Friday, October 31, 2008

5:30 AM Wake Up Call With Spiderman

Again, Elijah woke up very early. I hear the fridge open and he starts his usual routine of getting out all of his yogurt containers even though he will only eat 1 or 2.

I go out to see what he is doing and he has 4 yogurts lined up on the table. Then he wants two spoons. I don't know why, but he usually will have multiple spoons now when he eats yogurt. I guess it's just more fun.

When he starts to eat the yogurt he says, "I'm going to stick his head in!" He pulls the spoon out and says, "Ah, he has pie all over his face! I'm going to eat it!"

I am telling you when Elijah wakes up in the morning he is so chipper and full of joy no matter what time it is. He is the only one in our family who is a morning person, but it's great because while the rest of us are just trying to get ourselves together we can't help but smile because Elijah is there saying something sweet or funny.

I notice Elijah is shivering. It has gotten quite cold here lately. The poor boy needs some more warm clothes. I go to the laundry room to look for a sweatshirt or something warmer than what he has on. I find a bag of hand-me-down clothes that someone gave me and what do I find?? A spider man sweatshirt with a hood no less!

Elijah loves spider man. He has only seen pictures of spider man on the dvd covers we have, but somehow he now really likes the idea of spider man. Every time he puts his jacket on he says he's like spider man and then he puts the hood up. I don't know. He just came up with that.

I knew he would be thrilled when I showed him the sweatshirt, and he was. I put it on him and he didn't take it off for two days! I love how such simple things can make children so happy.

We spent the rest of the morning snuggling and drawing letters on the magna-doodle until it was time to get Madelyn up. It was early, but it was worth it.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Daisy Buries Her Treats ... the house.

It is difficult, but she manages to find ways.
I have found bones under the bed, in corners, and now this ...

Notice the claw marks as if she was really burying her bone.

What is the bone buried under you ask ...

Why it's the arm of our desk chair of course! It seems to fall off at times, especially when the kids play on the computer. The screw gets loose and next thing we find it on the floor.
Apparantly it made the perfect hiding tool for Daisy.

But, how could you ever get upset with this sweet face?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

4 AM Wake Up Call From Elijah

He was having trouble with the letter R.

That's right. At 4 AM he was practicing drawing his letters on his magna-doodle, and he always gets stuck on the letter R.

So, he comes into our room dragging the magna-doodle, climbs onto our bed, and says, "Mommy, I need help with the letter R."

I look at the clock and cannot believe it is 4 AM. The light is on in the living room and obviously Elijah has been up long enough to practice each letter leading up to the letter R. And, he erases each letter before moving on to the next one.

I then inform him that it is way too early for me to help him with his letter. His response, "Okay." He walks back out to the living room to continue on his own.

I don't know what happened between then and 6 AM when he crawled into our bed and went back to sleep.

I now wonder what else has gone on in the middle of the night that I don't even know about. Elijah is known now for waking up and helping himself to his soy yogurt. He will eat as many as his little heart desires if we don't wake up in time to limit him.

In some ways this is nice. You know, a little independance is okay. In other ways this is a little scary.

Who doesn't love a peaceful boy reading a book though?

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm Still Learning

Notice the dog ...

I caved.

But, on a different note, I totally dropped the ball. You know I've only been a parent for 6 years so I'm still trying to figure out how to handle the whole surprise aspect of gift-giving now that my oldest is old enough to figure some things out.

I remember the days fondly of being able to shop for Christmas gifts with her in the cart!

So, I mentioned the ugly stuffed dog in the last post and how I would end up at Marshalls to get it right? Well, that's exactly what I did. I also went to Ross to buy the husband pillow that will go nicely in her dormer. I was so proud of myself for doing Christmas shopping early.

I did soften on the dog though because I started to think I would just say that she was able to get it because she had some other birthday money she could use.

My original plan was to drop the stuff off at home and hide it so that she didn't see it, but I ran out of time. I put the pillow in the back of the car because I figured she never looks back there anyway.

