Monday, November 28, 2011

Where was I?

Oh yeah, we had Thanksgiving ...

After telling the kids we were NOT stopping.  We were going to try to make it as far as we could before stopping.  No drinking.  No snacking because then you'll get thirsty ... and we stopped about 45 minutes down the road.

Elijah had to pee and I had stomach issues.  Good times at the rest stop.  Then we stopped again.  Dan had stomach issues.  This was Thanksgiving morning.  Dan's parents were expecting us for the meal by 1.  I had a casserole in my cooler.

We finally get there and I fell asleep soon after.  I woke up to eat and then fell asleep again soon after.  I wish I could have enjoyed the meal more.  Dan's mom said the turkey wasn't done right.  I cooked my casserole the night before, could have sworn I put it in the fridge, only to realize the next morning it was still sitting, covered, on the stove.


We had issues.  The good news is that we have had many Thanksgiving dinners with Dan's parents that have been much MUCH better.

That night we left around 8 pm to hit Walmart for some amazing deals.  Good times :)  Shopping is my love language.

Dan's Dad even went.  He heard about that laptop they were selling for $248 and he was all over it.  He and Dan waited in line forever and Merry Christmas to me!  I will soon have a normal size laptop.

Can. Not. Wait.

Our desktop computer died so I am left with my little laptop all the time.  I like my little buddy, but sometimes I just want to look through pictures without having to scroll down to see just one whole picture.

Dan was ready to set it up for me, but I told him I was waiting for Christmas for it.  He's going to set it up in secret so Christmas day I can open it and use it right away.  Yay!  I don't even mind knowing ahead of time.

We got some other goodies too.  I don't know that I would just go out to shop that day if I wasn't trying to get a deal, but it was worth it for the deals we got.

I told Elijah that night that we were going out hunting (for good deals obviously).  He asked if I was going to shoot a chicken.  Have I mentioned how much that kid cracks me up?

He and Madelyn stayed behind to help Grandma decorate her tree.  They are tree decorating machines.  We decorated ours the night before we left and they loved every second of it.  Dan and I just sit back and enjoy not having to do anything.  Madelyn was thrilled she could do whatever she wanted and I love our tree with the clumps of ornaments here and there.  So what the tree is 13 years old.  It's like a part of our family now :)

We had a good time with Dan's brother's family as well.  Their kids just fuss all over our kids.  They are teenagers and are super sweet so our kids just think they are the best.  We played games and had fun.

It is nice to be home for a while too.  We were away the last two weekends.  Even Daisy was exhausted from her time at the dog sitter's.  I don't think she has woken up yet.

So, that was our Thanksgiving 2011 and boy do we have a ton to be thankful for.  I am so very grateful for all God has blessed us with.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Kids

I could just squeeze my kids lately for how stinkin' cute and funny they have been.

Tonight they are in bed together and I heard Elijah say, "The most important person to believe in is God, the one true God.  Don't believe in false gods."

That kid takes everything to heart.  He shows me just how impressionable kids can be.  I am so grateful he is being taught truth in school because it is sticking.

Madelyn has been gathering her belongings today for out Thanksgiving trip.  She wants to pack Polar, her nighttime bear (I dare you to guess what kind of bear he is ;), but she needs to sleep with him tonight.  In discussing how she was going to handle this Elijah asked her if she was going to sleep with him.  She said yes, and he replied, "Good, because I was worried for you."

I was running errands this morning for some much needed groceries.  When I came home the kids were making sandwiches with the little bread that we did have.  Madelyn said she was making a sandwich for papa as well.  He was busy fixing our upstairs toilet.  I had to run one more errand to pick up meds for the kids and as I was walking to my car I hear Madelyn yell out to me "do you want a sandwich too?"  So sweet.

Seriously.  My kids have just been so sweet to each other my heart has been melting on a regular basis.  This has been an off week because of the holiday, the kids are sick, etc. so they have been home more often than not.  But, they have been so happy playing games together, creating stories and songs together, helping each other with little projects.  They even want to sleep together at night. 

