Sunday, December 26, 2010

madelyn and christmas

madelyn made her friend isabelle a bracelet the other day that she wanted to give her for christmas. i was watching her work so hard on this one particular bead. it was quite small, but she needed it on the string to hold the other beads in place. i was struck.

i was struck because she is still so small and little, but yet so big at the same time. i thought to myself, "i want to remember these simple times. times when making a bracelet with flower beads and letters to spell bff were the biggest task for the day. times when snuggling up with her brother to watch a video for the tenth time is super exciting. times when she and elijah can still both snuggle up on me and i try to convince them to stay like that all day then they giggle and tell me why we can't possibly stay like that for so long."

yes. i had a lot of thoughts in that moment. now that i am thinking about it that was the moment that i promptly forgot that i had just sprayed down their shower with cleanser and never made it back to scrub it. i realized that at 6 a.m. christmas morning when i woke up before everyone else and wasn't sure what to do with myself.

anyway, all that to say my kids are still so young and little, but time is moving fast. when i watch old videos and here their tiny voices and realize it really wasn't that long ago i also realize i am going to still feel that way just a few short years from now when they are again so different. sigh ...

okay, but christmas. that was fun. i think the kids got just enough from us, not too much overload. they have zoned in on their toys and board games and are having lots of fun.

what a gift it is to be able to truly celebrate christmas with the love of christ in our lives. i know many people celebrate His birth, but how many are celebrating without truly knowing Him. that is a sad thought. thank you Jesus for being so true in our lives and blessing us so richly with your grace.

Friday, December 24, 2010


Madelyn just started playing We Three Kings on the piano. Elijah said, "Madelyn, Mommy didn't tell you you have to play the piano." Usually we have to tell her to practice. She doesn't love practicing. She enjoys playing, but practicing can be a challenge sometimes. I love it though when she just hops on and starts playing.

And, IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!! I keep shaking the kids in excitement reminding them what day it is. SO EXCITING!!!!! Meanwhile, they have been waking up at the crack of dawn. They don't even have to wake up so early for school! It's craziness. They are going to be little monsters by the time this weekend is over.

I have just enough gifts under the tree to keep them guessing. Madelyn has been all through them to figure out which one is for who. So funny. They don't think I know they are doing it. Ahhh, Christmas is fun with kids. Who else's birthday creates a month of celebration around the world? Even people who are not Believers get into Christmas. That really does say something about what we are celebrating and why. Just a thought.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Little Guilty

I have spent a lot of time at Target lately. Yes. More time than usual. It is Christmas time afterall and gifts don't just magically appear under the tree! Unless of course you order from amazon and then it does come pretty darn close to that, but that's another post.

One day I had went a little crazy at Target and had buyer's remorse. I planned to go right back after Thanksgiving and return a lot of the items I bought. Two of the items were shirts for Elijah.

I was very happy to get almost $80 back on my card. I know. I already admitted I went a little nuts, and I may or may not have turned around and put that much back on my card. That's besides the point.

As I was shopping I realized that I shouldn't have returned the one shirt for Elijah. It was a Lego Batman shirt that came with a knit hat with a little batman head on the front. I know he is going to LOVE it. So, I went back to the return desk and asked for it back. I am known for returning things all the time, but I can tell you that I have NEVER gone back and asked for something back before this time. It felt weird, but I was determined to give Elijah that shirt for Christmas.

Long story short I was able to track it down to the fitting room lady. Ahhhh, relief. I was so happy again for Elijah. The shirt was originally ten dollars. When I went to check out the shirt was $5. Eek!! I felt guilty. I honestly did not plan that. Although I will say it made me want to go back and see if the tinker bell pjs for Madelyn I returned were marked down. I didn't though! Don't judge.

Elijah is going to love the shirt! I just know it.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Strange story.

We went to Dan's parents' house for Thanksgiving. One night while we were there I dreamed that I got porcupine needles stuck in my back. It was weird and I couldn't get them out myself and Dan was afraid to pull them out for me. It was very bizarre. The only thing I can figure is that while I was sleeping Molly's claws were somehow touching my back and this is how the feeling translated into my dream.

Okay, so that day Dan and I went hiking in the woods. His parents live in the middle of no where with lots of fields and woods around. It was a little unsettling because you know there are coyotes, bears, turkeys and who knows what else lurking in the trees at times. But, we made our way through the thick brush, etc in the woods and came out into a field. We are walking along and what do we see?? That's right. A porcupine. Weird right? I have NEVER seen one in person in my life. I dream about one sticking things in my back and then BAM we about walk into one.

Weird. I know.

A Compilation

It was fun to read through the drafts of posts that never officially to "print" on my blog. Many little tidbits I had forgotten. So, I thought I would put them into one post. Here they are ...

"Mommy are you going to be old tomorrow like a grandma?" My birthday was Sunday.


Every now and then I will "snuggle" with Elijah at bedtime because ... well, he's just so darn cute and how can I resist when he is all sleepy and asking if I will snuggle?! So I did. After I laid down he was chatting quite a bit and then said in a sleepy cute little way, "Mommy, is it okay if I talk to you with my eyes closed?" (as he could barely keep them open at that point anyway) I told him of course it was and he rolled over and went to sleep. I will miss these snuggle nights.


We had Ellie and Emma with us all weekend. It's great because Emma and Madelyn are the same age and so are Elijah and Ellie. So, of course all of them were super thrilled to be spending the weekend doing one big slumber party.

So, Friday came. I picked up all the kids from school. They came home and played like crazy. I put them all to bed early because I figured they would be up giggling for a while. They were all in one room.

That's when the 1,332 trips downstairs started ...

Can we listen to something?
I'm thirsty.
I'm actually hungry -- to which Elijah then told Ellie she couldn't eat something because she might poop the bed! (ha haha ha!!!)
I don't want to listen to that CD!
I want to listen to this.
I'm still thirsty!

and on ... so funny.

I had to start threatening after that. I told Elijah if he came down again he would have to lie down in my bed ... "by myself?" "Yes." "You won't snuggle with me?" "No."

Then Ellie called down, "Miss Kate? Here's the deal ..." and then it was something about Elijah. Love that girl. She is so funny.


Elijah said to me the other day, "Why did you marry Papa and not me?" I explained to him that I wouldn't have him if I didn't marry Papa. He actually told me that he gives me more kisses. So funny! He thought maybe when he gets older he and I could get married. I then explained to him that I would be old and gray. He then thought maybe he could marry Madelyn. Madelyn did not agree.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Elijah Says the Darndest Things

Recently I overheard Elijah telling Madelyn that he knows why Santa only comes in the winter time. "Because his suit has long sleeves!"