It was fun because when I picked her up at school I put the dog in her seat so when she got in she would see it right away. She was so happy. Madelyn is very reserved so you don't get the big reaction. You get a very happy face and a quiet kind of excited sound, and it's very sweet. It's like it takes a bit to sink in.

The whole way home we talked about the dog. The dog was dancing. The dog was missing her friends, but looking forward to making new friends. The dog was getting lots of hugs. It was very cute.

Meanwhile, Elijah is sleeping through all of this.

We get home and I tell Madelyn that I'm going to take Elijah in and then come back for my purse and things. She is getting her backpack and things together to get out. When I was walking in the house I saw the package that her Aunt Pam sent her (an angel pillow just like the one I had when I was little - so sweet!) had come in the mail.

So, when I come back out I yell, "Madelyn, you have a package here too!"
To which she says, "I saw my other surprise too!"

Um ... "What?"

"My other surprise! I saw it in the back! ... The pillow!?!"


"Um ... (nervous laugh) ... YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO SEE THAT!!" The little stinker.

She just giggles.

"That was supposed to be for Christmas!"

More giggles. "I saw it!"
So, now I have no early Christmas gifts. Madelyn has 3 more Birthday gifts, and I'm not sure how Dan is going to take all of this. I'm just glad we didn't give her the desk we wanted to give her for her Birthday. That will definitely wait until Christmas, but I am going to have to hide it REALLY well. Hopefully, I've learned that lesson now. Oy.

The best part was that Madelyn and I giggled the rest of the afternoon. She was so happy to have a late b-day and early Christmas that involved 3 new things. She was dancing with the pillows, hugging the pillows and the dog, saying goofy things, giggling and giggling and giggling some more. It was all just really funny and fun.
And, Elijah was still sleeping.
I mean, how cute is this girl and her dog (Spottie is her name).

UPDATE: So, as the night went on Madelyn seemed to just gain more an more energy. It's not every day she gets 3 new things at once! I really am not the type of mom who just buys my kids things all the time so even a dollar store item is a special treat. She literally did 100 laps back and forth across the kitchen after dinner.

Madelyn's Love For Animals

Fake ones, that is.

A little background. When Madelyn was a year old we were at Marshall's. She found this cute brown teddy bear that she then carried with her through the store. I mean, she was ADORABLE being so tiny and carrying this teddy that was almost as big as her around the store. Well, I caved. I had to buy it for her. I knew she and this teddy could not be separated. He was later named Papa Bear.

Another time we were at Target (she was almost 3) in the dollar section (BEST THING TARGET HAS EVER DONE!) and she picked up a little stuffed dog. She was playing with it and when I was ready to move on I told her to put the dog back. She did and before she walked away she gave it a little talk about how she had to go, and on and on in a cute little way that only little girls can talk to stuffed animals in, before she then came over to me.

Now, the thing is, she was fine with leaving the dog. She had said her good-byes and then just skipped over to me ready to go, but I could not get over the fact that she was so sweet with the dog! We had to go back and get it. It was only a dollar! I used my card for $1.06 that day at Target b/c I bought nothing but the dog that she had already told me would be named Bambi.

Let me tell you, both Bambi and Papa Bear have been big parts of our lives. For a long time she had to sleep with them. I can't believe how much Bambi has been loved being that she is a dollar section dog from Target, but don't mutts from shelters make the best dogs?

Well, we were at Marshall's yesterday and she picked up this stuffed dog. There are a lot of cute stuffed animals, but I have to be honest here and say that this dog just was not cute. It was a dalmation looking dog, but it had funky eyes, like really big eyes or something. I don't know, but something didn't sit right with me and this dog.

Anyway, she had just bought a fairy barbie with her b-day money thankfully because she then wanted this dog. I don't even know how much it was, but I was able to tell her no because she just bought the barbie.