 I never understood how a brother and sister could be best friends, but I am beginning to see it.  They truly enjoy each others company.  I hope they keep this bond forever. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Milk = Bad

We were away with friends this weekend.  I was helping my friend with her first jewelry show.  She makes it and this was her first time trying to sell it.  She did AMAZING and has beautiful pieces.  I was so happy for her and the response she got.  She did very well.

So, after a long day we headed home, filled the husbands in on how the day went, kicked off our shoes and settled in on the couch.  That's when I heard coughing.  Both of our families have had sickness lately, but this cough was different.  I asked who was coughing only to find out it was Elijah.  What?!  I knew he was probably getting a sinus infection, but the coughing hadn't been an issue.  After hearing it a few times I called him up to get him a drink and some meds.  I told him why I called him up and he said, "It could be from the milk."

Um.  WHAT!?!

Yup.  The kids all had hot chocolate made with milk after their afternoon at the park with the dads.

I quick grabbed the Benadryl and gave him the biggest dose I could.  His breathing sounded bad and he was feeling sick to his stomach which is typical when he has something made with milk so he ended up hovering over the toilet in case he threw up.  Then I thought, "If he throws up, the medicine is going to come up, and will he react again from the milk coming back up ... ???"  There were too many questions and too much of a breathing issue to just sit around and wait to see what happens so we put him in the car and headed to urgent care. 

They took us right back thankfully and checked him out.  His breathing was getting better and better, but they did find an ear infection and are treating him for that and the sinus infection.  That saved me a trip to the doc this week.  They observed him for a full hour and gave him anti-nausea medicine which made a world of difference for him.  He perked up once that medicine kicked in.

The poor kid.  It was really scary to hear him breathe in and hear the obstruction in his throat.  He had never ingested so much milk, nor let it sit in him for so long before realizing.  Usually he will get a bump on his face or something if he eats something that he reacts to so I give him benadryl right away.  I never knew if he could react so strongly and now I do.  Thankfully I had the epi-pen on me as well.  I started to carry that and the Benadryl in my purse.  I just never know these days when he might eat something he reacts to. 

His allergies are to milk and eggs.  Mostly he is fine with eating foods with them in it, but every now and then he might react to a cookie, or a different brand waffle or nugget.  He doesn't really eat waffles or nuggets too much anymore, but those were things he reacted to.  Poor little guy.  He just feels so lousy after a big exposure like that. 

When we were at the beach one year we thought for some reason that he would be able to have sherbet.  He had a cup of it while the rest of us had ice cream.  He went to bed that night soon after we got back to the house and when he woke up the next morning we could tell he just wasn't right and he threw up orange.  Well, surprise surprise.  Sherbet has milk in it. 

Elijah is usually very good about recognizing foods that may have an allergen, like popcorn, but I make hot chocolate with the packet of mix and water so he has never associated it with milk at all.  Maybe he will now.

While we were at urgent care he asked if everyone could come visit him while he was there.  I think he thought he was at the hospital.  I explained to him that we were just at a weekend doctor's office.  They were really great with him too. 

Oy.  I don't want to go through that again any time soon. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

LEGO Excitement

The kids are starting to get excited for Christmas.  They were looking at the toysrus flyer and realized that LEGOs were on sale.  This is the conversation that then took place ...

E:  Madelyn, you are the reason I got excited about my LEGO's again because you came up with that game with them. 

M:  Really?

E:  Yeah, you got me back to my old self so thank you for helping me get back to my old self.  ...  (Madelyn is looking at the flyer not saying anything) ... Madelyn, what do you say when someone says thank you? 

M:  I was just going to say you're welcome!

So serious, and yet so funny.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I've been so bad about blogging lately.  I just feel scatterbrained lately and I hate that feeling. 

So, here are some recent happenings or thoughts ...

Did I mention that I heard back from the supervisor at the job that I declined?  I did.  She said she was disappointed and would look into things for me.  I haven't heard anything since though.

Elijah is stuffy and coughing.  I am praying we can keep it at bay like the last time and prevent it from turning into an antibiotic deal.  So far it is not looking promising, but we were able to do it last time.

