Wednesday, October 13, 2010

starting over

isn't it great how God designed life by allowing us to start out fresh each day? i am looking forward to starting over tomorrow. it's just been one of those days, not my favorite kind.

i mentioned to dan tonight how glad i am that days only have 24 hours in them and not 72. can you imagine? "ugh. this day is never going to end! there are still 56 hours to get through!" yeah. God knew what he was doing and i thank him for that.

it's not as though anything particularly bad happened today. it's just that nothing really went how i thought it would and i kept getting thrown off.

i thought i would get up at a decent time. didn't happen. not a good start.

i thought i would run this morning. didn't happen.

i thought i would get my office cleaned up after much neglect. didn't happen.

i thought it would be good to get elijah some time at the park with neighbors. it wasn't.

i thought i had nothing going on after picking up madelyn from school. i was wrong.

i thought i would run tonight since i didn't run earlier. didn't happen.

on the plus side, the weather was beautiful today. i got my living room and bedroom vacuumed even though i didn't get my office cleaned up. so, it's not a total waste of a day. it just didn't go how i planned.

so, i am looking forward to starting out fresh tomorrow with God's mercies anew. what a blessing.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


my kids had their first sleepover last weekend with the holt family. they had fun. it was weird for me. such an unsettled feeling knowing there were no children upstairs in my house sleeping. i had crazy dreams, etc. i knew they were fine and safe and happy, but dan and i both agree they are now allowed to live at home forever.


i got bit by a gnat today during the field trip to the apple orchard with elijah's class. they were attacking my eyes. two made it into my right eye and another bit me under my left eye. it started to swell and gradually got worse as the day went on. i just took 3tsp of children's benedryl. i think i will sleep well tonight even if i do wake up with a swollen face.

UPDATE: it's the next day and my eye is still swollen. it is better, but now it hurts a little and is still a bit itchy. so bizarre.


things are really good right now and don't think for one second that i am taking that for granted. those years of so many doc appts and not knowing what was going on with dan left their mark. i know that things can change in an instant so i will enjoy this time while i can.


madelyn is growing up and i am not sure how i feel about that. she is just starting to look and act a lot older. it's hard to put into words. it is a good thing and i really just enjoy her so much. she has a funny little personality and is really smart. my plan of turning her into a little freakazoid so she fits in nicely with our family is working splendidly. she really is a nut. i have to get a video of her doing her eyebrow thing. didn't i mention that before? even though she is growing up so much i do enjoy relating to her on a different level now. that part really has been fun. we crack each other up.


so, i readily admit that this is a little weird, but i asked elijah if dan and i could move into his room with him. he has the biggest bedroom in the house with two closets no less, a ceiling fan, etc. and only 3 pieces of furniture. we could skate around his room if we wanted. he was so sweet though and said, "but i only have two pillows." he wasn't really sure what to think about it. we just laughed and told him it would be okay because we would move our bedroom furniture in as well.

we won't really move into his room (not until he goes to college). just want to be clear on that.


elijah saw my retainer in the toothbrush drawer tonight and asked me if i took my teeth out.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Elijah will just stop and pray for things every now and then. He was riding on the side of the cart in Target and next thing he folded his hands, bowed his head and prayed for people who are in tornadoes.

Tonight at dinner he prayed for our meal and said, "Please make it be Halloween tomorrow."

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Children do such weird things don't they?

I do King's Club at TKA on Monday afternoons. It's basically their after school program. It's an hour and the kids are mostly staff kids. It's nice because it allows the teachers to have some time to wrap things up for the day, or on Mondays have a meeting.

Anyway, yesterday one of the girls was pulling around her younger brother by his ankles. He was lying on his back on the floor holding onto the waist of his pants while she drug him around. He didn't seem to mind at all. Then I look over and see a friend holding the back door open while the girl begins to drag her brother outside! I yelled to them to stop and they all just happily ran off to do something else.

So crazy.

Elijah and I were in Target the other day. He was hanging out in the cart while I, uh, shopped. There. I said it. I have shopped at Target a lot lately. Believe it or not I do go on long breaks from Target every now and then, but man, that place is fun.

Anyway, Elijah is in the cart and he says, "I am thinking about stealing so much I think I actually am going to steal something!" WHAT?! Um, no I don't think so!! What in the world? A lady was within ear shot as well. Thankfully, she just smiled.

But, he says this on the heels of this whole long "what if" scenario about me leaving him sitting in the cart and then leaving the store and never coming back for him and somebody would end up taking him!! After assuring him that I would NEVER do that, I finally told him to talk about something else.