He asked me the other day if I was going to have another baby. I told him probably not, but asked him if he wanted me too. He said yes, but started to say something else and then stopped. When I asked him what he was going to say he said, "I was going to say yes if you were going to have a boy, but then I remembered that girl babies are cute to me too." Sweet boy. He does love the babies. He will ask if he can hug them or make them laugh. It's just a shame my babies don't like coming out of my body. I might not be so hesitant to have another.

UPDATE: I knew I had other Elijahisms to post, but I had to go to my FB page to find them. These are some recent statuses about Elijah ...

elijah wears his spiderman costume with his batman cape and batman belt. he then carries his nerf gun and says he is half batman, half spiderman, and half nerf :)

elijah said he asked as many of his classmates as he could if they missed him while he was out of school the last two days, but he didn't get to ask everyone. thankfully the ones he asked said yes they did miss him :)

Catch Up

Wow. It's been a LOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG time since I've posted. So much has happened since I last posted. Let's recap ... (not in any particular order) ...

Dan went to Africa -

The human side of me says don't ever send your husband off to Africa. It leaves you with a very unsettled feeling. Dan and I don't really like being separated anyway, but with the meds he takes and the health risks involved with traveling to Africa it added a whole new dimension.

The spiritual side of me says what a great opportunity to be able to go to Africa! Honestly, it did help us appreciate each other just that much more and we were SO happy to be together again. Two weeks is a long time to be apart.

He spoke at TKA's sister school in Tanzania. They graduated their first class of seniors and he was their guest of honor. During the service they referred to him as "Your Majesty". Sadly, for Dan, that title has not stuck since he got home.

He did get sick, but thankfully he was on the mend by the time they traveled home.

I walked a 5K -

A group of us walked a 5K to honor Madelyn's Kindergarten teacher who has now had 3 brain surgeries to remove a tumor. It was a great time, especially once my stomach stopped acting up and we could actually leave the rest stop and get to the walk. Ugh. I have issues.

It was a beautiful morning though to walk in Philly with a friend. We all kind of paired off (not planned), but Becky and I ended up having a straight hour to walk and talk and it was beautiful, both the friendship time and walking through the park, along a river, etc. Before we knew it we were at the end. We both thought we should become big advocates for 5K's and the organizations they support since it's alone time we don't get very often, especially for her and her 4 little ones.

We just survived the stomach bug -

Well, the kids had it. The parents were managing the whole deal. You know how it goes.

The spread it out over a couple of weeks. Just when you think your other child isn't going to get it, there it is. Elijah sang in the school's Christmas program, came home and promptly threw up. Poor thing. He was so fidgety and distracted during the program. We mostly just laughed at him until afterward when he told us it wasn't fun because his belly hurt so badly. Watching the video later we realized a big part of his fidgetiness (i don't think that's a word) was his belly hurting :(

Now Dan has some weird flu-like symptoms where he can't get warm, etc. He slept pretty hard last night though since he took nyquil flu and cold. He had his hat and coat on the night before trying to get warm. Poor guy.

Elijah cracked his head open -

He didn't get stitches. Thankfully. It's in his hair and it wasn't a huge gash. Just enough to bleed all over our friend's couch. He was playing and hit his head on the metal part of their pull out couch. You know, I don't really schedule situations like this into my day so it completely threw the day off. It was a little crazy and he said, "I have never seen blood for real life like that." It was all over his hands and sweater. It freaked him out. It is always amazing how much the head bleeds from a little gash. You expect to see a HUGE open wound before you get it all cleaned up.

We left our friend's house and her daughter promptly started throwing up. Oh, the joys of sharing with friends. Tis the season!

Birthdays -

Madelyn and I each had a birthday in October. She is a little bit younger than me. 26 years to be exact. She turned 8 and I turned 34. I barely remember what we did for my birthday, but she had a fun party with the girls from her class. It was a lot of fun. They did sand art and colored a pretty butterfly to hang in the window. They played outside in our yard and in the neighbor's yard with her one year old daughter Riley. Riley was in heaven with all the girls fussing over her.

It was a super fun day. We don't normally do parties, but this seemed like the perfect year to do one. The girls are at a really fun age. It was fun to get to know them a little better.

3rd Grade -

Madelyn is loving being in 3rd grade. Honestly, I want to be in 3rd grade again if it means I can have Mrs. Ache as a teacher. They do so many fun things. For instance, recently they had a webkinz party where each child could show everyone else on the projector their webkinz house and then they had root beer floats. Seriously?! Why wasn't I invited?

It's a great year for Madelyn. She is loving life.

Elijah on the other hand tolerates school. He goes for half day Kindergarten and thinks it is "too long." Poor kid has no idea what's coming next year.

Cold Weather -

I am realizing more and more that I don't like the cold weather. I had been running and exercising regularly and since it has turned so cold I find myself eating and hibernating. Just for the record that works against all the progress I had been making physically. Ugh.

I also do not like the cold because almost instantly my kids are sick again. We have canceled so many plans in the last few weeks due to illness. It's part of being associated with the Tubbs Family. We are happy to make plans, but just know that probably half the plans we make with you will be canceled due to illness.

Okay, so that I think covers the last couple of months. And now we are at Christmas!!!!!!!!! I am so excited this year for Christmas. It has been really hard to keep my excitement to a minimum. I think it's just because the kids are at such great ages, but really who am I kidding. Christmas is so fun!!!!!!!!!!!! Doing advent is fun. Decorating the tree is fun. Don't even get me started on how fun Christmas shopping is. Somebody stop me!!! I love it :D

Actually, this is the first year that the kids will be getting more clothes and practical things. They needed them and I figured it will be more fun for them to have something to open. We'll see how that goes with Elijah. He is the type who will say, "Why did you get me clothes?!" We are working on that with him. You know, learning to filter what comes out of your mouth and being thankful for what is given to us. It's going to be a process I know. He is going to LOVE the toys he is getting though. I can't wait!!!

Also, we don't just buy our kids toys all the time so Christmas and birthdays really are a big deal as far as having to wait for things, especially for Elijah because his birthday is in April. That's a long time to have to wait for more presents.

Okay, I am off to a Secret Sister get together that starts in less than an hour and I still need to shower and wrap my gift. Thankfully, it is just up the road.

