Sunday, December 26, 2010

madelyn and christmas

madelyn made her friend isabelle a bracelet the other day that she wanted to give her for christmas. i was watching her work so hard on this one particular bead. it was quite small, but she needed it on the string to hold the other beads in place. i was struck.

i was struck because she is still so small and little, but yet so big at the same time. i thought to myself, "i want to remember these simple times. times when making a bracelet with flower beads and letters to spell bff were the biggest task for the day. times when snuggling up with her brother to watch a video for the tenth time is super exciting. times when she and elijah can still both snuggle up on me and i try to convince them to stay like that all day then they giggle and tell me why we can't possibly stay like that for so long."

yes. i had a lot of thoughts in that moment. now that i am thinking about it that was the moment that i promptly forgot that i had just sprayed down their shower with cleanser and never made it back to scrub it. i realized that at 6 a.m. christmas morning when i woke up before everyone else and wasn't sure what to do with myself.

anyway, all that to say my kids are still so young and little, but time is moving fast. when i watch old videos and here their tiny voices and realize it really wasn't that long ago i also realize i am going to still feel that way just a few short years from now when they are again so different. sigh ...

okay, but christmas. that was fun. i think the kids got just enough from us, not too much overload. they have zoned in on their toys and board games and are having lots of fun.

what a gift it is to be able to truly celebrate christmas with the love of christ in our lives. i know many people celebrate His birth, but how many are celebrating without truly knowing Him. that is a sad thought. thank you Jesus for being so true in our lives and blessing us so richly with your grace.

Friday, December 24, 2010


Madelyn just started playing We Three Kings on the piano. Elijah said, "Madelyn, Mommy didn't tell you you have to play the piano." Usually we have to tell her to practice. She doesn't love practicing. She enjoys playing, but practicing can be a challenge sometimes. I love it though when she just hops on and starts playing.

And, IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!! I keep shaking the kids in excitement reminding them what day it is. SO EXCITING!!!!! Meanwhile, they have been waking up at the crack of dawn. They don't even have to wake up so early for school! It's craziness. They are going to be little monsters by the time this weekend is over.

I have just enough gifts under the tree to keep them guessing. Madelyn has been all through them to figure out which one is for who. So funny. They don't think I know they are doing it. Ahhh, Christmas is fun with kids. Who else's birthday creates a month of celebration around the world? Even people who are not Believers get into Christmas. That really does say something about what we are celebrating and why. Just a thought.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Little Guilty

I have spent a lot of time at Target lately. Yes. More time than usual. It is Christmas time afterall and gifts don't just magically appear under the tree! Unless of course you order from amazon and then it does come pretty darn close to that, but that's another post.

One day I had went a little crazy at Target and had buyer's remorse. I planned to go right back after Thanksgiving and return a lot of the items I bought. Two of the items were shirts for Elijah.

I was very happy to get almost $80 back on my card. I know. I already admitted I went a little nuts, and I may or may not have turned around and put that much back on my card. That's besides the point.

As I was shopping I realized that I shouldn't have returned the one shirt for Elijah. It was a Lego Batman shirt that came with a knit hat with a little batman head on the front. I know he is going to LOVE it. So, I went back to the return desk and asked for it back. I am known for returning things all the time, but I can tell you that I have NEVER gone back and asked for something back before this time. It felt weird, but I was determined to give Elijah that shirt for Christmas.

Long story short I was able to track it down to the fitting room lady. Ahhhh, relief. I was so happy again for Elijah. The shirt was originally ten dollars. When I went to check out the shirt was $5. Eek!! I felt guilty. I honestly did not plan that. Although I will say it made me want to go back and see if the tinker bell pjs for Madelyn I returned were marked down. I didn't though! Don't judge.

Elijah is going to love the shirt! I just know it.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Strange story.

We went to Dan's parents' house for Thanksgiving. One night while we were there I dreamed that I got porcupine needles stuck in my back. It was weird and I couldn't get them out myself and Dan was afraid to pull them out for me. It was very bizarre. The only thing I can figure is that while I was sleeping Molly's claws were somehow touching my back and this is how the feeling translated into my dream.

Okay, so that day Dan and I went hiking in the woods. His parents live in the middle of no where with lots of fields and woods around. It was a little unsettling because you know there are coyotes, bears, turkeys and who knows what else lurking in the trees at times. But, we made our way through the thick brush, etc in the woods and came out into a field. We are walking along and what do we see?? That's right. A porcupine. Weird right? I have NEVER seen one in person in my life. I dream about one sticking things in my back and then BAM we about walk into one.

