Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Playing Adam and Eve

One day at school Madelyn and her friends played Adam and Eve. Apparantly no one wanted to be Eve, but there was an "Adam", and a boy who was playing God, and Madelyn who was pretending to be none other than a ... flamingo.

Yes, she did stand on one foot to play the part, and "Adam" had to name her :o)

Monday, September 29, 2008

"Grand-dad is my friend!"

Elijah loves his Grand-dad.

He has been following him around all day today, even to the bathroom (more than once). It's true. I heard him in there chatting up a storm to Grand-dad who was just trying to "do his business." Then I got all the info about it when we got in the car soon after, but I'll spare you those details, not to mention Grand-dad's embarrassment ;o)

It's so fun to see your children delight in their grandparents. We don't see the grandparents enough but it's always so nice to have them around.

The poor grandparents though because they get so worn out by the kids. We did have a full day. We ate lunch with Madelyn at her school, to Cabela's, to Cracker Barrel, the park, then back to Madelyn's school to pick her up. I was exhausted too!

Elijah wasn't done with Grand-dad though. He wanted Grand-dad to read to him. When he did, he fell asleep. He woke up to Elijah saying, "Grand-dad it's not dark out yet! You don't sleep when it's not dark out!"

That explains Elijah waking up at the crack of dawn every day. Oy.

Grand-dad later read to Elijah before bed, or Elijah was reading to Grand-dad actually. They were going over the alphabet and words on the page when Elijah couldn't stay awake any longer. He kept falling asleep and then waking up again and picking up where he left off until he just couldn't fight it any longer. He was out. He didn't even finish his milk which rarely happens.

So, I guess what goes around comes around.

It was over all just a great day. The weather was beautiful too. We just wish Grandma could have been there with us.

Oh, did I get pictures you ask? No. Ugh! It never even occurred to me to take the camera. I hate that!

I couldn't even find an older picture of Grand-dad to post ... I'll keep looking ...

okay, as you can see above I found one. It's not the best, but I do think it captures the love ... kind of ...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Name That Baby!

Okay, so Susan, Dan's sister is prego with her first baby! I am so excited for her and her husband. Susan has wanted to be a mother since ... oh, I don't know ... birth? When she graduated from high school I asked her what she wanted to do and she said, "Be a wife and a mother." Sadly, we have yet to find that major at any university.

Needless to say Susan is thrilled. Now, the baby needs a name. That's where I come in ;o) I LOVE naming babies. I would have a whole mess of babies just to name them.

Of course I have my own ideas of names for this baby, but I thought I would ask my children as well.

Madelyn says she should name the baby Jane. Obviously, Madelyn is hoping for a girl. I do love the name Jane and would have named Madelyn that if our last name wasn't so short. Two one syllable names just doesn't work for me. Well, I mean it does because that's how my name is now, but I didn't want to go in that direction with my kids ...

Moving on. So, today I asked Elijah what he thought Aunt Susan should name her baby and he thought ... and thought ... and thought ......................... (still thinking) .......................... and finally said, "John."

"Oh. Why do you like the name John?"

"Because it's a boy!"

He then went on to pick Judy for a girl. I'm not sure what it is with the "J" names, but when Madelyn got home I asked her what she thought for a boy name. She said, "Jonah."

So, Susan, that should give you something to start with. I'll get back to you with middle names. Of course, Kate and Daniel remain a couple of my favorites, but I'm sure in "due time" (get it ;o) WE will be able to come to an agreement on a name.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Memory Deficient Husband (whom I love)

I love my husband. So Much! It's true. I think he is the absolute best husband, father, man, boyfriend in the whole wide world.

I just don't understand how he just doesn't remember things. I remember everything it seems with great detail. Although I do have to say that since I have had children I am a bit memory deficient myself at times, but enough about me. Back to Dan!

My poor mother-in-law. I get a message today from her saying, "Hi! We are about at our destination in Lancaster. We'll see you sometime on Saturday!"

She was so happy and chipper. I had to press replay to make sure I heard her correctly, and yes, I did hear her correctly. They were IN Lancaster and they will be seeing us THIS Saturday.

