Saturday, May 21, 2011

More on the FAF

Fine Arts Festival, that is.

In my previous post, I mentioned face painting for the kids. What I should have said was face painting for the kids AND Nick. He and my mom have come every year and he has gotten his face painted every year.

The kids LOVE it. This year they asked him right away if he was going to get his face painted, and yes, of course he was.

And, he did. He was transformed into a pirate. Arrrrrr ...

The sad thing is by the end of the day he becomes transformed into a guy with black stuff all over his face, or in other years, a guy with blue and red smears on his face and shirt which lead people to believe he was the victim of a terrible crime.

See, he gets through the hot day of wiping the sweat (and face paint) all day, forgets he has paint on his face, heads home, and people along the way home don't know anything about the festivities of that day. So, when he ran in to a gas station to use the bathroom on year one, the gas station attendant asked him if he was okay. Nick didn't realize why he asked that until he got back into the car and saw his face again. ha ha! The poor guy.

Not to mention getting back to our house and our neighbors, who Nick knows better than we do, asked him what happened because they thought he was beaten up.

Oh, but he seriously knows them better than we do. We found out from Nick that they are new grandparents. We would have never known otherwise.

Anyway, back to this year. We get home. Of course our neighbors are out working in the yard on a beautiful day. Nick is reminded of his face paint, washes it off and then feels led to go explain to the neighbors why he had black stuff all over his face.

Their response ... "Oh we figured!"

We tried to explain to him that there was no need to explain. People get it at this point. But, he swears that next year he is not going to do it.

We'll see.

The kids can be pretty persuasive. I think all it will take is next year rolling around and them asking him. Next thing we know he will be racing with them to the table to beat the line like they did this year.

Good times.

Oh, I should mention that my mom came up too. I felt bad. At one point I thought, "I hope my mom is enjoying herself" because I barely saw her all day! I think she did though. People are friendly at TKA and she likes to people watch. And she did say she had a nice day so I am going to believe her.

Performing and Performing with ADD

What a fun beautiful day!

We spent the whole day outside. Instead of a Spring Program TKA does an outdoor concert/festival kind of thing. It's nice.

They have fun stuff for kids, food, and performances going on all day long.

Both kids had a performance. Madelyn was a little farmer during their Jack and the Beanstalk medley, and was super cute. She did a great job. Performing is not what she loves to do, but she does it and she does it well. Elijah had 3 or 4 songs that were sung with the K4/K5 class. He too was super cute.

I was also able to help at the food stand. It was fun. You get to see all kinds of people and chat for a few minutes. That's a good time for me.

So, all in all, a great day. Just getting the fresh air made it all worth while.

Let's back up to the performances though, Elijah's particularly. Watching him perform makes me feel like I am watching myself. His mind is in all kinds of different directions. If he's not waving, he might be singing, or he is looking at his hand that is painted like spidermans to match his spiderman face paint, or maybe he is dancing to the music, or he is striking some kind of pose, maybe some more focused singing ...

You see, I sang in Chapel Choir in college. College. Our job was to sing during chapel on occasion. We would practice once a week to prepare for those chapel days. Well, that day came. We all gathered at the front of the room, started singing, I looked up, got distracted by the people and completely stopped singing. I was then looking around at all the people. Yes. Did I mention I was in college?

When I looked back at my page I could NOT figure out where we were. I can't read music so the fact that I was singing in any kind of choir is a little strange, but it wasn't the first time my friends talked me into something. Insert high school cheerleading here. Ugh.

Anyway, so I pretty much flubbed that performance due to my lack of focus. My mom mentioned a program I was in as a kid when I was young where I was putting my hands on my face making it look like goggles and I was showing my friends next to me.

However, I am not a total failure when it comes to public performances. I did perform in Barnum for a high school play where I had to juggle rings on stage, front and center. Whew! I am still amazed I didn't drop any of them during any of the 3 performances we did, not to mention the singing and dancing parts. That was fun.

So, I think the moral of this story is, Elijah and I need tasks to do while singing (ie. dancing, juggling). Otherwise, we WILL be distracted.

Can I get an amen?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good Friends

Good friends are people you can call while on a road trip that eventually leads through their town and they tell you to come for dinner. An hour later you show up and they proceed to empty out their pantry and fridge, light up the grill and next thing you know you are so full they have to roll you out of the house so you can complete the last half of your road trip.

We originally called them to ask them where a good place to stop to eat near State College was. Turns out their house is a good place to eat in that area! :)

It was fun to see their house that we hadn't seen yet, and the kids were just in their glory having that unexpected time with friends.

We then drove over a mountain in Tyrone that was covered in thick thick fog. Dan had to tell me when the bends and turns were coming by watching the gps. It was so freaky. I was driving SO slow. I didn't think we would ever make it to his parents.

We did though. Whew! It was crazy. The kids slept through the whole thing. Thankfully it wasn't pouring down rain at that point. That came later. It was just a light mist on the mountain.

Good times :)

Not So Smart

I got sunburned recently.

At first it felt good. You know, the first real sunshiny feeling of Spring. I was happy.

Then I woke up the next day.

I was so super sore. But, I thought it will only hurt for a little and then we are all good.


It still hurts.

And it's peeling.

It still hurts.

Isn't that unusual for it to be peeling, but still hurt?

Yes. I was foolish.

See, the problem was that I went for a walk/run 45 minutes before I was supposed to meet a friend who was picking up our children at the park. I walked and walked and walked, came home, got a drink, then walked to the park.