Weird. I know.

A Compilation

It was fun to read through the drafts of posts that never officially to "print" on my blog. Many little tidbits I had forgotten. So, I thought I would put them into one post. Here they are ...

"Mommy are you going to be old tomorrow like a grandma?" My birthday was Sunday.


Every now and then I will "snuggle" with Elijah at bedtime because ... well, he's just so darn cute and how can I resist when he is all sleepy and asking if I will snuggle?! So I did. After I laid down he was chatting quite a bit and then said in a sleepy cute little way, "Mommy, is it okay if I talk to you with my eyes closed?" (as he could barely keep them open at that point anyway) I told him of course it was and he rolled over and went to sleep. I will miss these snuggle nights.


We had Ellie and Emma with us all weekend. It's great because Emma and Madelyn are the same age and so are Elijah and Ellie. So, of course all of them were super thrilled to be spending the weekend doing one big slumber party.

So, Friday came. I picked up all the kids from school. They came home and played like crazy. I put them all to bed early because I figured they would be up giggling for a while. They were all in one room.

That's when the 1,332 trips downstairs started ...

Can we listen to something?
I'm thirsty.
I'm actually hungry -- to which Elijah then told Ellie she couldn't eat something because she might poop the bed! (ha haha ha!!!)
I don't want to listen to that CD!
I want to listen to this.
I'm still thirsty!

and on ... so funny.

I had to start threatening after that. I told Elijah if he came down again he would have to lie down in my bed ... "by myself?" "Yes." "You won't snuggle with me?" "No."

Then Ellie called down, "Miss Kate? Here's the deal ..." and then it was something about Elijah. Love that girl. She is so funny.


Elijah said to me the other day, "Why did you marry Papa and not me?" I explained to him that I wouldn't have him if I didn't marry Papa. He actually told me that he gives me more kisses. So funny! He thought maybe when he gets older he and I could get married. I then explained to him that I would be old and gray. He then thought maybe he could marry Madelyn. Madelyn did not agree.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Elijah Says the Darndest Things

Recently I overheard Elijah telling Madelyn that he knows why Santa only comes in the winter time. "Because his suit has long sleeves!"

He asked me the other day if I was going to have another baby. I told him probably not, but asked him if he wanted me too. He said yes, but started to say something else and then stopped. When I asked him what he was going to say he said, "I was going to say yes if you were going to have a boy, but then I remembered that girl babies are cute to me too." Sweet boy. He does love the babies. He will ask if he can hug them or make them laugh. It's just a shame my babies don't like coming out of my body. I might not be so hesitant to have another.

UPDATE: I knew I had other Elijahisms to post, but I had to go to my FB page to find them. These are some recent statuses about Elijah ...

elijah wears his spiderman costume with his batman cape and batman belt. he then carries his nerf gun and says he is half batman, half spiderman, and half nerf :)

elijah said he asked as many of his classmates as he could if they missed him while he was out of school the last two days, but he didn't get to ask everyone. thankfully the ones he asked said yes they did miss him :)

Catch Up

Wow. It's been a LOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG time since I've posted. So much has happened since I last posted. Let's recap ... (not in any particular order) ...

Dan went to Africa -

The human side of me says don't ever send your husband off to Africa. It leaves you with a very unsettled feeling. Dan and I don't really like being separated anyway, but with the meds he takes and the health risks involved with traveling to Africa it added a whole new dimension.

The spiritual side of me says what a great opportunity to be able to go to Africa! Honestly, it did help us appreciate each other just that much more and we were SO happy to be together again. Two weeks is a long time to be apart.

He spoke at TKA's sister school in Tanzania. They graduated their first class of seniors and he was their guest of honor. During the service they referred to him as "Your Majesty". Sadly, for Dan, that title has not stuck since he got home.

He did get sick, but thankfully he was on the mend by the time they traveled home.

I walked a 5K -

A group of us walked a 5K to honor Madelyn's Kindergarten teacher who has now had 3 brain surgeries to remove a tumor. It was a great time, especially once my stomach stopped acting up and we could actually leave the rest stop and get to the walk. Ugh. I have issues.