Merry Christmas! Because probably the next time I post will be in the New Year! Oy.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

starting over

isn't it great how God designed life by allowing us to start out fresh each day? i am looking forward to starting over tomorrow. it's just been one of those days, not my favorite kind.

i mentioned to dan tonight how glad i am that days only have 24 hours in them and not 72. can you imagine? "ugh. this day is never going to end! there are still 56 hours to get through!" yeah. God knew what he was doing and i thank him for that.

it's not as though anything particularly bad happened today. it's just that nothing really went how i thought it would and i kept getting thrown off.

i thought i would get up at a decent time. didn't happen. not a good start.

i thought i would run this morning. didn't happen.

i thought i would get my office cleaned up after much neglect. didn't happen.

i thought it would be good to get elijah some time at the park with neighbors. it wasn't.

i thought i had nothing going on after picking up madelyn from school. i was wrong.

i thought i would run tonight since i didn't run earlier. didn't happen.

on the plus side, the weather was beautiful today. i got my living room and bedroom vacuumed even though i didn't get my office cleaned up. so, it's not a total waste of a day. it just didn't go how i planned.

so, i am looking forward to starting out fresh tomorrow with God's mercies anew. what a blessing.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


my kids had their first sleepover last weekend with the holt family. they had fun. it was weird for me. such an unsettled feeling knowing there were no children upstairs in my house sleeping. i had crazy dreams, etc. i knew they were fine and safe and happy, but dan and i both agree they are now allowed to live at home forever.


i got bit by a gnat today during the field trip to the apple orchard with elijah's class. they were attacking my eyes. two made it into my right eye and another bit me under my left eye. it started to swell and gradually got worse as the day went on. i just took 3tsp of children's benedryl. i think i will sleep well tonight even if i do wake up with a swollen face.

UPDATE: it's the next day and my eye is still swollen. it is better, but now it hurts a little and is still a bit itchy. so bizarre.


things are really good right now and don't think for one second that i am taking that for granted. those years of so many doc appts and not knowing what was going on with dan left their mark. i know that things can change in an instant so i will enjoy this time while i can.


madelyn is growing up and i am not sure how i feel about that. she is just starting to look and act a lot older. it's hard to put into words. it is a good thing and i really just enjoy her so much. she has a funny little personality and is really smart. my plan of turning her into a little freakazoid so she fits in nicely with our family is working splendidly. she really is a nut. i have to get a video of her doing her eyebrow thing. didn't i mention that before? even though she is growing up so much i do enjoy relating to her on a different level now. that part really has been fun. we crack each other up.


so, i readily admit that this is a little weird, but i asked elijah if dan and i could move into his room with him. he has the biggest bedroom in the house with two closets no less, a ceiling fan, etc. and only 3 pieces of furniture. we could skate around his room if we wanted. he was so sweet though and said, "but i only have two pillows." he wasn't really sure what to think about it. we just laughed and told him it would be okay because we would move our bedroom furniture in as well.

we won't really move into his room (not until he goes to college). just want to be clear on that.


elijah saw my retainer in the toothbrush drawer tonight and asked me if i took my teeth out.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Elijah will just stop and pray for things every now and then. He was riding on the side of the cart in Target and next thing he folded his hands, bowed his head and prayed for people who are in tornadoes.

Tonight at dinner he prayed for our meal and said, "Please make it be Halloween tomorrow."

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Children do such weird things don't they?

I do King's Club at TKA on Monday afternoons. It's basically their after school program. It's an hour and the kids are mostly staff kids. It's nice because it allows the teachers to have some time to wrap things up for the day, or on Mondays have a meeting.

Anyway, yesterday one of the girls was pulling around her younger brother by his ankles. He was lying on his back on the floor holding onto the waist of his pants while she drug him around. He didn't seem to mind at all. Then I look over and see a friend holding the back door open while the girl begins to drag her brother outside! I yelled to them to stop and they all just happily ran off to do something else.

So crazy.

Elijah and I were in Target the other day. He was hanging out in the cart while I, uh, shopped. There. I said it. I have shopped at Target a lot lately. Believe it or not I do go on long breaks from Target every now and then, but man, that place is fun.

Anyway, Elijah is in the cart and he says, "I am thinking about stealing so much I think I actually am going to steal something!" WHAT?! Um, no I don't think so!! What in the world? A lady was within ear shot as well. Thankfully, she just smiled.

But, he says this on the heels of this whole long "what if" scenario about me leaving him sitting in the cart and then leaving the store and never coming back for him and somebody would end up taking him!! After assuring him that I would NEVER do that, I finally told him to talk about something else.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I am so proud of Elijah. First of all he is doing well with Kindergarten. He doesn't love it. He can't tell me why, but he goes every day without complaining and he is doing his work faithfully. So, speaking of work I realized that on all of his papers he was writing the h in his name backwards. I mentioned this to him one day thinking he would probably forget and I would have to remind him. Well, I didn't because he didn't! I check his paper the next time and praised him for remembering to turn his h around. He told me that he checks the letters up on the wall to make sure he is writing them correctly. WHAT?! I am so proud of him for being pro-active about this. His perfectionism is paying off ;)


Madelyn. My dear sweet Madelyn. She cracked us and herself up in the car last night. The kids were singing "Down by the Bay" and you know the part where they have to say something that rhymes ... well, Madelyn says, "Have you ever seen a bird .... (long pause) ... with a coo coo turd?" ha ha ha ha ha ha hahahahahah ha! She then says, "What is a turd anyway?" We told her and she laughed and laughed and laughed with that great laugh she has. Oh I love it. If only I could bottle it up, or upload it to my ipod. Hey, maybe I will record it an upload it. Oh, it was so funny.


We finally found a vehicle to buy. It is a huge trailblazer with a third row. It is hard to say good-bye to my van. It was snatched away from me so violently. I don't like that one bit. Now mind you, my van had issues of its own, but it was mine and I knew how to work it. We liked it. But, now we will have to become acquainted with a new monster of a vehicle. It's okay though. I like that it is big for safety reasons and ego reasons ( ha ha! i thought that would be funny so I wrote it as if my ego will be boosted with having the biggest vehicle on the block. with that comes the biggest gas bill so whose laughing now? waaaahhhhh.) We are supposed to go pick it up tonight and pass off all our money to the car guy.

Speaking of the car guy. He is a wonderful wonderful Christian man. He gives us such great deals on the 2 cars that we have now bought from him. He even prayed with Dan on the phone when Dan called and explained to him what happened. So sweet. And, he has such a great business. There is a cafe with free popcorn, ice cream, and soda. A playroom. A wii. A tv. I mean really. Dan and I are going for date night there next time we get a sitter. So, go to Pottsville and buy a car from Bob Weaver. You won't regret it because even when your car has an issue they give you a car to drive or you can hang out in their fabulous shop there gaining weight by eating all the yummies.


