Monday, February 20, 2012


It's so sad how neglectful I have been of my little blog.  So many good intentions.  I have just had so little time to just sit and focus on any one thing it seems. 

So, here is a quick post to mention a few fun facts about life lately.

I like getting up early.  Not really, but I can see the good in it.  It makes my mornings more relaxed and my evenings more sleepy.  It really is good though, and I like having a little extra money in my pocket.

My kids LOVE Star Wars, and Wizard of Oz.  It has been fun introducing them to some of our classics.  Madelyn especially is loving Star Wars.  She is old enough to get the whole story.  Elijah likes the action and things it is terribly sad that the people have to die.

Friends are such a huge blessing.  I do my best to not take my friends for granted because I seriously don't know where I would be without them. 

We saw Kim and her kids on Saturday.  Reuniting with my MD friends is always so bittersweet.  I LOVE my MD friends so much.  We had our babies together and shared such a precious time in life together.  I love our life in PA now too, but I will always sort of mourn the loss of our MD life even though it's not really a loss.  It was just a stage in life left behind.  You just wonder what our lives would look like had we stayed there.

We saw the Warrens on Sunday which is always fun.  They are like our friends/family that we have here.  It's so easy to get together.  No real prep work, just having enough food for everyone.  The kids disappear and play forever until it's super late and we have to leave.

Otherwise, just busy with Bible Study, school, and life.

Oh, and Thirty One has been busy lately too.  I had 3 shows this month.  One is still going.  Two of them were catalog shows.  Women love their bags.  I do too.  It is fun, and also fun to have a little more money in my pocket, or to buy more bags with.  Hee hee ...

Okay, I have to do my Bible Study work, and I really would like to do some sewing again in my life time.  See?  My blog isn't the only thing I have been neglecting lately.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Funny Thing

Every night the kids take Juice Plus.  I believe it has done wonders for them.  They no longer have the asthma issues they used to have.  Colds come and go now.  It really still amazes me.  Colds used to be the worst thing ever for us in this house.

Anyway, Juice Plus is a chewy kind of vitamin and the kids have to take 2 a night.  One is a fruit chew.  The other is a vegetable chew.  Whichever kid is ready for them first (usually Elijah) gets them out for the other one. 

Well, lately Elijah has been ready first so he gets Madelyn's out.  He doesn't just hand them to her though.  He sticks them to the wall.

hahahahahahahaha ...

We didn't know he was doing this until the other evening when Madelyn came down from her room and said, "Elijah, will you PLEASE stop sticking my vitamins to the wall?" 

He stuck them on the wall outside her room.  Last night it was the kitchen wall.  So, so funny.  We all crack up laughing.  Well, except for Madelyn.  She is amused though.  How can she not be?  That is super funny. 

I love my little family. 

Sewing and Other Things

My sewing machine is now working.  Yay!!!  Glenda, who goes to church with us, was my life saver in the realm of sewing.  She is now a part of my Bible Study and she stayed  a little longer yesterday to help me with my machine (which I now named Betsy).  She worked her magic and got it working.  It was the bobbin.

Darn bobbin.

The more I learn about sewing the more I realize that half the job is keeping your machine working properly.  So, Betsy and I will hopefully get very acquainted with each other in the next few weeks. 

Glenda learned just how little experience I have with sewing.  None, actually.  We were trying to figure out what my sewing class would be called because I wasn't even at the sewing 101 level.  Thankfully I can laugh at myself.

Otherwise, it's been a good week.  Having Peyton in the mornings has been a nice experience so far.  He loves our cat Samson.  They do legos together.  He can't get over how friendly Samson is and he made a point to go find him yesterday to say good-bye before he left for school. 

Our early  mornings are catching up to us though.  Dan and I were sooooo tired last night.  It was kind of funny.  I actually fell asleep on the couch after the kids got home, and Dan was falling asleep during our bedtime routine with the kids. 

Madelyn won a Kindle from the school for raising the most money for the Race for Education for grades 4-6.  She said she was shaking when she sat down.  She was so surprised to have won it.  That is seriously the best thing for my little reader.  I am so happy for her, and so thankful for all who gave money to TKA.  We really do love that school, and I think the cause is well worth the it.

My Bible study started again this week.  We are studying Philippians.  Soooooooo good.  Paul is so great.  I have more women doing the study this time, but there were only 3 of us yesterday.  We had great discussion though, such a blessing.

Okay, that's the latest here.  Happy day!!!