Monday, July 23, 2012

3 Weeks?

Seriously?  Has it really been 3 weeks? 

Shannon and the kids have been in town for 3 weeks and leave tomorrow.  Waaaaahhhhhhh ... so sad.

Addie and Madelyn have been attached at the hip with matching clothes and everything.  They are super cute.  The boys have been getting along so well too. 

We have visited with friends, family, hit the beach, eaten crabs, swam in pools, and on and on ... good times!

It will be a hard goodbye tomorrow.  We hate to see them go.  They just live way too far away.  We will all be in mourning for the next few days ...

Monday, July 2, 2012

My Funny Boy

The other night we were in the car leaving a friend's house and Elijah says to us,  "When people get older, no offense, but they get non-funnier."  ha ha  We were cracking up.  Dan then went on to explain the differences in senses of humor at different stages in life.

Tonight a friend came by and made sangria for us so we sat on the patio sipping it.  When I went to say goodnight to Elijah he was already in bed falling asleep, but we still had this exchange ...

"You smell like the rolls at Logan's"  (His favorite restaurant where he LOVES the rolls."
"haha I do?"
"Yes.  I'm serious."
He was falling asleep so I left him and started downstairs cracking up.  He then yells to me ...
"It makes me want to eat you!"

ha hahahahahha ... I then told Madelyn and Dan and we all had a good laugh.