My boy is so in love with me. He wants to marry me. I love it. Dan says it won't last forever and that one day it will be other girls he is noticing. Whatever. Stupid girls. Stealing my thunder.


Now that my kids are older I have been able to help out at the school more. That's fun. I helped in 3rd grade today for 20 minutes until it was time to get Elijah. It was fun being with a couple 3rd grade girls and helping them on the computer. They were making a crossword puzzle and I couldn't type worth a darn. I kept messing up and then I would say, "Why can't I type today?" and they would say, "We don't know!" So fun :)

Yesterday I helped after school with the King's Club, the after school program. When I walked in and told them I was in charge that day a few girls cheered. How's that for confidence boosting? They are cute 5th grade girls. I am going to help every monday now so that will be fun to get to know them better.


Right now I am procrastinating on finishing the projects I have started and haven't finished yet so I should probably go do that. Oh, and running and me have not been getting along. I am mad that he kept kicking my patootie so I have been ignoring him even though he keeps calling me. I am going to try again tomorrow, but I am not happy about it. I just don't like feeling like a loser. Ugh. Stupid running and your stupid challenges you bring my way. Grrrr ...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not the Best Day Ever ...

We were heading to see Grandma Elva. All of us, including Vern & Lois.

Being the award winning mom that I am I had completely forgotten to feed my son before we left. I have an excuse though. He and Dan went for haircuts at 8:30 a.m. Since they had to leave early I quick gave Elijah a cup of milk and some Honey Combs in a baggie to snack on.

Once they were back I was too busy fussing over cute haircuts and getting Madelyn ready to go that I completely forgot to give Elijah a real breakfast.

All that to say that it wasn't until we were on the road, stopped for gas, Dan got a breakfast sandwich and Elijah says, "Hey, I never ate breakfast!" Madelyn of course wanted a snack then too so I quick ran into Sheetz to grab some breakfast. What do I pick? Powdered mini donuts of course! The breakfast of champions right?

My justification: Elijah LOVES them. Madelyn wanted a snack too, and it was something we could all snack on since we had a long day ahead. We were going to visit Grandma Elva and then go swimming with Dan's aunt and her grandsons.

Oh, that is until a car decided to pull out in front of us!!!

I had just turned around to give Elijah "just one more" donut, and while I was leaning over the side of my seat to close the box I heard a loud bang. It's amazing the number of thoughts that go through your mind in just a few seconds.

So this is what I saw and thought after I heard the bang ...

Whoa!! What the ... Oh, a tire must have blown, wait those are air bags, ugh the smoke, my throat is burning ... wait, we hit someone!? Dan asked his dad if he was okay, Vern said, "Yeah, I'm okay." (He was in a lot of pain) Then I heard the kids crying so I started saying, "We're all okay! We're all okay!" Madelyn then said, "That was really scary!! I hit my mouth!!" There was no blood and I just kept saying, "I know, but we are all okay!!" Elijah had a mouth full of powdered donuts and his mouth was wide open as he was crying. Dan later told me he thought he was foaming at the mouth. He did say to me, "Look at Elijah! Look at his mouth!!" I said, "He's fine! I know! He is eating powdered donuts!!"

It was so nuts. Finally the smoke and powder from the air bags was just too much so I started to get out of the car. I told the kids to get unbuckled and got Elijah. Vern got Madelyn. We were on the side of the road and there were trees. We were being poked by dead branches as we tried to work our way past the back of our car. Thankfully there was a driveway nearby so we all kind of stood there and talked to cops, and other people who had come to help.

Poor Vern, his chest was killing him. Lois had a nasty contusion on her leg. Dan's leg got bruised. At first just Vern & Lois were going to go to the hospital, but then the firefighter encouraged us to get the kids checked out just to be safe.

We all road in the ambulance to get to the hospital in Reading. I was glad because then we were a bit closer to home rather than stuck in Pottstown on the side of the road, or at the diner as the cop told me they could get us there. Craziness.

Everyone got a good report from the doctor. Although Elijah kept pointing to a scab that was about 2 weeks old saying it hurt. So funny. I do think he hit his foot on the side though during the accident. He had a bit of a bruise, but it was so funny that he kept pointing to this healing scab area.

Now that it is going on a few weeks later Vern and Lois are still healing. Actually, Dan is too. His leg got busted up by the air bag that was by his feet. Lois may have to have her leg drained. A lot of blood collected under the skin and it hasn't gone away completely.

Life can change in an instant. It freaks you out. We still need a new car. I hate car shopping. But, thank the Lord we are all okay.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Day

Days like these are the best. A perfect mix of just enough to do with fun things in between.

I reconnected with a good friend by phone. Of course I had one other call to make for a reconnection, but ran out of time since I stayed on the phone for an hour and a half with the first friend.

Then two of the Hegarty kids came over so my kids were thrilled to have playmates.

Went to pick Dan up so he could pick up his car and some lunch.

The weather today is absolutely perfect.

Got home and my hour and a half friend called back with some fun info about a conference we may attend together with the hubbies about raising children.

So, not super exciting stuff, but fun enough to make folding laundry seem okay.

And, the kids have swimming lessons with a pizza party to look forward to tonight. The only sad thing is that I noticed it was much darker than usual the other night when we were leaving swimming lessons which mean shorter days and coldness are looming.

BUT, we are only thinking happy thoughts today!

Oh, and another fun thing that happened is I left a voicemail for a friend and when she called back she was cracking up. Making someone laugh is a HUGE success in my book.

And, a little tidbit ... I found out today that chocolate milk is a great post run drink. WHAT!? Had I known this I totally would have gotten into running a long time ago!! Okay, not really, but what a motivator to do my next run! ha ha!

I am loving my workouts. I feel sooooo good these days. Today I even want to go do my running, but I am making myself wait. I don't want to over do it. Oh, and when I say running I mean my walk/run intervals just to be clear.

So, happy day because not only do have I had these things going on, but I have Project Runway to look forward to tonight as well. Why do I love that show so much? I think it's because I am not creative and it amazes me to see what they are able to create in such a short amount of time that someone can actually wear. I love clothes.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I hate it when I get the urge to post melodramatic stuff online whether it's here or on Facebook, but I feel better about posting it here since I believe no one really reads my blog anyway. I have other issues with Facebook right now, but I'll save that for a different post.

So, heregoes my melodrama! ...