Samson now goes to the basement to potty and eat.  This is HUGE.  I was beginning to worry.  He is still meowing outside our door at night though.  Grrr ... that is really annoying, but a closed door and fan help.

I hate that I won't be seeing Breaking Dawn at midnight this year.  Super bummed, but the idea of me going by myself at midnight just seemed pathetic.  Although now that I think about it we stood in line behind a girl who was by herself last year.  I don't think she was 35 though.  I would go by myself during the day, but not at midnight.  My Twi-friends all have things going on where they can't make it.  One has a new baby, one moved away, and another just has life going on, not to mention the tickets are all sold out now for midnight.  Sad.  And yes, sad because I am pathetic, and sad that I definitely will not be there at midnight.  I can't help it though!  Edward reminds me sooooooo much of Dan.  I love his character.  Therefore, Dan loves the book and I love the book because there are things Edward says that are so similar to things Dan has said.  (sigh)  Love.

Our basement is swept out, sump pump is fixed, window is back in, paneling and insulation ripped out, furniture in our storage room ... it's all ready for whoever wants to come and put some dry wall up.  Anyone?  Anyone?

Okay, I think that is all for now.  I am sure by now you are thankful that I didn't make a separate blog post for all of those things aren't you? 

Now back to my scatterbrained mind ...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Red White & Blue

Yesterday the secretary at the school asked Elijah if he was going to wear red, white, and blue socks today for veteran's day and he said no because he only has two feet.

Happy Veteran's Day!  Where would we be without our troops sacrificing each and every day for our safety and freedom?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I feel icky so my family is eating dinner while I sit in the living room.  Blech.  I don't even want to be around food right now which is unfortunate because I really like taco salad normally.

My friend Anna from way back during college days came to visit yesterday with her son who is Elijah's age.  So fun to reconnect, and her boy is so sweet.  We had a really nice time.

I turned down the job offer the other day.  It didn't pay very much for how hard I would be working.  HR wasn't willing to budge on it and I knew that they were offering the lowest they can pay for this position.  I thought it was kind of ridiculous that they couldn't even bring the amount up $.30 to make an even dollar amount, but whatever. 

So, I e-mailed the top supervisor I had met with and told her I was sorry we weren't able to work something out.  I even told her the exact amount I was looking for and what I would have settled for so she would know I wasn't looking for millions here.  She wrote me back and said she was disappointed as well and was going to look into it for me.  I really appreciated that because I thought she was really great when I interviewed with her.  Even if things don't work out I don't feel badly about how things were handled.  I haven't heard great things about this hospital as far as working there so I knew I didn't want to settle for just any amount.  We'll see what happens.

I took a nap today.  I rarely ever go to sleep during the day, but I just am not feeling right.  I have to say I love naps, especially on days like today when I really needed one.  Soon after I laid down my chihuahua snuggled up with me and then my cat did too.  I love that.  The funny part is that Samson, the cat, will oftentimes lay down either right on Molly, or right next to her because Molly goes under the blanket so Samson doesn't even realize she's there.  It cracks me up.

Speaking of Samson, the poor cat has been losing it.  He has not wanted to go in the basement because it is completely gutted, and he is still meowing at night when we go to bed.  I feel bad for him and I think he needs a valium.  I'm only half kidding.

He's getting there though.  I realized today he did go in the basement to use the litter box.  I put his food down there too so that once he got hungry enough he would go down there.  I think it worked.  Poor kitty.

I think there was more I was going to write, but now I don't remember.  It has been fun sitting back and listening to my family's conversation while I have been typing this.  Apparently Madelyn played football with the boys today, but not the whole game.  And Elijah is discussing the fact that we die because of sin.  That kid has such a fun mind.  He is so inquisitive.

I think Madelyn has picked up the fact that I am generally struggling today.  She keeps giving me hugs.  I don't mind though.  That girl seems to be growing up like crazy lately. 

