Monday, April 16, 2012

Sad Dream With a Side of Cheese

I had a horrible dream that Dan and I were breaking up.  It was so sad.  I just remember lying in bed thinking about how all the people must have been right.  We should have never gotten married young.  I could hear my Twilight friends (characters from the book) talking about how they were going to have to go "tracking" to find me.  Apparently I was missing, but I was in my bed.  Remember this is a dream.

Anyway, while I was lying there feeling so so sad I was also thinking about how Dan and I were supposed to grow old together.  It was like that image was completely washed away like a wave washing writing in the sand away.  I saw myself just trying to date and find some meaningful relationship to cling to, but I didn't think any of them would or could compare to Dan.

Thankfully, we didn't have kids in this dream.  It was sad enough as it was.

Then I woke up. 

PRAISE THE GOOD LORD I WOKE UP!  I walked out of my room and Dan was coming out the bathroom.  He gave me a hug and I told him my dream.  He assured me it was just a dream. 

Whew.  It seemed so real and it still makes me so sad to think of how I felt in my dream. 

(Here comes the cheese ... )

Then I heard this song on my way to the store today ...

You can ignore the people in the video even though I know they look just like me and Dan.  I am still wondering how she got a hold of my favorite jean shorts ...

But, hearing this song again reminded me just how much Dan loves me.

When Dan heard this song he claimed it as his song for me and that makes me happy.  He does tell me kind things all the time and I always brush it off because he is my husband and he has to.  He swears that is not why he says them.  Either way I don't mind hearing all the kind things he says.

I sure do love that guy, and my dream only made me realize it more.  I don't even know why we were breaking up in my dream.  I just knew he was gone.  Oh, it was awful.

I can only pray that will never be a reality.  I plan to end our days the same way The Notebook movie ends, with the two of us snuggled up together on a bed in a nursing home having died together with each other ...

Shush, let me have my fantasy ...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend

We surprised Dan's Dad big time by showing up at his house on Saturday unannounced :)  Lois knew we were coming, but Vern had NO idea.  Just hearing him come around the house and say, "WHAAAAAA ..."  was priceless.  Dan said, "Happy Birthday!" and gave him a hug. 

Vern turned 70 on Monday.  We had been planning to go up there for Easter and birthday celebrations, but Lois wanted to keep it a secret.  I'm glad she did.  It took a good 15 minutes for it to sink into Vern's brain that we were actually there.  So funny.

We went out to Outback with Robbie and Donna and their kids.  Then we went back to their house for cake and ice cream.  It was a really nice time.

Then Dan threw up in the night. 


Poor guy.  My stomach still was not right.  It has taken a long time for my stomach to get back to normal.  So, we did not make it to church that morning.  Dan slept and the kids and I did our own Easter service in the living room.  We watched a little video we found online and then spent time praying and thanking God for His love for us in sending Christ for us.

Elijah prayed, "... and thank you Lord that when we draw nigh to you, you draw nigh to us ..."  That's when I went WHAAAAA (in my mind)  ...  so stinkin' sweet!! 

Then we watched lego videos of Christ's story on youtube.  The kids got a kick out of it.  Some people have a lot of time on their hands.

When Dan woke up he watched a church service online from one our local churches.  He then went back to sleep for the rest of the day. 

After dinner the kids enjoyed their Easter gifts and then we went to Robbie and Donna's for an Easter egg hunt.  When your teenage cousins who are super sweet put together eggs for an egg hunt you end up with 60 eggs for 2 children to find.  They loved it. 

We spent the rest of the evening with them and Dan's cousin who stopped in.  We were hopeful for a new episode of Once Upon a Time since we all love that show, but it was a rerun. 

We were pleasantly surprised when we got home to find Dan out of bed and in the kitchen.  He ate a little, and then promptly went back to bed.  This bug we had just wipes you out.  Thankfully he was well enough the next day to make the drive home.

We went skating that night and then enjoyed time with our friends from NJ the next day.  Before we knew it we were back in the school routine.  Spring Break seems a bit like a blur, but it was fun.  I am looking forward to summer break now though.  There are just too many fun things to do and people to see.