I am so worked up over the kids starting school this year. I know that mostly it revolves around Elijah starting Kindergarten and on top of the usual waaaaaahhhhhhh my kid is starting kindergarten I also know he didn't have a great year in school last year for a number of reasons and I am afraid we are going to be facing all of that again as well.


So, naturally, I want to just take each of my children and tuck them ever so gently back under my wings and pretend there is no world out there worth taking every advantage of in all the good and bad it offers to us.


Not out there.

Okay, but first, every time I try to hint to the kids that I want to keep them home protected by me forever they instantly resist. And, second, I don't really have wings that I can do that with!

But, the other thing I am stressing over already is them getting sick. It always starts up in the Fall and lasts through the Spring. Both kids. It is very frustrating. On so many levels.

So, what have I been doing? Fretting. Getting annoyed. Feeling anxious.

Is that helping? No.

The other day I even asked myself "Self? Have you prayed about ANY of these things you are fretting over?" And, because I asked myself and because my brain and I share the same, well, brain it just doesn't make sense to lie about it so I had to honestly answer no. And then I quick prayed about it.

Have I really prayed since then? No.

I am pathetic. I think this burden would be a little easier to bare if I asked for some help with it.

This one, and all the others I am holding so close to my heart while not being so nice to my family.

Again, this is one of those reminder posts. Maybe if I write about it I will remember later when I start fretting over the next set of issues that come my way.

Now if you'll excuse me please, I have some praying to do ...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pilgrim's Progress

I am reading Pilgrim's Progress.

I ordered it from the library and am LOVING it so far.

I remember reading it in school at one point. I think the teacher read it out loud to us. But, reading it now as an adult, more mature in my faith (with still so much farther to go) it is so so good.

Dan suggested he and I read it together which means I read it out loud while he falls asleep. I can't stay focused enough to listen to him read it out loud and he apparently can't stay awake while I read it to him. Then I usually can't stop reading it even though he falls asleep so I read way ahead of where he last remembers. But, Dan's brain is like a sponge so he already has a good knowledge of a book as a whole from the last time he read it which was probably umpteen years ago. Whereas my memory of it from umpteen years ago is a guy had a burden on his back while he walked a path. Yup. Oh, and his name is Christian.

And that my friends is why I am reading the book again now and also why I need constant reminders about everything during every day of my life.

Back to Christian. Oh my goodness. I cannot wait to see how his journey plays out. Already he has been through so much and it is just as though he is at the part in his faith where the Holy Spirit is opening his eyes to God's wisdom and understanding. I remember those days in my faith where all of a sudden things just are not right, but I don't really understand why.

I love getting to know characters through books. Already I love Christian so much and ache for him as he goes through his trials. It is so thought provoking and takes me back to so many different point in my walk of faith.

A couple of things made me want to read this book. One, Mark Dever referenced it in a sermon. He broke down while reading a passage from the book. And two, I am reading a book about OCD. OCD thoughts specifically and Bunyan is one of the people the author cites as one who struggled in this way. So, already I feel like he and I are kindred spirits.

It is amazing to me how God allowed Bunyan's mind to work in such a way that he was able to write this story. Creative minds like that always amaze me.

So, as I finish this post I am at the point where Christian burden has fallen off his back and he is on the narrow path. This book is so timely for me right now. God seems to do that a lot. He brings books my way just when I need them. It was the same with the book Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand, but that's a whole other post.

Anyway, such a good read and reading it out loud helps me to deal with the old english language that is used in it. And, reading it out loud still helps Dan to fall asleep, pretty quickly I might add. Although Dan says he loves hearing me read it because he can tell I am totally into it and feeling the emotions. How can you not?? Christian is so heartfelt and confused at times and just trying to figure it all out!!

Do you think the kids would think it was strange if I just plopped myself on the couch and continued reading the book out loud with the old english language? Probably, but it's not as though I have the luxury of doing that today anyway. Lots of laundry calls my name along with other little chores that need to be done, not to mention the added children I have in my house today.

Fitness ... Ugh

Who doesn't just want to sit around and eat whatever they want when they want with no real consequences?

Am I alone in this?

Well, I know that's not really reality which is why I have started this program It's the couch to 5k interval program. I finished my first week so far which to me is HUGE.

I like it because it is a 9 week program so it will take me into the cooler months when I will be ready for something different and won't mind working out in my basement to a video since it will be cold outside. (I think that might be one of the longest sentences I've ever written.)

So, I love this program so far because it is 3 days a week. I have been aiming for an every other day type schedule and I find myself on my off days looking forward to my on days again. Weird right? I have never felt that way about exercising before. Usually I am dreading the days I have to really push myself, but I have been feeling really anxious about some things lately and I am finding that this whole running/walking thing has been a good for easing some of that anxiety.

Side note: I watched Whip It today (free from the library so why not?) and it made me want to do roller derby. I think I have some aggression issues I need to work on these days. Hence, loving the running and burning muscles, and having to really push myself through these workouts.

Okay, so that's why I love it so far and remember I am only a week into it.

Insert reality here ... I like eating. I like sitting on my bum. I like sipping yummy drinks while chatting with friends. I like movies, reading, funny shows ... are you catching my drift? My hobbies don't generally involve moving much.

BUT, I am 33. Let's just say things ain't what they used to be.

SO, I need to be more active if I don't want to end up weighing way more than I should.

I've had these little revelations along the way over these last 6 mos or so as I have slowly watched my body change it's shape as I have added a few pounds. Basically what I have concluded is that I need to incorporate more activity into my every day life and shoot for a healthy lifestyle.

It can't just be a one time program and then I am good for a while. Those days are gone. To maintain a healthy weight at this stage means it has to be incorporated into your life.

Fitness fads come and go. People (me) get bored with certain routines, videos, etc., but that doesn't mean we just stop moving. Change things up, do what you need to do, just keep moving.

Keep in mind I am talking to myself here. It may sound like I am on a fitness high horse, but really, I am under no delusion of thinking I have figured it out and have found the fitness program that will carry me through.

More reality here ... life changes on you in an instant. For instance, having babies really cramps the activity in your life. I was terrible about staying active when my babies were little. I was living on no sleep so nap time was my down time, not my exercise time. Maybe I would put them in a stroller and walk with them every now and then, but nothing regular.

Plus, factor in cold weather for a good 6 months and that's a huge downer on an trying to be active. Are you kidding me? My activity in the winter is called "Pull the blanket up further because I am cold and just want to hibernate (and eat) until all this cold weather goes away" or something like that.

Anyway, I am completely rambling about fitness at 12:30 a.m.