This is one of those days where I am looking forward to going to bed and starting out fresh tomorrow.  Blech.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Simon

Here's how the day went ...

My poor little kitty.  I knew the night before that it was getting to be time for him.  His hair was all matted on his back.  Apparently cats stop grooming themselves when they feel really sick.  He was so thin and still having his ... let's just say stomach issues.

Tuesday morning he was snuggling on my lap and I was just so sad for him, but I was giving him love.  Soon after that he had a bad vomit session.  Sorry, but he did.  It was then that I knew.  He just wasn't keeping anything down anymore.  Why would I wait to see him only get worse.

I looked up the vet's number and had it on the desk for probably two hours.  I would work on my Bible study work and then try to call.  I wouldn't be able to so I would do more Bible study work and repeat the cycle.

Dan called and asked me if I just woke up.  Um, it was 1 pm.  He said, "Why do you sound like that then?"  "Um, I've just been crying."  Because that's what I do now that the kids are in school all day.  Not really, but sometimes it seems that way.

Dan knew why.  He offered to make the appointment, or take him, or whatever I needed, but I knew I had to be the one.  I just knew it was time and I had to see it through.  He was my kitty.  Leading up to this I was having Dan call to find out the process, etc.  I had told him at one point that I didn't think I could be there when they do it.  Looking back though I now know that it just wasn't time.  At this point I knew I was helping him.

I called and cried and said,"I have to make that dreaded appointment of having my cat put down."  Ugh. 
The receptionist was really sweet though and I was able to take him in later that night. 

The kids cried when I told them that night was the night.  Elijah asked how they would do it and why and then what would we do with him, etc.  He's my details kid.  He needs to know everything.  He also said it was mostly sad for Samson (our other cat) since he is his brother.

I spent some time with Simon that night on the floor in my room just petting him and petting him until it was time to go.  The kids cried again and Madelyn took pictures of him with her Leapster.  When I got to the vet's office I walked up to the door and did not think I could go through with it.  I seriously came *this close* to turning around, but I knew I could not repeat the day again at some other point which is what would have happened.  Blech.  It was not fun.

So, I went in.  They did the usual deal and I was just waiting and waiting.  I unzipped the carrier so I had enough room to pet Simon's head while I waited.  I figured I would probably throw up or pass out by the way I felt, but I knew I could not turn back at this point.  My cat was dying either way, and at least this way he wasn't going to suffer any more.

The receptionist was so empathetic with me while she was putting us in the room.  She was talking about how hard it is and how you always second guess this or that no matter what you do or when you do it.  I appreciated her empathy and she was right.  The tech came and took Simon to put the IV in his leg.  When she brought him back I held him for a long time.  He really did snuggle into me for a few minutes and I am glad I had that moment with him.

When the vet came in he was very to the point. I had heard that about him and knew to expect it.  He asked me some questions and told me what the process would be and what I could expect, etc.  He sedated Simon so it was like he fell asleep in my hands.  Once he is sleeping they give him the other dose.  It was very peaceful.  They wrapped him in a towel and put him back in the carrier for me to bring him home so we could bury him.

My friend just told me the other day that it was recommended to them when their dog died they should show the body to the other dog so that she would know what had happened.  I kind of wish I had known this at the time because Samson really has been weird since then.  I could have shown him Simon's body and maybe he would have realized?  I don't know, but he definitely is having a hard time adjusting.

Anyway, we buried him and the kids were fine at this point.  I don't know how I do not have animal crazy kids.  I was always such an animal freak and couldn't keep my hands off of any animal I came across.  Simon was definitely my cat, but I still thought the kids would be more sad.

Elijah did pray that night that Simon would have fun in heaven.  He had asked earlier in the day if animals went to heaven like we do.  I told him I like to think that Liezl and Simon are together now playing.  Of course, he asked, "Who's Liezl?"  Liezl was our dog when Madelyn was just a baby.

The next day at dinner Elijah says, "Well, we survived another day without Simon."  As if there was a question.

