Saturday, August 6, 2011


holy moly. my dreams have been crazy lately.

last night i was shoe shopping at a really cool mall and i over heard a lady insult my outfit. i then realized i wearing cropped leggings with a mint green shirt that was longer in the back than the front and i came in barefoot hoping to find some cool shoes to wear through the mall. i left with a scarf and slippers.

then we went to a different part of the mall where outside the entrance to the arcade was a bunch of snow and a snowball machine that shot snowballs at you. it was crazy and a little dangerous because the machine went around in circles so you had to stay out of the way. i woke up after dan got hit and fell over. he was knocked out and i was trying to move him before the machine came around again.

after i fell back to sleep i dreamed i was hanging out with robert pattinson. he was filming some things. nice guy.

see? crazy.

the night before i dreamed about a friend we haven't heard from in a while and now i know why. he was with a new woman. i don't know where his wife was, but there was no introduction to the new woman. it was almost like he was pretending she was his wife. see? crazy. and that was only half of it. i can't even write the other part even though it was funny.

sometimes i am curious where my dreams come from. other times i would just like to forget them. i do know that the kids needs shoes for school. madelyn always looks cute in her legging outfits. i would not. i don't know about the snow machine except that dan has been going through some stressful things at work? and maybe that's where that was coming from? i don't know.

i should keep a dream journal. or, maybe not.

Monday, August 1, 2011


it turns out madelyn is a chatty cathy when she's in the kitchen baking with dan. super cute.

glad he's the baker and not me. i'm not a fan of baking. he is though which makes it a great daddy/kids activity :)

i am also glad that this isn't a regular activity since i would then weigh 300 lbs. seriously. that is ALL i would eat.


pms is the pits. i think i do weigh 300 lbs just since last week. i am such an antisocial weepy munchy slug during this time. it's amazing how different you feel once it's all said and done.

tmi. i know.


i went running/walking again today finally. i did do the stepper the other day which is a nice alternative to when i can't get out of the house, but while the weather is nice i definitely want to be out as much as possible.

it was a gorgeous night tonight too, nice and cool. the sky was sooooooo pretty with the setting sun.

i've been looking forward to getting back into a routine since we've been back from vacation.


i don't know what to call what i do when i exercise. i go back and forth between running and walking so should i call it ralking, runking, runalking, wunning? yeah. i think wunning is it. then i sound like i have a speech issue and people will think i am a runner. for some reason it seems more glamorous to be a runner. although there is a speed walker in our neighborhood who would put any runner to shame. she is tall and thin and i could never keep up with her even if i was running and she's probably old enough to be my mom.

ha ha! imagining me running to try to keep up with the super tall speed walker makes me laugh.

it's kind of like me trying to keep up with dan when we exercise together (or even simply walk, honestly), but thankfully he slows to my pace. he's nice like that.


anxiety sucks.

i have a copy of my friends book "change your brain change your life." it's helpful.

but, ugh. anxiety is awful, awful, awful.


elijah LOVES legos right now.

currently he is online just looking at instructions for putting together sets that he doesn't have. sometimes he goes to bed reading the little instruction books :)

last night he asked me if it would be okay if he slept with some of his legos on the side of the bed he doesn't sleep on so he could wake up and get started on putting it all together right away. when i went to see just how many he was talking about i laughed. he had a MOUND of legos on his bed. so funny. he was a good sport about bagging them all up so none would get lost in the night.


madelyn is going to the fair tomorrow with her bff alli. alli and her family are such a blessing. alli is an only child and loves to invite madelyn along for special events like this. they are such a great family too. it's so nice to have people you can completely trust your child with and whose daughter is such a nice friend to madelyn. even while we were on vacation madelyn would say, "i can't wait to tell alli about this" or "i can't wait to show alli this!" friends are the best.


the erwins are coming on wednesday!!!! yay!!!! this has been the summer for catching up with our maryland friends :D it's been sooooooooooo nice i can hardly stand it!! i love and miss them all so much.


laundry never ends .... BUT i am grateful for washing machines and dryers.

the end.