What I am really trying to say is that I am focusing my efforts on being more active in general in this life. I want to feel better, use the muscles and abilities God has blessed me with while I am still able, and eat healthier things too.

Oh, little tip here though ... One of my newfound loves in Sam's Club. I have never bought so much produce in my life, but it is SO much cheaper and so yummy. I change up what I buy regularly too so our healthier foods are changing all the time. So, recently I bought a veggie tray there for $10 and I would pull it out at meal times. The kids, Dan and I munched on veggies so much that week and it was great because you can add a little dip if you need it too! We are munching on different veggies now, but Madelyn asked for another tray when we were at Sam's last. She especially loved it. The stuff is already cut up for you. It is so simple!

Okay, so all this to say I am loving the couch to 5k program so far. I plan to do it for 10 weeks (I am going to do week 1 again before I move on). I am hoping to lose some weight too. I've already lost 2 pounds. I am sort of doing weight watchers on my own. I have a points tracker device and a little food journal. After the 5k program I plan to go back to my fun videos (Hip Hop Abs, P90) and maybe run on the warmer days if I am still enjoying running. But, my biggest goal is to just be more active.

As with anything I need to be reminded of things like this. That is why I had to babble about this here as my own little personal reminder.

Two more things:

A friend of mine called the program 5k to couch the other day. Ha ha ha ha ha! We had a good laugh about all that could go into that program and how much we think we would prefer that one.

Also, I am afraid to watch Food Inc. I have it from the library, but am afraid it will make me not want to eat anything anymore. If it was just me, I wouldn't mind so much, but I have a family to feed as well. So, be on the lookout for the post that asks for help on how to live off of food that wasn't featured on Food Inc.?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Swiss Cheese Revelation

It occurred to me last night that I feel like swiss cheese.

Let me explain.

Life kicks your butt. In one way or another life just chips away at you. It's all part of living in a fallen world. You get sick. You get old. Loved ones die. Your children go through issues. Spouses go through stuff. It can just be hard at times.

So, last night I was lying in bed thinking about the issues our family is facing right now and I realized I felt like swiss cheese. It's like I have all these little holes from the things that are eating at me that we are dealing with.

What are those things you ask? Well, our good friends are moving away. Friends who our whole family has become friends with who are really more like family. It sucks. None of us want them to go.

My cats are in kidney failure and could have months or years ahead of them. It's hard to tell.

We may need to find a new home for our dog Daisy who is honestly the sweetest dog you would ever meet. And, she is as loyal as loyal comes. I love her so much. But, my kids have asthma (another issue eating at me with fall/winter coming) and I am thinking Daisy, more like Daisy's hair, is part of the problem. She sheds SO much. I had never had a shedding dog before. I had no idea how bad it could be.

So, facing all these issues I realize it is not just me facing them, but Madelyn too. Dan and Elijah will cope better than Madelyn or I will. I think. And knowing that your kids are going to suffer too makes it all that much worse.

Thinking on all these things made me realize that I feel like swiss cheese. A lot of holes.

But, when I look back at past trials I realize that while I emerge feeling wounded I am somehow stronger too. I haven't figured out how the stronger part works into the swiss cheese analogy yet except that maybe swiss cheese is still strong enough on the inside to be sliced like a whole cheese? hmmm. I don't know, but yeah. I am still going to stick to my swiss cheese analogy.

I think ...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Kids ...

Say the Darndest Things ...

Hayes calls Elijah "Cha-Cha" and me Dick. Aunt Dick at times even. You gotta love it right? So, there was one day when Hayes was eating a snack and I was at the table with him when he says, "Dick, Cha-Cha up?" And, I knew exactly what he was saying ... "Kate, Elijah is upstairs?"

The other day on the phone Shannon asked Hayes what Elijah's mommy's name is and he said, "Cha-Cha mom dick." That's right. I'm Dick. I love that he calls Elijah Cha-Cha.

The one day Addie told my mom that she didn't want a little brother. She wants a sister, and if she can't have a sister she wants a chihuahua. She and Molly really bonded during their time together. It was really cute. Molly is definitely my dog and she takes a bit to warm up to people, but Addie was all over her. She would carry her around, bounce her like a baby, and snuggle up with her while watching tv. I don't think Molly would admit it, but I think she really liked the attention. If I could, I would definitely loan Addie Molly for a while. They were so cute together Shannon even started to feel like she needed a chihuahua.

Hayes is a tough kid. Elijah is well ... not. So, many times Hayes was beating up on Elijah a bit. Elijah finally asked me one day why God made two year olds where they hit people.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Good Times

We have to say good-bye to Shannon and the kids on Tuesday and let me tell you I am not happy about it, not happy one bit.

I won't go into how adorable Addie and Hayes are and how I want them living right down the road from me so the cousins can play regularly and grow up together. And, I won't go into how fun it would be to have Shannon and Todd closer so we could hang out that much more. I won't. Because who needs that boo-hooing sob fest right now?

What I will mention are some of the good times and memories we've created in these past 4 weeks in no particular order ...

We RAN off the beach in Rehoboth when the wind blew in and made umbrellas, beach chairs, and sand fly toward us forcing us to run for our lives. When you hear a lifeguard yell RUN! I think you should run. It was crazy, but also funny too to think about what we must have looked like scrambling the way we did to get off the beach. Todd said we had Madelyn trained well on evacuation techniques because she kept running and didn't look back even when he stopped beside a building to get shelter from the wind. So funny.

We had a super yummy lobster dinner at the Stoney Lonin in Rehoboth. I got crab cakes, but the kids were absolutely enthralled with the full lobsters sitting on 4 different plates on our table. Elijah said, "It's neat that we can eat dead things."

Oh the funny things the kids have said over the last week are almost too many to write down. I may have to save them for another post.

Shannon actually stayed up late last night and went to a movie with me and Dan. How bummed was she when the 9:40 showing was sold out and we stayed for the 10:20 showing? Back home she and Todd are in bed by 9 usually. ha ha! We saw Inception. It was good. Then we came home and realized we were locked out, at 1:30 a.m. We are at my mom's house and I am the only one with a house key, but since Dan was here he drove and paid so I didn't bring my keys or wallet. Oopsie. After checking the doors we had to call the house and wake up my mom only to enter and have Molly (my chihuahua) start chasing Lily (my mom's cat) up the stairs where everyone is sleeping. Good times!