So, I am sad about my kitty, but I have definitely had a peace about it.  And, I keep hugging Samson.  I think he is wondering what the deal is, but he's super laid back so I don't think he minds too much.  Now I just wish he would stop meowing at me and pawing at my face at night.  He will also bite my hair.  It is so annoying. Thankfully last night I was able to lock him out of our room so I slept better.  Poor thing.  Night time was when he and Simon were together most.  If they ever messed with each other it was at night.  Plus, our basement is all torn apart now so he is hesitant to go down there for his litter box.  Ugh.  It's not easy for a kitty to lose a loved one.

I told my sister that it was like the end of an era.  I got my cats when they were 8 weeks old and Dan and I were engaged.  I had an apartment with my dear friend Jess.  They've been with me through a lot of life changing events - my marriage, moving to MD, buying our first house, getting our first dog, having our first baby, burying our dog, having our second baby, moving to PA, and now here he will rest.  He was a really good cat, never caused any trouble, was always so chunky and snuggly.  I called him my teddy bear kitty because of how he would snuggle up with me at night.  I would wake up with him squished next to me on one side and Dan squished next to me on the other while I was sweating from all the warmth!  He was so pretty too.  His little pink nose and his sandy colored fur.  Our computer died.  Otherwise I would post a picture, but I think I am just rambling at this point anyway.

I will miss my sweet kitty. 

Friday, November 4, 2011


I went on a field trip today.  The teacher asked me for my cell phone number so I wrote it down only to realize on the way to the mountain we visited I did not have my cell phone.  I rarely use it so I had NO idea where it might be.  It is always in my purse, usually dead because I never use it.

I didn't think I would need it today.  We were a small group.  I knew where we were going and I also knew if I needed a phone probably one or more of the other 3 adults there had a phone.

Well, Dan comes home from work after picking up Elijah from a friends house and declares we are going out to eat since he is starving and I obviously did not have dinner cooking or ready.  So, I grabbed my winter coat because it is cold outside.  I didn't have it on the mountain and wished I did because it was windy on the mountain as well as cold.

Don't you know I reach in my pocked at there is my cell phone (I stuck it in there on Halloween night) with 5 MISSED CALLS!!  What?!

I NEVER have that many calls.  I had 2 vmail messages too so I listened only to find out that one of them was the HR lady from the hospital I applied to. 

She left the message on Wednesday.  Two days ago Wednesday.  Oops.

Okay, but I know she did not call my house so I am putting the blame on her since if she really wanted to get in touch with me she would have tried both numbers.

Anyway, now I am back to wondering what she wanted, what she would say, what will I say back ...

The nice thing is that I know what I need to make now.  I still don't have pressure from anyone, but myself concerning making some money, and I am reminding myself of why I was so interested in this position to begin with.

So, I am kind of excited to hear what the lady has to say on Monday.  I am also glad this is all happening at the end of this week that was full of anxiety/panic nonsense.  By the time I got the message I had already felt myself relaxing from all the tension I had been feeling all week so I was better prepared to hear it. 

I love God's timing.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

I took Simon to be put to sleep last night.  I'll post a separate blog about that soon, but it was very sad.  It was time, but it was still sad.  Having gone through this now though I feel like I will be more prepared for the next time.  He was a good kitty.  He never caused any problems except for maybe drinking out of my water glass, or tipping a glass of water from time to time.  He did love water.  He would come running in whenever I turned the shower on.  He was a pretty cat too.  I have pics to post, etc.

I had Bible Study this morning which was good.  It got me going.  Otherwise I think I would have gone back to bed after sending the kids off to school with Dan.  Usually I drive them, but it is helpful on study days to get things in order before having company.  I gave my ladies fair warning about what was I did last night so if I cried through study they would understand.

Actually it was funny because they got here around 9 and just as I was telling them I ordered the starter kit for thirty-one the fedex guy dropped it off at my door.  We did an impromptu party.  It was fun.  They thought I coordinated it all on purpose.  Maybe I did.  Maybe I didn't.  They will never know ;) 

After about 30 minutes of oooohhhhhing and ahhhhhiiiinng over the items we discussed the last chapter of Zechariah.  Whew!  Love you Zech, but I am ready to move on.  All that prophetic talk makes my head spin.  Next we'll study Malachi, take a break, and then jump into a New Testament book in January.