It was a beautiful morning though to walk in Philly with a friend. We all kind of paired off (not planned), but Becky and I ended up having a straight hour to walk and talk and it was beautiful, both the friendship time and walking through the park, along a river, etc. Before we knew it we were at the end. We both thought we should become big advocates for 5K's and the organizations they support since it's alone time we don't get very often, especially for her and her 4 little ones.

We just survived the stomach bug -

Well, the kids had it. The parents were managing the whole deal. You know how it goes.

The spread it out over a couple of weeks. Just when you think your other child isn't going to get it, there it is. Elijah sang in the school's Christmas program, came home and promptly threw up. Poor thing. He was so fidgety and distracted during the program. We mostly just laughed at him until afterward when he told us it wasn't fun because his belly hurt so badly. Watching the video later we realized a big part of his fidgetiness (i don't think that's a word) was his belly hurting :(

Now Dan has some weird flu-like symptoms where he can't get warm, etc. He slept pretty hard last night though since he took nyquil flu and cold. He had his hat and coat on the night before trying to get warm. Poor guy.

Elijah cracked his head open -

He didn't get stitches. Thankfully. It's in his hair and it wasn't a huge gash. Just enough to bleed all over our friend's couch. He was playing and hit his head on the metal part of their pull out couch. You know, I don't really schedule situations like this into my day so it completely threw the day off. It was a little crazy and he said, "I have never seen blood for real life like that." It was all over his hands and sweater. It freaked him out. It is always amazing how much the head bleeds from a little gash. You expect to see a HUGE open wound before you get it all cleaned up.

We left our friend's house and her daughter promptly started throwing up. Oh, the joys of sharing with friends. Tis the season!

Birthdays -

Madelyn and I each had a birthday in October. She is a little bit younger than me. 26 years to be exact. She turned 8 and I turned 34. I barely remember what we did for my birthday, but she had a fun party with the girls from her class. It was a lot of fun. They did sand art and colored a pretty butterfly to hang in the window. They played outside in our yard and in the neighbor's yard with her one year old daughter Riley. Riley was in heaven with all the girls fussing over her.

It was a super fun day. We don't normally do parties, but this seemed like the perfect year to do one. The girls are at a really fun age. It was fun to get to know them a little better.

3rd Grade -

Madelyn is loving being in 3rd grade. Honestly, I want to be in 3rd grade again if it means I can have Mrs. Ache as a teacher. They do so many fun things. For instance, recently they had a webkinz party where each child could show everyone else on the projector their webkinz house and then they had root beer floats. Seriously?! Why wasn't I invited?

It's a great year for Madelyn. She is loving life.

Elijah on the other hand tolerates school. He goes for half day Kindergarten and thinks it is "too long." Poor kid has no idea what's coming next year.

Cold Weather -

I am realizing more and more that I don't like the cold weather. I had been running and exercising regularly and since it has turned so cold I find myself eating and hibernating. Just for the record that works against all the progress I had been making physically. Ugh.

I also do not like the cold because almost instantly my kids are sick again. We have canceled so many plans in the last few weeks due to illness. It's part of being associated with the Tubbs Family. We are happy to make plans, but just know that probably half the plans we make with you will be canceled due to illness.

Okay, so that I think covers the last couple of months. And now we are at Christmas!!!!!!!!! I am so excited this year for Christmas. It has been really hard to keep my excitement to a minimum. I think it's just because the kids are at such great ages, but really who am I kidding. Christmas is so fun!!!!!!!!!!!! Doing advent is fun. Decorating the tree is fun. Don't even get me started on how fun Christmas shopping is. Somebody stop me!!! I love it :D

Actually, this is the first year that the kids will be getting more clothes and practical things. They needed them and I figured it will be more fun for them to have something to open. We'll see how that goes with Elijah. He is the type who will say, "Why did you get me clothes?!" We are working on that with him. You know, learning to filter what comes out of your mouth and being thankful for what is given to us. It's going to be a process I know. He is going to LOVE the toys he is getting though. I can't wait!!!

Also, we don't just buy our kids toys all the time so Christmas and birthdays really are a big deal as far as having to wait for things, especially for Elijah because his birthday is in April. That's a long time to have to wait for more presents.

Okay, I am off to a Secret Sister get together that starts in less than an hour and I still need to shower and wrap my gift. Thankfully, it is just up the road.

Merry Christmas! Because probably the next time I post will be in the New Year! Oy.