Saturday, March 3, 2012


We were at Chick-fil-A Thursday with friends.  I had Bodie, Peyton's little brother,  all day.  He's 4 so when I know I am going to have him I try to plan to get together with friends who have little boys that he can play with.

So thankfully this week Dorie was available.  The kids were playing in the play area.  There was a boy in there who was such a bully.  He kept beating up the other kids.  His mom was not paying attention and wasn't even sitting where she could see into the play area.

Ethan kept coming out to Dorie and telling her that the girl was being mean.  The bully had long hair and the kids all thought he was a girl.  Ethan finally figured out he was a boy, but then the bully was beating up another kid, ends up on the floor and Ethan starts kicking him.  Bodie comes running out and says, "Ethan is fighting that girl!  I had to fight her too!"

Dorie was already in there trying to get things under control.  The mom finally realized there was something going on and I told Bodie the bully was actually a boy.  It did make us laugh that they all though they were fighting some kind of tough girl.  So funny.

Oh, and the mom pulls her son (the bully) out and buys him ice cream.  I'm sure that will teach him to not do that again.  Oy.


When I was little I saved my money for a ventriloquist doll that I had seen in the JCPenney catalog.  I finally was able to buy it and I was so excited.

Meet Lester ... and friends ...


Creepy Right?  But, I loved him.  I took him to school with me and entertained my friends with him during lunch and recess time.  I remember doing Bill Cosby routines with him and my friends cracking up.  It was so fun.

Sadly, he got tucked away in my mom's attic and when I retrieved him years later as an adult his head had melted a bit from the heat so it was a little crooked.  I took him home, but he lived in the trunk of my car to later be put in the giveaway pile.  Poor Lester.