Sunday, June 29, 2008

Breakfast for Lunch

Nick has been here this past week helping around the yard while Dan was away. The one day he asked Elijah if he had lunch (he hadn't). Elijah said, "Yes!" Nick said, "You did?" "Yes!" "What did you have for lunch?" "Breakfast!" and he went about his business.

Smart Girl

Madelyn retains knowledge better than I ever have. She and Dan are reading The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe together. They got to the part with the beavers today and Dan said, "Do you know what a dam is?" Madelyn said, "Yes. It's a bunch of sticks that beavers put together across a river or stream and there is a door underneath the water where they swim down to and go in the dam that way. That's where they live." Okay. Yup, that pretty much sums itup. So, Dan went on reading.

I know we have read about beavers at some point, but I didn't even know there was a "door under the water where they go in." She is so much like Dan. I love that she LOVES to read and is able to remember so many details about things. She was born with a natural desire to learn and it's great. She asks so many questions these days about everything. The other day we talked about the tire pieces you see on the side of the road. She was curious about how that happens and what you do then to fix the tire. Then she wanted to see where the spare is kept.

It is so great to see your children's minds growing and to be able to share with them new information. They are like little sponges.

Elijah is asking questions too these days, whether from something he reads or hears. It's cute. Dan was sick in these last two weeks and when I was putting her and Elijah to bed she asked me what a virus was. So, I was telling her about the difference between a viral infection and a bacterial infection. Dan had a virus in his eyes so I was explaining him being contagious, etc. Elijah then says, "Why does Papa have fire in his eyes?"

Potty Training My Boy

Elijah is in the midst of potty training. It's been interesting and very random. He has gone on the potty quite a few times, but now will go up to the potty even after he has gone in his diaper. He takes his diaper off and then sits on the potty so the toilet seat ends up smeared with stuff from his diaper. He's really making an effort though so for that I give him props.

Madelyn came running to me the other day to tell me Elijah was sitting on the potty. She and I then ran upstairs. She said, "I came out and he was sitting on the potty. He didn't even tell me!" That's when I love having a "second mom" around :)

And, Madelyn gets so excited for Elijah too. She congratulates him and hugs him after he goes on the potty. It's so sweet! Then she gets jelly beans too. Although I think she enjoys the candy more than he does. He is hoping for more computer time with every time he goes potty. That's his favorite reward :)


Elijah has entered a kissing phase. Madelyn never did this, but they are two completely opposite children.

He kisses EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, from the chair to the oven to your arm. When he comes to greet me I know I'm getting a kiss somewhere at the same time. It is pretty funny, but I have to tell him to stop because who knows what kind of germs he is picking up from kissing so many things!

He is my little performer and loves to laugh so I guess this all goes along with it.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Love At First Sight?

Do you believe in it?

I was struck at the sight of Dan when I first saw him speaking before chapel at Bible College. I even said to my friend, "He's funny ... and cute!"

I don't remember seeing him again for a while. I don't know why that was, being that we attended a small school where you pretty much saw the same people regularly, but I think our schedules just didn't mesh.

Then it happened. A mutual friend of ours came to see me one night at my dorm and guess who he brought with him . I said to my friend, "That's the guy from chapel!" Dan wasn't saying much, but I decided to get him to talk by asking him about his sandals. It turns out his mom had bought them for him from Walmart :)

We ended up seeing a lot of each other after that and became good friends. There was another night that sticks out in my mind. We were going out with a group of friends and Dan had to get something from his dorm. I went in with him and was looking at his room. When he walked by me to go in he touched my back so that I wouldn't bump into him. I don't know what it was, but something happened in that moment. It's hard to put into words. I wasn't thinking about dating him at that point. He was truly just a new friend I was getting to know, but I was completely struck in that moment.

Another time we were in the library "studying" and joking around. I don't know how this even came up, but he asked me if he died would I mourn for him. It really was a funny conversation, but even after only knowing him for a few weeks I found myself thinking that I would truly be very sad if something happened to him. I couldn't figure out how I could think that way after only knowing him for such a short time.

Keep in mind we were only friends. We weren't getting together by ourselves at all. It was all with and set up by mutual friends, or if I "happen" to bump into him somewhere at school. I didn't realize it at the time, but I was falling head over heels with the man I would later marry.

It was months before we were truly dating and I remember feeling so scared because I knew that he could honestly break my heart. I later found out he was thinking the same thing. I just had never felt that way about anyone and it wasn't as though I didn't think I had been in love before.

So, love at first sight? In some ways I think it was. Does it happen to everyone? I don't think so. Relationships are hard and take work. I just think Dan and I had an instant connection. We made each other laugh from the moment we met and he still does today. We just always have a good time together. I really feel like I get to live with my best friend all the time! It's so great this forever sleepover :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I don't understand them. Raising my son so far has been so different from raising my daughter. She is so rules oriented, he ... not so much. I could tell Madelyn why she shouldn't do something and she would know what I was saying and not do it. Elijah hears it, says he understands, but when I ask if he will do it again he says a resounding "yes" as if I've said nothing at all ... (sigh). So, I need to work on how I communicate with him. Okay.

But, please tell me why he thinks it's okay to run around with a bucket on his head! He can't see. It practically covers the top half of his body, yet he runs across the yard. He also sees no problem eating sand. He crunches away on it from time to time and tells me, "Mommy! I ate sand." The other day he comes in the house and says, "Mommy, I ate ants!" After confirming whether or not I heard him right, asking his father (who was outside with him) why he was able to eat ants I wanted to know more so I asked if they squirmed in his mouth. He said, "Yes." When asked what they tasted like he said, "Food!" I then told him he should not eat anything unless it is set before him in a bowl or on a plate and he is told to eat it.

I just don't understand boys. I love them, but don't understand them.