Hmmm ... then I remembered that Dan had a conversation with his parents a few weeks ago that I didn't really take part in at all. Usually I'll get on and chat for a few minutes (okay a lot of minutes because I know no other way) so it was unusual that I didn't talk to them. But, I thought it was good for Dan to talk and I would catch up with them later.

Well, now I realize that I should always at least try to talk for a few minutes because I may miss some important information like the fact that they are coming to stay with us and that they would probably like to be fed while they are here.

Honestly, I love my in-laws and don't care at all that they will be here in two days with no notice. I know my kids will be thrilled to see them especially. And, I am especially glad that my house is fairly clean so there will be no mad cleaning frenzy going on tomorrow.

It was fun to call my mom-in-law back and say, "So, what are you guys doin'?" in that this-is-all-news-to-me tone :D She said, "Didn't Daniel tell you?" I just laughed because after ten years of marriage he still doesn't fill me in on what he and his parents talk about without me on the phone.

It was fun, and then fun to call Dan and tell him. So, now I need to plan some meals for while they are here. Any suggestions? We've been eating a lot of bean recipes lately and I think it's time to move on from the beans.

Another word on Sarah Palin

I channeled Sarah Palin the other day when I had an extremely hectic morning and had people coming to my house at 9:30 for Bible Study.

Why is it those are always the days when you don't wake up on time? I generally try to be showered before taking Madelyn to school, especially on days when I know I need to be somewhere, but when I wake up, yes WAKE UP at 7:30, and have to still get the kids up, dressed, fed, take dogs, out, pack lunch, etc. so we can leave at 8! That just is not enough time.

So, as I am complaining in my head about all the things that threw me off that morning, of all mornings, I thought, "You know, I bet Sarah Palin has crazy mornings too and she has to then run out the door and meet with heads of state, presidential people, etc. All I need to do is make sure I am presentable to the few women coming to my house to study the Word." hmmm ... that put things into perspective. Not only that I was also thinking that the women coming over could very well be having similar types of mornings that I was having. hmmm ... more perspective.

So, what better way to end a hectic morning than fellowshiping with fellow women, all who are so great, and talking about Jesus our savior? It was good. It was all good.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Agree with Bill Clinton?


This article just made me laugh. First of all, Clinton saying "hot" in a statement referencing Sarah Palin. No real surprise there. He then corrects himself and says, "doing well."

The language he uses when he goes on to explain why people like her so much just struck me as funny ... "'all those kids'" ... "I'm glad she loves her daughter and she's not ashamed of her. Glad that girl's going around with her boyfriend.'" ... "Glad that girl's going around with her boyfriend" is just a funny thing to say.

"'I like that little Down syndrome kid'" ... It just strikes me as funny to hear a former president saying these kinds of things. Granted, these phrases are things he says he can understand people saying about Sarah Palin and her family, but it still just strikes me as funny. Maybe it's just my mood.

But, I also have to say that this is probably the first time I have ever agreed with Bill Clinton. His point is why can't dems just say, "She's great, but we disagree with her."

It's a good point Bill. Now stop being so sleezy.

Playing School

Madelyn came home from school today and was able to get Elijah to play school with her. Yes, he was wearing his Buzz Lightyear costume. She is such a little teacher anyway, but now that she is in school full day her teaching abilities have truly blossomed.

In her room she had Elijah seated at her little table that she uses as a desk, and various baby dolls seated around the room, each with construction paper and a crayon placed in front of them.

They even had snack time which included a tea party at the kitchen table.

Elijah was pretty much done playing school until Madelyn suckered him into playing it with her more in a way that only big sisters can. The conversation went something like this ...

"I don't want to play school anymore."

"Elijah, I want to play with you, but if you don't want to play school then I won't be able to. (Pause) Don't you want to play with me? (In a sweet little pathetic voice)"

"Okay Madelyn. We can play school a little more."

Oh the manipulative big sister. Reminds me of how Shannon used to somehow sucker me into getting out of my bed to go turn out her light in her room since she was in bed!???!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Madelyn Tolerates the Dogs

I recently posted about my love for animals and the happiness I have over having two dogs now.