Happy Easter!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Sad Tale

I got the stomach flu on Tuesday.  I woke up at 3 a.m. and wasn't quite right.  Oh man.  You forget just how miserable the stomach flu is.  You can't get comfortable.  You just want to puke.  You can't puke so you just lie somewhere praying you will puke.  When you finally do you have a moment of relief where you might actually sleep until the cycle starts all over.  Ugh.

Finally I just stopped trying to drink anything because I figured it was making matters worse.  I learned some other things as well ...

Fresh everything bagels are super deelish ... until you puke them up.  It will be a while before I can eat them again which stinks because we still have a bunch left.  Peyton's dad works at a bagel factory and brought us some fresh the other day.  We dug right into them because we were so hungry and they were so yummy, but I regretted that later.

The aches and pains are so horrible.  You can hardly rest.  Alka Seltzer was my best friend once I felt I was able to keep stuff down.  It calmed my stomach and took away my pains.  Thank you Alka Seltzer.

My husband is the best.  He came home from work twice to check on me.  I had Elijah home sick with a cough too so he took care of both of us.

Apple sauce was the best thing ever come midnight when I wasn't feeling so much pain anymore and something actually sounded appetizing to me.  I took a shower too which felt so wonderful.  I was still a bit chilled and uncomfortable, but feeling clean made a big difference.

The saddest part is that Madelyn and I were both supposed to go to NYC on Wed with her friend and her friend's mom.  Well, I could no longer go.  She was a brave girl and went by herself though.  She and Alli wore matching shirts and looked super cute.  I was sad to see her go, but they had so much fun shopping at a ton of stores and walking for miles.  They drove to NJ and took the ferry over.  We want to go as a family and go to the statue of liberty and other places so I will look forward to that instead. 

I was still moving pretty slowly yesterday, but I am feeling better and better.  I don't think I ever felt so thankful to be able to do laundry and other mundane chores.  Ahhhhh, good health, definitely nothing to be taken for granted.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Looky Here, It's a Blog Post!

What's been going on with us lately?  ...

Madelyn LOVES Star Wars.  It's so fun.  She now has replaced her Scooby Doo characters on her bedroom door that she had drawn with Star Wars characters.  I have to say they are super cute.  I will get pictures soon.


Elijah is sick today so we are all home from church.  Usually Dan will go without me, but he stayed home today too.  I can't say I am upset about that.  It's been a nice morning so far.  Well, except for Elijah being sick.  Poor little guy.  He's my early riser, but he was still in bed when I got up this morning.  I woke up to him coughing quite a bit in the night.  He got up around 8:45, but when he didn't come downstairs I went to look for him and he was back in bed asleep.  So sad.  He is achy and uncomfortable, but so far no fever.


We have seen quite a bit of my mom lately which has been fun.  She is way into Geocaching now so we do that when she comes up.  It's good because it gets us out of the house and we laugh a lot.  It is so rewarding when you find one of those things.  It's so funny how caught up in it you can get.  It will be fun this summer to go with Shannon and her kids.


Dan just had a birthday.  He is 39 now.  He kept saying it was going to be his last birthday because no one wants to say they are older than 39, but it sounded so morbid when he would say it.  I got him a Bruno Mars CD for his birthday and Mario Kart.  We had Mario Kart before, but it stopped working.  It's a wii game we all enjoy and all 4 of us can play at one time so that has been fun.  We got take out and hung out all evening.  It was one of his best birthdays.  We had fun.


My Mom had a birthday the week before and ended up coming up here.  She and I went Geocaching and then came back here for dinner.  We laughed a lot geocaching because I kept finding the caches, but it was her birthday so at the one I tried to pretend I didn't see it, but it was too late.  She was closer to me than I thought and I looked way too guilty.


Peyton and I played Mario Kart on Friday after my family left for school and he had about 20 minutes until his bus came.  He was so cute because we played on the same team so he was encouraging me or apologizing for not doing well.  On the way to the bus stop he was telling me that I was such a good racer.  He was really impressed.  He is such a sweet kid.  It's been fun having him here.