We have had fun get-togethers with family. We remembered Mom-mom Ruthie at her burial service then visited with family back at Aunt Elaine's. We had the birthday dinner with cousins. We saw Aunt Dorothy and Aunt Erika and her family. We spent an afternoon with Dad, Sammie, and Kent at the beach. Lunch with Aunt Ann and Uncle Bill was fun what with Uncle Bill (now Uncle Yum) spoiling the kids by giving them loads of sugar (cupcakes, ice-pops, chocolate, candies, etc.).

Our week at the beach was in a place not as nice as the place last year. It had more of a frat house feel. Yikes. I won't go into detail, but we needed to clean quite a bit. Blech. Then we just had to try to block the yuckies from our minds for the rest of the week and go with it.

I smuggled Molly to the beach with me too. She was super cute on the beach. She would try to attack the sand that got kicked up by her feet. As you can imagine, this was a vicious cycle. She also chased the foam from the waves as they rolled back to sea. She was really cute. I wish I could have taken her to the beach more.

The kids are getting braver and braver in the water. They LOVE swimming and were so brave in the ocean. Madelyn and Addie especially did great in the waves. Addie is a pro at swimming. She's a little fish. She even tried boogie boarding.

We visited with Kerry and her boys and walked in the creek after a fun day of playing in the pool and having to call road side assistance because I locked the keys in my car. Her boys think I am super cool for doing the creek thing. They even caught a crayfish. Really fun.

We saw Dottie, Jeff, Coleen, Drew, Danny, and Ethan as well. I tried to get Elijah to sing his oldies song that he learned for them and he said, "Why do I have to sing that to everyone I see?" Maybe we've overdone it? Poor kid.

Addie needs a chihuahua. That's all there is too it. Either a chihuahua or some other little animal that she can snuggle and hug. She has carried Molly more than Molly has walked I think since we've been here. So cute. Shannon was even tempted in the chihuahua department. I think a chihuahua might become game for Floyd and Fiona though. They don't tolerate small animals well, especially in their territory.

Another memory just left my brain which probably means I should stop for the night. More on this later ...

Monday, July 19, 2010


Having a loving family is so great. A few cousins, sister and I went and celebrated my cousin Cindy's birthday tonight at the Cheesecake Factory.

Man oh man is their chopped salad divine, and I don't use that term loosely. I want to go back and eat another one as soon as I am hungry again.

It occurred to me that I don't know how old Cindy is now. Does it really matter though? Seven of us got together. We chatted, laughed, ate, drank, and had a merry 'ol time.

I'd write more about what we chatted about, but frankly, I believe that was just between us girls. If you are a girl, you know how it is. Some things aren't meant for the public, only for us girls.

So, thanks Cindy for having a birthday. Thanks Becky for arranging the dinner. Thanks guy who brought me my yummy food. And, thanks food for being so yummy. Seriously. Get the Factory Chopped Salad. It will make your taste buds sing and allow a little extra room for a glass of wine and some cheesecake.


Sunday, July 18, 2010


Man, I love my iPod.

I don't know what I did without it before.

I just feel badly for my family. They have to hear me sing to it without hearing the actual music. It's like karaoke without the music.


Or, I listen to sermons and make agreement noises, or disagreement noises.

That doesn't seem as bad though. Maybe just a little curious to those who don't know what I am listening to.

I just started downloading free clips from news shows. I was so excited because I am at my mom's just waiting to leave to go to dinner and I thought now would be a good time to listen/watch some of these clips. Well, something went wrong. I must have turned it off before it fully downloaded onto my iPod. Now I am crying. Except I'm not. I only had two clips semi-downloaded so far so it was a total fail.

It's okay though because I still love my iPod.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Live on Your Toes!

This is my new life motto.

I discovered it last night.

Dan and I were chatting about the world ending soon, or not ending soon.

(Isn't that what you do on a Friday night with your husband?)

This was all on the heels of discussing the recent earthquake in MD and people thinking the world is coming to an end as a result of the earthquake and the blizzards they got this winter.

It isn't a secret that the world will end one day, at least not in my mind.

So, I simply said that we should focus on living in a way that we are not surprised when Christ returns. We should be expecting Him to the point where when He comes we are able to say, "We've been expecting you! So nice to see you!" To which I then said, "You just need to live on your toes!" Then I got excited and made that my life motto.

Don't be surprised if you hear those words come out of my mouth a time or two with a little giggle attached. Because while I believe it's true, Dan and I did have a good laugh over it. And, I was able to use it again before the night was over.

Good times with my hubster. He's the best.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Green Eyes

Elijah commented about my green eyes today. His favorite color is green. Next thing I know he says, "I am going to say a prayer about something real quick." This is what he prayed ...

"Dear Heavenly Father, Please make my eyes green. In Jesus' Name, Amen."

A few minutes later he said, "Are my eyes green now?"

Dan took this one. He explained that God is not like a genie who just grants wishes. He only gives us what He knows is best for us, just like he and I only give him what we know is best for him. For instance, we don't let him play the wii all day and night like he would if we let him because we know that's not good for him.

Elijah went on to talk about a woman in the Bible who prayed in a quiet place for a baby and God gave her one so he thought that God would give you a baby if you prayed for one.

We had the sweetest conversation with Elijah. His mind amazes me with what he asks questions about. I love it. And, I love Google. How else could I have explained to him how our eye balls work and how the sun works? Thank you Google for making me seem smart. And thank you God for giving me such a tender hearted curious little boy.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Elijah is home from school today. He is still trying to get over this cough. It seems like he will never be cough free at this point.

Anyway, Dan is sick as well and was still home sleeping when I left to take Madelyn to school so I left Elijah with Dan. On the way home I remembered a similar time when I left Elijah home with Dan. I came home and Elijah was nowhere to be seen. When I asked Dan (who had been sleeping) where he was he had no clue. I was trying not to panic and was on my way out the door trying to figure out what direction to go in first when Elijah came around the side of the house. Oh my. HUGE sigh of relief. He was looking for me and Madelyn and was walking around the house on the walkway. He was 2 1/2 at the time.

Then I remembered another time when Elijah made his way out the door. I was upstairs. Dan was in the shower and I heard Daisy barking like crazy at the front door which was unusual because she's not one to freak out like that. I kind of passed it off until I realized my son was no where to be seen!

I went to go outside and here he comes in just his swimming trunks. He said he wanted to go wave to the ice cream man. Oh my. He was 3.

So, while he is almost 5 I still had that curious feeling today on the way home wondering if he would be outside when I came home. Even though he knew I was leaving and knew his dad was in the house you just never know. If he needs or wants something he definitely prefers to ask me knowing he will most likely get it. I confess. It's true. Just like Dan letting Madelyn have ice cream pretty much whenever she wants it even if she's had it for the last 5 nights in a row and I just said I don't think she needs more that night. But, that's a blog for another time ;)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


My dear sweet tender-hearted Madelyn.