She carried the dog with her for the rest of the time in the store. When we were going to leave she said, "Oh, I have to put the dog back!" I told her I would wait for her and looked at some fun (too expensive) coats while I waited. When I turned around to see if she was coming I saw her walking, but turned back gazing at the bin where she had to leave the dog.

Oh my. If that dog hadn't been so ugly I would have been tempted to buy it for her right then.

I didn't say a word though because I could tell she could cry over this one. So, I just reached for her hand. She grabbed my hand and laid her head on my arm. I still said not a word. I could not believe she was so smitten with this dog.

Meanwhile, I'll be driving back to Marshall's tomorrow and buying the dog. It can be a Christmas gift right? I mean she probably won't even remember it, but I'll feel better.

Bambi is the little dog right near her face. Cute huh?

You'd think she'd be just as smitten over live animals, but she's not.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gift of Mediocrity

My dear friend Kerry once mentioned this gift before and I thought, "Yes! That's me!"

Okay, maybe I shouldn't be so proud of it, but don't you feel better when you go to someone's house and you see that they too don't have a place for everything, or maybe they left a pile of things lying on the table or floor?

I do.

So, for that reason I will share with you something that I did that I have never done before.

But, wait. Before I do, I would like to state that I do like a generally straightened house. I have learned to keep my house at the point where if someone calls to say they are stopping by I can get the main areas in order within 15 minutes. I usually don't even need fifteen minutes, but lately things have been a little crazy. I went away, got sick, gave away a dog, had 2 birthday celebrations, doc visit, etc. so things have gotten a little out of control.

(Sidenote: If you leave your children with your husband for the weekend, don't expect a clean or even just a straightened, house when you come home unless your husband is already a proven neat freak. Don't get me wrong. I was thrilled to go away for a long weekend, and it was well worth the effort and cleaning up I am still trying to catch up on. I'm just sayin' ...)

So, on top of whatever cleaning that was needed I also had laundry to do. Laundry is my biggest challenge, just ask my mom and mother-in-law. They usually are very sweet and try to help me when they come visit. I always feel bad though and now try to have it all caught up before they come because I feel badly.

Anyway, I had a couple loads (maybe more) that needed to be folded that I had thrown onto our bed. My thought behind that is I can't go to bed unless I fold my laundry right? Well, Dan was falling asleep in the chair he was sitting in so being a nice wife I quickly got to the laundry pile so he could go to bed. I wanted to get it all put away so that when we had our fun day with friends I wasn't coming home to huge piles in my bedroom.

Well, okay. Here is what I did ... I actually just threw my husband's underwear into his drawer without folding it. Not only that, I threw towels into the linen closet without folding them (there were only two of them, but still). I also threw dish towels and cloths into the kitchen drawer without folding them. And, lastly, I threw sheets into our closet without folding them. They'll probably be on the bed soon anyway right? And, I won't confirm this, but there may still be a basket of kids clothes that are waiting to be folded.

So, yes. Yes I did do all of that. But, you know what? I didn't come home to piles of laundry in my room.

All this to say, if you ever come to my house, especially if your one of those "peeker types" (you know the ones, they peek in the medicine cabinet, linen closet, or under the bathroom sink. did you see that oprah show?), you just may find some unfolded towels or things of that nature, but I bet it will make you feel better.

And, that's what I'm here for.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Great Day

Friends are so fun.

We had a wonderful time at the Hands-on Museum (is that what it's called?) in Lancaster. The best part about it is that we had our two six year olds who were thrilled to be reunited so Kim and I just sat and talked while the girls played like crazy with all the fun things. The place isn't too big so they were always nearby.

These girls are so cute together. They were in the stalls in the bathroom when Abby says, "I love you Madelyn." Madelyn just sort of giggled. She's my shy one. Then when it was time to leave Madelyn handed Abby a note that said I love you too Abby.

Have I mentioned how cute they are together?

I know friends can come and go throughout life, but these ones are keepers.