So, here I sit on the couch.  I should be in my basement clearing off the bar area and getting the books out of the way so that Dan can get down there tonight and cut off the bottom of the paneling, but I am finding it hard to move.  I probably should have just taken a nap, but I feel weird sleeping during the day.  This evening is going to be busy so I figure I may as well take it easy now. 

The kids will be off the bus soon and then everything picks up.  Things get busy.  I like it though.  They are happy cute kids.  I like them.

How was this for a nice stream of consciousness? 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Some Things

Halloween was fun.  Poor Elijah fell at least 4 times.  Wearing a venom costume with a mask did not make seeing any easier.  He had fun though.  Went with friends and his friend Ellie was a pumpkin.  Elijah kept telling her how awesome her belly was.  It was hilarious.  At one house Elijah took forever sifting through their bowl of candy because he was saying, "Is all you have chocolate?"  The people were very kind and patient, but I told him chocolate was good because I like chocolate.  He's always afraid he is going to have a reaction to it because of the milk.  Poor little guy.  I told him to always err on the side of snickers if there is ever a doubt.  He was a trooper.  He had a matching venom candy holder so it was all good when he took his mask off to see better.  He then called himself a venom ghost and all he needed to do was get rid of his own head so he would look headless.  Oh my. 

Madelyn was a sparkle witch.  Again with no camera.  Grrr.  She was super cute with her dress and the green stars all over the sleeves and hat.  I barely saw her because she was with a few of her friends and they were super fast hitting all the houses.  Currently, her candy stash is sorted on the floor in her room.  So funny. 

We set aside the Almond Joy candy bars for my mom.  She is the only person I know who likes them.


I haven't inquired about the job since last week because I am having second thoughts about it.  I think I still want it, but I know I would need to get paid more so I am just waiting to hear from them at this point.


I ordered a starter kit from Thirty-One bags.  I LOVE those bags, and I couldn't resist the black and white kit.  SO pretty.  Check it out  I don't know how much selling I will do, but I will certainly LOVE the bags I get. 


Today is my sister's birthday.  Happy Birthday Shannon!!  I think her birthdays have a bigger impact on me than my own.  She's the same age as Dan, but it is harder for me to believe that she is 39 than the fact that he will be 39.  Weird. 

Either way, I hope she has a great day.


We had a snow storm on Saturday.  It was still October then.  We got at least 6 inches.  I think it may have been closer to 8 according to reports though.  Some areas near us got 14 inches.  So strange.  People are still without power.  There was no school yesterday because of it.  Some schools are still closed today, but we aren't.  We have had 2 days off from school already that were like snow days and that was before November.  Crazy.  Hopefully people will get their power back on soon.  Having lost it for 2 days during T.S. Irene I definitely feel their pain, only then it was still warm so heat wasn't an issue. 

I have sworn to myself that we will get a kerosene heater in case this is any indication of what this winter will be like.  All our stuff is electric so if we lose power this winter we will be frozen.  The nice thing about this storm is that we knew it would be fairly warm the next day so it would melt a lot, and we could drive somewhere.  In the winter that isn't the case.  So, I will kick myself if we end up with no power and no heat source.


I am getting closer to the point of feeling like it is time for Simon.  My poor kitty.  He's so thin and sickly looking.  It's just making that dreaded appointment.  He's on my lap now.  He's so sweet and snuggly.  He's always been my teddy bear kitty, good for snuggles, especially at night.  It's just so hard to say that final good-bye.  Ugh.


We were able to get some FEMA assistance for our basement, not much, but it will definitely help.  I think we have decided to cut the bottom part off of the paneling and replace it with drywall or wainscoting.  It will be a job, but it will be nice when it is all done.  I think. 

We have our dumpster until Friday so we will be working on it tonight and tomorrow night. 


Speaking of which, I have a lot I should be doing so that's all for now ...