am not.

Nick's nephew just died from a burst brain aneurysm. I can't even begin to describe how sad it is. He was such a great kid. The funeral home said about 1,000 people showed up for the viewing. As a mother it tears my heart apart to think about losing one of my children. They buried him on the day they were to have his graduation party.

Dan is doing well and is continuing to wean off his meds. While this makes me a little nervous I am glad for him. He looks healthier and not as bloated, especially in his face. Many people have commented lately. I think that makes him feel better as well.

Right now I should be cleaning out my car, packing, making beds and washing sheets, but instead I am online. Go figure.

Why is it that lately I have thought of all these things to post about and when I finally do I can't remember half the things?

Oh well. I guess this will do for now.