Madelyn's Surprise

Madelyn doesn't know it, but tomorrow we are meeting her best friend from MD in Lancaster at the Hands-on Museum for kids. All she knows is that we are going to Lancaster.

She asked me what was in Lancaster and I told her people and buildings :) She kept asking so I told her there were trees and animals, pumpkins and leaves. She got excited when I said pumpkins. We already went to the pumpkin patch though.

She is so excited she could hardly go to sleep which isn't too unusual for her. She's not much of a sleeper on most days, but tonight she was banging on her mini-hat box we use for her hair bands like it was a drum. It really belongs in the bathroom. When I went in to tell her to quiet down she had two headbands around her neck like necklaces and one in her hand that she said she was going to wear tomorrow. She never wears headbands.

I love surprises. She and Abby were best buds from the age of 1 before kids even really play together. They were different. People at church would even comment about them in the nursery. We miss our MD friends terribly so we cherish our get togethers like the one we'll have tomorrow. Plus, I'll get a day with just my girl, and Dan will have a day with just his boy. Yay!

Speaking of Manners ...

My last post reminded me of a man I worked with. He had NO manners. It still makes me laugh when I think of this.

Just a little background. Before I had Madelyn I was a Corporate Office Manager in Alexandria, VA. Sounds big doesn't it? It wasn't. It was me an 3 executives. I was a lonely office manager. The 3 executives were men who weren't much for conversation. I need conversation even if it's just work related.

Okay, so the one man actually lived in TX, but he would come up to work most weeks. Well, one day I was ordering lunch and asked him if he would like me to order something for him. He said he wanted some kind of salami sandwich (I had never heard of the type of salami), not your typical lunch order for the little sandwich shop in the next building.

Of course, the shop didn't have his type of salami so I inform (let's just call him Joe) Joe of this. He gets so angry and yells, "Well, tell her she can just go to hell!" Yes, that's right. I am supposed to inform the nice lady on the phone who probably has never even heard of the type of salami he asked for that she can go to hell. Yes. That was Joe, a hard-core German man, who I swear was born in the wrong century. He always wore a 3-piece suit with an ascot. And, he would pick his nose at his desk and go on typing away on his computer. eek. I stayed as far away from his computer as I could.

The funny thing about him though was that when it came to his wife and children he was always so sweet. So, in between dropping the f-bomb, yelling at people on the phone, hanging up on them, he would then answer a call from his wife, "Hello sweetheart! How are you?"

And, when I later talked to Joe on the phone. I was home with Madelyn at that point. He was very kind and said if I ever needed anything to let him know. Aw.

Nice Joe was so nice. Mean Joe was so mean.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fury (Okay Not Really)

I do not like going to the doctor. As a matter of fact this past year I would have major anxiety over having to go to the doctor for an appointment for myself.

Now that may have some kind of psychological connection because of all we have gone through with Dan and basically living at doctor's offices over the past year. Who knows? All I know is I don't like going.

So, today I had an appt with a doctor about an issue I have literally been putting off for years at this point. It's not the kind of doctor that you would rush in to see (obviously since I've been putting it off for years), but I was finally ready to bite the bullet and just do what I needed to do.

And, this morning I was actually feeling pretty good about the whole thing. I wasn't extremely nervous. I wasn't dry heaving. I didn't have to take anything to calm my nerves. I was actually pretty relaxed. So, I drop Elijah off at a friend's house. He was thrilled to be going to a friend's house. That was easy. I didn't eat anything so that takes away the whole "I think I am going to throw up feeling." I know. I have issues.

I'm heading to the doctor's office when I think to myself, "Did I ever get a referral?" (Gasp!) Oh no. I never called to get a referrel!! ARGH. Are you kidding me???? I could punch myself.

I get to the office and before I go in I call my PC Doc and of course the usual secretary is not in. She is WONDERFUL when it comes to the referrals. She has always come through for us when we've been in a pinch. So, instead I ask the girl who answers if she can check my file to see if it's there or not. She comes back on and with a very relaxed manner informs me there is nothing in my file.

