Friday, July 15, 2011


things i want to remember from vacation ...

elijah and hayes were super cute tonight on the beach wearing nothing but their undies. what made it even cuter is the fact that elijah accidently had a pair of hayes' undies on and vice versa so one was a little too big and the other a little too small, nothing but cuteness :)

madelyn and addie hold hands on a regular basis. they love each other so much. they wear whatever clothes and pjs they have that match. they are each other's sister that they don't have.

i got to see my julie b. after about 4 years. she has 3 kids now and the day was just too short frankly. i love her so much and our kids loved each other so much. saying good-bye to her again was sad because i know if we still lived close to each other we would still be good friends and our kids would play regularly. they were all really cute together. of course i kept forgetting my camera so i didn't get as many pictures as i wanted to.

the weather was gorgeous during our week at the beach.

we have a screened in porch at this house and my mom sat out there and read most days. we started calling it the library because one day nick said, "why doesn't your mom just get a week at the library each summer?" we all cracked up.

we got to see the wilsons twice this week too. that was fun.

elijah rode the swing ride and every time he would come around to where we were he was making a different face, had a different pose, etc. dan and i were cracking up :)

hayes was in a super naked stage and elijah was in a super modest stage so every time hayes would be somewhere naked elijah would quick cover his eyes and yell for hayes to get some clothes on. it didn't help that hayes was elijah's constant shadow so when elijah went to go potty hayes was close behind. poor elijah didn't get much alone time.

we were at my aunt's house for my mom's retirement party and hayes walks in the room and dumps his clothes on shannon's head. she was quite surprised to turn to see a naked hayes. apparently he was ready to go swimming again, but needed help with his suit.

i saw kerry twice in one week!!! what?? i did. so fun. we met at aunt elaine's to go swimming the one day and then she came up for my mom's party too. good times. good times indeed. what made it even better is she bought me a 31 bag for an early birthday gift :) i love it!

poor addie threw up the day they were supposed to leave. too much junk food the night before. sadly, hayes threw up last year on the day they were leaving. i hope this doesn't become some kind of weird tradition because it looks like shannon is next on that list. yikes. their flight got canceled so they ended up staying another night.

one night my kids and i went to ihop to eat. madelyn and i like the butter pecan syrup, but elijah likes the maple. i don't typically say "maple syrup," but i did that night. well, the next day he was so excited to tell addie that at ihop "i had maple syrup and you could actually taste the maples!" he wasn't sure what those were when we asked him :)

poor addie was sad to not be able to see simon and samson during her visit this time, and she's afraid they won't live through the year until her next visit. poor thing. apparently she and madelyn had a heart to heart concerning the kitties.

simon is actually doing really well now that he is on the meds. dan did a fabulous job of staying on top of that while i was away. even now that i am home he will still give simon his meds. it's sweet.

this was the first time i left molly for a whole week. she did okay i guess. but she was super clingy when i got her back. leaving the animals and making arrangements for them was a HUGE stresser this year. ugh. remind me that i said no more cats after these ones are gone, please.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Church Mouse

Yesterday I was waiting for a call back from the pediatrician's office. You see, Madelyn has strep and that is how we started out our beach vacation. So, let's just take a moment and praise the Lord for pharmacies at the beach. CVS to be exact.

Anyway, the nurse calls back. I answer the phone and in this sweet happy voice she says, "Hi! This the the doctor's office calling. Can I speak to Mom?" Um. Last I checked I am the "mom." She was a bit embarrassed when she realized this.

So, apparently I still have a church mouse voice. A lady I called one time told me that. Nice, huh?

It got even stranger when Nick and Todd came home from a walk. Todd came in first and I said, "Hey, where have you guys been? It's been forever." To which Nick said, "Who is that? Madelyn?" Yes. Strike two. The second time in one day I was mistaken for a kid.

Oh well. What can I do? I laughed. It was funny, especially when I told Todd and Nick the story about the nurse and Todd asked me if I then got my mom. ha ha!

Good times :)