She made a birthday card for Dan (his b-day is on the 28th) and had all of her classmates sign it for him. She gave it to Dan yesterday. I thought that was so sweet.

She has been opening up to me a lot lately. When I say a lot I mean absolutely positively pouring her heart out to me about all things under the sun. I love it mostly. I only say mostly because I hate the fact that my innocent girl is discovering that the world isn't all sunshine and princesses and bunnies and puppies and kittens and happiness and whole as she has known it to be most of her life.

She's discovering and questioning and I am thrilled she is okay with doing all that with me. Life is rough and it's easier to go through it with someone whose got your back.

The other day she told me she had things she wanted to talk to me about. It turns out that PollyAnna, you know the one from the book, is an orphan. Her parents die. This got Madelyn thinking about life if I died. (Oh my goodness just tear my heart out and feed it to the dogs.)

Hear is my little girl all teary eyed with this weight on her that I had no idea about. I told her that yes it would be very sad if something happened to me, but she has a whole big family who loves her and would do their best to take care of her and that's when she lost it. Crying in my arms over the thought of her parents dying. I finally just told her that so far I am doing okay. I am healthy as far as I know and Lord-willing I will be around for a long time. I assured her that meant that she will grow up, get married, have children, and I will definitely still be trying to tell her what to do through all of it to the point I will drive her crazy. That's what moms are for right? That got her giggling.

When they say still waters run deep they aren't kidding. I have always known there was a lot going on her head. She is very thoughtful about things and internalizes a lot of things. I wondered if it wouldn't all come pouring out eventually. I have to say I really am glad they did. I feel like I know her that much better now and we have a stronger bond because of it. I praise God for this and He has helped stabilize the heart attacks that come on during some "discovery conversations" so that I am still able to speak. My little girl is growing up!

4 Year Olds

I love them! They say the funniest things ...

Ellie: "Elijah, my mom said you could spend the night at my house for, ummmmm, 29 days if you want. Do you want to???"
Elijah: "Yes! Mommy, can I spend the night at Ellie's for 29 days?"
Me: "Aw, I would really miss you."
Elijah: hmmm
Ellie: "Okay, how about 10 days? That is still a lot of days."
Elijah: "Well, I want to be with my mommy."


Elijah: I don't know how God can see everything all the time.
Ellie: He has very big eyes. And heads. And hands. And hair, but not like girl hair.
Elijah: No because he's a boy.


Elllie usually tries to tell me that he mom said she doesn't have to take a nap when anymore when she's at my house. So today I said, "Really? She didn't tell me that." To which she replied, "Oh, that's because she's not feeling well today and she couldn't call you to tell you that because she was in the living room watching tv. And that's the real truth."


I am trying to teach Elijah why lying is so wrong. He's just not getting it. In his mind it's very simple. You lie, you get out of trouble. You tell the truth, you get in trouble. So, he lies. Understanding the fact that he and Ellie are obsessed with the idea of Satan these days I played off of that by telling him that Satan is VERY happy when you lie. Well, I think it's starting to sink in. On the way home today Elijah explained to Ellie that if you lie, you make Satan very happy. If you tell the truth, you make God very happy. Poor Ellie feeling guilty already just blurts out, "I am not even lying. I really am not!!" She hadn't been saying anything at all. Poor thing. Then she says, "I LOVE Jesus and that is not a lie." Elijah's response to that, "I would never punch God." Keep in mind he is all about super heroes these days. He is always pretending to be one or another so punching is a big part of his pretend lives as super heroes. He is okay with the idea of punching Satan though.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I wish I could remember EVERYTHING this kid says. I truly never know what is going to come out of his mouth next, but here are a few ...

This past weekend we had all of Dan's siblings here and most of their family members. Elijah was so excited to see his cousins and everyone he said, "I am so lucky today! I have all my best friends here!!"

They are learning in school that Satan is bad and God is good. I am learning a lot about Satan as well as a result. Such as ...

Satan picks his nose.
Satan lives in total darkness and wants you to eat junk. God wants you to eat food.
God wants you to love heroes. Satan wants you to love villains.
Satan says "Oh my God."

I bring Ellie, Elijah's classmate, home twice a week. She has had lots of input on the subject as well. They have quite the discussions. Here are a few of Ellie's thoughts ...

Satan would shave all boys and girls heads if he could.
She also had a dream where Satan "really did" try to give her a boy's pull-up.

Elijah: "Ellie, we shouldn't love Satan."
Ellie: "But God tells us to love our enemies!"
Elijah: "Mommy, I don't want to love my enemies!!"

Elijah said "Oh my Gosh" the other day and Madelyn said, "Elijah, you shouldn't say that. It's bad." Elijah: "Why?" M: "I'm not sure. I just know it is."


We have gotten a ton of snow lately and Elijah said, "The stop sign is getting lower and lower!" Later that day he told my mom, "Everything is getting lower except the houses with the toys in them." (the sheds)


Elijah loves the ladies. We had Madelyn's friend Isabelle here the other day. The girls were talking to Dan and Elijah goes up to them and hugs them from behind saying, "I love these girls!" He did the same thing with Dreama and Kim, his cousins. He was hugging them at the same time :)


Elijah: The Hulk is the strongest super hero. Ellie: Stronger than Jesus? Elijah: hmm ... no.


Elijah prays that I will get older on my birthday. This is his prayer most nights. The other night he mentioned it twice in his prayer! Should I be worried. If you read this, please pray the opposite for me to hopefully counteract his prayers. Thank you.


Last night Elijah said to me, "I wish I had bunk beds so you could sleep on the top and I would sleep on the bottom ... Actually, I would sleep on the top, you can sleep on the bottom."


Elijah: "Mommy, if you had 100 million boys standing in front of you, would you still pick me?" Me: "Of course I would!" Elijah: "You are my best mommy"


We have a wii now and Elijah is so verbal when he plays. During the racing games his car is going all over the place, but he keeps saying, "Weee!" and "Woo Hoo!" He is such a happy kid. Of course when he's down he is very dramatic about it, but mostly he is happy. He wakes up happy while the rest of us are just trying to figure out how to function in a new day, but he keeps us laughing.


We don't have any sledding hills nearby so Dan usually ends up pulling the kids around on the sled, not very quickly I might add. It doesn't matter to Elijah though. He was yelling, "Woo hoo!" and at one point said, "This is like a video game!"