I ask her if she can send one and she says no because they are closing at noon today. It's only 11 am. Still very relaxed she tells me that I'll probably just have to reschedule my appt. Forget the fact I've already waited 2 months for this appt!

I say thank you and hang up. I know. I don't know why I always say thank you no matter what. I mean she didn't help me one bit. She didn't even give me any alternatives as to how we could maybe work this out. Yet I said thank you even though I was so mad I wanted to cry. I mean she just did not want to help me! It was just odd.

(Side note: I think the whole thank you thing is because it was INGRAINED in me as a child to ALWAYS use my manners. I mean to the point we couldn't have used them enough. Therefore I thank people even when they have done absolutely nothing for me ... and to be honest I am now that way with my children. I am always telling them to use their manners and to use them again and again and again ;)

Okay, so I walk into the office surprised at myself that I am actually upset I may not be able to have a certain region of my body (that I, and I'm pretty sure you, don't typically want examined) examined today. I explain to the check-in woman what happened to which she says, "It's only 11:10." She was so wonderful and sympathetic. She then makes a call to someone else in the office and asks them to call for a referral.

In the end they work it out. No. They didn't get an actual referral, but I can call the PC office tomorrow and have it all taken care of.

Also, my doctor was so great! She is beautiful. She looks like a model, is pregnant due in Feb and is gorgeous. She was just so comforting, and we bonded by discussing children, childbirth, boys and girls, etc.

All in all, a good day. I feel as though I am becoming stronger again after being knocked off my feet for a while emotionally, and it feels good.

UPDATE: I called my PC office today and they told me they took care of the referral yesterday :) That was good news.


Okay, so my Snow White dream of being surrounded by animals that had pretty much come true with the adoption of our second dog and without the birds and bunnies has been somewhat shattered.

We gave Cooper back. It was very sad. I cried a lot leading up to it. I doubted my decision, affirmed my decision, doubted again, reaffirmed, and then drove him back Monday.

He is a very sweet dog. He did nothing to bother the kids. He became afraid of the cats after trying to hunt them the first couple days. He was fine with Daisy. What was the problem then you ask?

He is a hound dog.

He would sleep all day and get his energy up at night. It didn't matter how much I would take him outside during the day. He loved the night time when we were all settling in, doing bedtime, etc. Not only that when he was outside he would catch a scent, lock in on it, and bark and bark and bark and bark. I would distract him for a minute, and then he would go right back to it. It was hard.

I don't think he was made to live in the suburbs.

So, I drove him back Monday knowing I was doing the best thing for all of us. Since we got him from a Rescue ( - they are wonderful!) he was in a foster home. The couple who had him was willing to take him back even though they now have 9 (yes 9) dogs in their house including Cooper.

I drove up to Stroudsburg, PA and was meeting Bob at the Red Robin there. I had a few minutes to walk Cooper around while we waited. Next thing a car pulls up, out jumps Bob who says, "Cooper!! Hey Cooper!" Cooper goes running over to him and you would not believe the love-fest that took place. Hair was flying off Cooper while Bob petted him and told him his bed was all ready for him at home, hunting season was starting, they were going to go shop for coal before they headed home, etc. They were having a nice little reunion. It did my heart good.

I still cried as Bob and I were agreeing on how Cooper was such a cool dog. It's always hard to say good-bye.

I wanted it to work out. I really did. He and Daisy looked nice together. Although you should have seen when I would try to walk the two of them at once. Yikes. Let's just say it was good it would be dark by the time I could walk them. What a comedy of errors!

So, if any one reads this and is looking for a really cool, adorable, hound dog, contact Camp Papillon Rescue. They'll hook you up.

In the meantime I will be enjoying my sweet Daisy who is just happy to be snuggled and taken outside every now and then.