It felt good. It was so nice to be out, clear my head, and enjoy the sunshine.

The problem is that after my walk I then sat at the park for more than an hour, all the while frying my back. Waaaaaahhhhhhhh!!

Lesson learned.


I am not always the best student in these situations, but I also do NOT want skin cancer.

The End.

Random Thoughts ...

because that's what i do.

Why do kittens have to be so cute? We met some cute little kittens last weekend. I picked the fluffy one. Madelyn picked the boy one. We came home with none. I do still have 4 animals and Dan cut me off at 4 animals long ago and I continue to say how wise that man is as a result.

Still. Cute cute kitties ... (sigh). I am so weak.


Speaking of cute kitties, my Simon is struggling. He throws up, and he has lost a lot of weight. But, he is still so snuggly and in love with me. I can't just say good-bye. Yet. I know the time is coming pretty quickly though. So sad. 14 years is a long time to spend with a kitty. My mom used to call him and his brother the grandkitties. Seriously. They were my babies for a very long time.

So, as much as I say no more cats when both of mine are gone, I know that is a load of BS. Last weekend with the kitties is evidence A. All that had to happen was one of the kids beg for one. Thankfully, that didn't happen, but if we didn't have 4 animals, I probably would have been begging for the fuzzy little creamsicle looking kitty.

I heard she may be spoken for now though. Thank you Jesus.


I like music. I just got 20 free songs from iTunes. Good times. Elijah asked, "Did you get new music?" That kid doesn't miss a thing. What makes music even more fun is when the kids get into it too. So far their faves are my faves. That works out nicely :)


I learned that Madelyn does NOT want to be cremated. Odd info to know from an 8 year old. I know. But, I told her that Simon was probably going to have to be put to sleep soon. We had talked about this before, but I wanted to make sure she knew that it may be one day that I just have to take him in. She was sad, but took it okay. Then she asked what happens after they put him to sleep. That turned into a whole discussion about cremation, ashes, death, rotting in your grave, etc. Lovely. I know.

She did not like the idea of being burned after death and made it very clear that she doesn't want that to happen to her. I love the conversations she and I have about things. She is so thoughtful and understands so much at this stage. She is so much like her dad too. She's got a strong mind about her. I admire that in a girl :)


Elijah on the other hand is very glad he is not a girl because he does not have to push a baby out one day.

But, he is a boy so that means he has to ask a girl to marry him one day and he is very concerned that she might say no. I explain to him that he will most likely be with that girl for a while before they that point so he should know if she will say yes or not. He comforts himself by saying he is not in college yet so he doesn't have to worry about it.

Poor thing. He's going to go to college feeling like not only does he have to figure out what he wants to do for the rest of his life he also has to find a wife. That's a lot of pressure.


Drama. Drama. Drama. That's all I have to say about that.

Except it's not.

People need to learn to talk to people. If there is an issue, talk to the person. Don't conjure up all these crazy ideas about what you think is going on. It will simplify things.

Okay. Now I am done.

For now.


I like friends. God has blessed us with some amazing friends.


Elijah is reading like crazy. I love it. He reads these big words and it is so fun to hear him figure it out. He said, "Reading by yourself can be fun, especially when you know how to read!"

I love his mind. You never have to guess what he is thinking.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

So many Elijahisms ...

so little brain power to remember them all, but here are a few ...

we were walking past men's warehouse the other day and he said he saw the president, but he didn't have a head. i asked him how he knew it was the president and he said because he was dressed like him and wearing a bow tie :)

he thanked me yesterday for marrying dan. we were at the school and he had just spent a few minutes in dan's office. they love to show their love for each other by punching/smacking/kicking and wrestling each other and do so even in the office. so, on our way back down the hall he thanked me for marring "papa." i assured him that i was very thankful i did too since i wouldn't have him (elijah) if i hadn't :)

elijah just had a birthday. he's six now, and he sure knows how to live up the birthday attention. he got a crown from school and was so happy to announce "i'm the birthday boy!" we went to chuck e cheese with peyton, madelyn, noelle, mom-mom, pop-pop nick, me and papa. they had sooooooo much fun. it really was a fun day.

another thing on his birthday is that he and noelle found a dead mouse in the yard. elijah thought for sure that it was a dead beaver. i assured him it wasn't since beavers live near rivers and he replied, "maybe a hedgehog then." there was just NO WAY it was a mouse :)

elijah and noelle had a really intense conversation yesterday on the way home from school. it went a little something like this ...

e: you should not make jokes about people dying. it's inappropriate and it's like you are making fun of someone who died.
n: yeah.
e: my mom-mom ruthie died because she was really sick. and really old.
n: how old was she?
e: uuuummmmm ... 93 ... i think ... oooorrrrrr ... 99.

the conversation went on and changed a little. i didn't hear everything, but they were so sincere and low key about it all. it was really cute.

we were at the dentist today and oh my did elijah have a good time. he asked questions about EVERYTHING he possibly could ... what is that button? why do you have that light? i know why you have gloves on. how are you doing that? ... and on and on ...

when he asked about the light she told him that his mouth was really dark so she needed the light "unless YOU have a light in your mouth. if that's the case, will you turn it on please?" so, of course he pretends to turn a light switch on on the side of his cheek. twice. each time she needed to get in his mouth after that :)

when he was done he said he was going stop brushing his teeth so he could come back to the dentist sooner. yikes.