(Word of Advice: Don't plan to give a dog away during a week of pms. The emotions that are already there come out in full force and it gets down right ugly at times. Trust me on this one.)

Elijah Quotes

Here are a few Elijah quotes ...

This morning I had Elijah take Dan his socks. We had just pulled them out of the dryer ... "Here you go Papa! Here are your socks all fresh and clean!" I didn't even tell him they were clean. I was still in my morning fog. I just handed them to him and asked him to take them to Dan. Elijah just wakes up with such joy in the mornings while the rest of us find our joy later in the day and at night when we should be going to bed :P

Last weekend we celebrated mine and Madelyn's b-days. My Mom brought each of them a white chocolate ghost shaped lollipop. Well, I guess it wasn't what Elijah though it was going to be. You should have seen the look on his face when he bit it. You would have thought we fed him liver. Then he says with a pained expression, "I can't eat that gross lollipop. It makes me sick. Mommy, I need some milk!"

Last night Dan had the kids while I was at Bible Study. Madelyn was trying to guess his age. After a while she figured out he is 35. Elijah said, "35! What a cool age!" ... Yeah, I have no idea why or where that came from, but it made Dan feel good :)

There are so many things I've been wanting to blog about, but haven't been able to! I'm hoping to write more soon.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Elijah was so brave!"

One evening the kids were playing upstairs while Dan and I were actually able to have a decent conversation at the kitchen table.

Madelyn comes running downstairs exclaiming, "Mommy, Papa, Elijah was so brave! He got a stink bug out of my room and flushed it all by himself!" Yay! We are so proud of our brave boy who then ends up running into the room buck naked exclaiming, "I got the stink bug all by myself!" .... Ummm ... "Elijah you are naked." "I WENT POTTY!!!"

Yes. You gotta love potty-training. Elijah will go potty downstairs. We clean him up and send him upstairs for a pullup. Usually about a half hour later he will come back downstairs still wearing just his shirt. He gets sidetracked quite easily by books, toys, the sunshine, you name it. It doesn't take much.

So, who knows how long he had been playing fully naked. Why this doesn't bother Madelyn will continue to amaze me. It's like it's just no big deal.

Even after all this they run along and continue playing. Still, Elijah has no clothes on.

I love my kids.

My Trip to Georgia

I had a long weekend planned. I was going to GA to visit my sisters-in-law Pam, and Susan, a total girl's weekend. I dropped the kids off with Dan Friday afternoon, got directions, and headed to the airport. Little did I know this was only the beginning of a what would be a LONG night ...

I misread the directions and missed my exit. No big deal right? I call Dan and he tells me to stay on the turnpike until I reach 95 south. Easy.

Well, then I see a sign for Rt 1 that also says "to 95" so I think, "Well, this is closer and will take me to 95 too." So, I take the exit. Lots of red lights, lots of traffic, but lo and behold I see a sign that reads "Next Left N. E. Philadelphia Airport." Hallelujah! I'm on the right track!

Wrong. It's some rinky dink airport that does not have my Delta flight leaving at 6 pm :(

I call Dan again. After getting over the fact that I didn't follow his directions, he tells me I am on the right track. I will be on 95 south soon, but will be north of the city so I am definitely going to miss my flight.

Sitting in traffic, trying to call Delta, but not getting through, I call my mom. She tried to find out if there was another flight going out that night. She couldn't really give me much info, but I told her she might be seeing me that night because she lives closer to the airport than I do and I know how to get to her house from the airport!

I finally arrive, park, wait for the shuttle. It doesn't come. I then see that there is a phone in the booth where I can call Delta and find out if it's even worth going into the airport. I get in touch with a representative and the shuttle comes. Argh.

Fifty dollars later I am on a new flight. I head to the airport, but not before the man waiting for the shuttle with me makes a comment about me being 18. Aw. That was nice being that I turn 32 this week.

Okay, I reach my gate. I call Dan to let him know what I am doing. I hear they are boarding so I hang up with Dan, run to get a drink, and hit the bathroom, when I hear them call my name!! AHHHH! I run from the bathroom to the gate. They send me through the gateway. Next thing I know I am outside, and I see no plane! "What?? The plane left me!" I peak over the edge and a man waves me down the stairs. At this point I am wondering where they are going to take me. Turns out the plane was on the other side. It was a smaller commuter plane where you have to walk up the steps.

So, after nearly missing my second flight I call Dan again. He then tells me not to step foot off of the plane now that I am on it.

It gets better.

I arrive in Atlanta a half hour early at 9:30 pm. I check my messages to find out that Susan is picking me up instead of Pam so I call Susan. Turns out she isn't going to be driving through Atlanta until 11 or 11:30. She forgot there was a time change from TN (where she was coming from) to GA. Just what I want, more time at an airport.

It's okay though because I didn't pick up my suitcase outside of the plane like I was supposed to. I make my way all the way down to baggage claim only to realize I made a big mistake.

Atlanta's airport is huge. There was no way I was making my way back to the gate at that point. So, I start the search for where my bag will end up. 45 minutes later I find it. I still have about an hour to wait for Susan so I start to look for a place to eat and plug in my cell phone which is about to die.

Things are looking up. I have food in my belly. My cell has juice again, and Susan arrives soon after.

We're driving along, catching up, and oh we have to pull over to get the directions out of the back. Okay, we are driving along, catching up, and oh we are getting pulled over by a police officer.

"Susan, were you speeding??"

"No. I just saw the speed limit sign said 70. I wasn't speeding."

"Do you have a tail light out?"

"No. We just got it fixed!"

"Are you sure you weren't speeding?"

The officer comes to my side shining his flashlight in our faces. My window doesn't roll down so I open the door. He asks us where we are headed. Susan says, "Georgia." We are in GA. So, I say, "We are seeing family in Fortson" just as Susan says, "Oh, we are in GA."

The officer then says, "Are you aware you have a headlight out?"


"You just haven't had time to fix it?"

"No. Next paycheck."

"Oh, I understand that." Pauses. "Okay ladies. Keep it safe." (Or something typical for an officer to say when he's letting you off the hook for breaking the law - yes Susan you were breaking the law ;)

Whew! That was close, but really. I had the directions on my lap, my "Marley & Me" book I was reading in plain view. How much trouble can two girls be getting into when we are headed to GA while being in GA, and reading puppy dog books?

At this point I'm thinking we should just stay in for the weekend and order delivery foods because I am afraid of what might happen next.

We go on to have a great weekend together with only a few "oopsies" with Vern's truck, some ants trying to take over Susan's car, and a bout of diarrhea to take home with me.

All in all good times and great memories. I have been blessed with great families on both sides.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Every Day ...

Every day now I drive Madelyn to school, except for the weekends of course, but every week day I take the same route to her school, two times a day.

So, this morning we head out onto that route.

Well, there's a house for sale on Main St. here in Leesport so naturally I start thinking ...

"Could I live in a house like that right on a main road?"

Then as I drive around the bend I look to my right and think ...

"Oh, there may be a yard back there. Maybe I could live there. OH and it's so close to the river. Does it flood at the house then? No. The house is up the hill, but I wonder if the sewage backed up at that house after the flood two summers ago like it did for some of the other houses near the river. hmmm ... well, I would be a minute closer to the grocery store (sidenote: the grocery store is only 5 minutes away from where we live now) ... wait, where am I going?"

At that same moment I heard Madelyn say, "Uhhhhhh?"

We drove right past the turn to go to school.

Poor Madelyn. I start laughing and she says, "How 'bout you turn around?"

Thankfully we can still get to the school without turning that way. It just take a teeny bit longer because there are lights. So, instead of taking 7 minutes to get to school it may have taken 8 or 9.

Still, not a good start to the day. I usually start losing my marbles closer to late afternoon when I would be napping if I were a toddler or senior citizen.