I believe I mentioned in that post as well that my husband and daughter don't necessarily share that same joy.

Well, today I had to bathe my two dogs. That was an experience. Thankfully I can still do it outside since the weather is still warm enough.

The best part about all of that was when I finished bathing Cooper I looked over at Daisy, who had already been bathed, and saw much to my delight that she was digging in a hole and now have dirt/mud all over her legs, face, and belly. She couldn't be happier either. She was definitely on a roll.

So, I hosed her off again while Cooper ran as far away from me as his lead would let him. He apparantly isn't too fond of baths.

Well, back inside with two wet dogs is always a lovely thing, and my darling girl Madelyn comes walking through the room with her fingers plugging her nose saying, "One wet dog is bad enough, but smelling two wet dogs is gross!" Yes. That's my girl, making her father proud.

Buzz Lightyear

I was able to buy Elijah a Buzz Lightyear costume today at the Salvation Army for $4. It really is in good shape too.

He absolutely, positively LOVES the costume. He wore it all afternoon until he had to go #2 and he HAD to take it off. He kept asking to put it back on, but I told him to wait until after dinner. Then we ended up eating so late it was bed time so now he is waiting to put it back on tomorrow night.

It is so cute to see him so excited about this costume. He was playing outside in it. He was playing school with Madelyn in it. He was chillin' drinking his milk in it. There are few things Elijah gets truly truly excited about, but this is definitely one of them.

I have to say I was pretty excited today too when I spotted a cute little brown faux croc skin Nine West purse at Salvation Army that doesn't look like it was even used. It didn't have a price on it so when I went to buy the costume I asked the man how much the purse was. He came up with the price $1.99. SOLD!!! Yeehaw :o) Mama and son were both happy.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Two Dogs, Two Cats and a Dream Fulfilled (kind of)

My new dog Cooper (on the right). He's so fun. Actually, he's a bit naughty, but I love him. My friend told me I now have the Yin and Yang in dog form. Sad, but true :)

Daisy is the sweetest dog you'll ever meet. I don't think she has a mean bone in her body which makes it that much sadder that she was abused before we got her. She is still a bit fearful of men, but she is getting better and better, teeny tiny baby steps at a time. She is wonderful. The kids can jump over her on her around her and she barely blinks. I just love her.

And now I have Cooper. He really is fun and oh so cute. He is spunky, but he's laid back at the same time. Honestly, he lays around most of the day, but he is the dog that would steal the turkey from the table. I just know it. So, if you are up for an exciting Thanksgiving this year come on over!

But, I love my pups. I looked down the steps today and saw the two of them lying in the sun at the front door and it made my heart so happy. Truly it did.

I also have my 2 cats whom I've raised since 8 weeks old. They are now 11!! Hard to believe, and two dogs. I've never had two dogs before. It's hectic during walk time, but it's fun.

This is becoming less and less of a secret now so I may as well publish it for all to see. When I was little I wanted to be just like Snow White. She would walk through the forest and all the animals would run to her. The deer would walk with her, the birds would perch on her finger, and the bunnies, all the cute little bunnies would be there too. I used to imagine that when I was little (okay I was 15) and would go exploring in the woods across the street from our house. I would see the animals and wish they would just let me pet them! So many of them were just so cute!!

So, finally part of my dream is being fulfilled. Sure, I'm not in the forest singing a happy tune. I'm in my living room, or bedroom, or on the stairs, or in the bathroom (okay, that can be a bit much, but it's true). My point is I love being surrounded by my animals. This all struck me the day I was sitting at the top of our stairs with Elijah. We were talking and playing around and then I realized that I had two of my animals there with us too trying to join in on the fun. I LOVED IT! I had my boy, and my fun little critters! All that was missing was my girl and my man. Sadly, Dan and Madelyn have definitely set their limits with the animals. (Why don't they want them on their beds, their laps, in their faces?) To each their own.

Now, the point of this blog if for you to remind me of this when I complain. I am taking Daisy to get her anal glands expressed (is that the right word?) tomorrow. I may need a call in the afternoon for that reminder.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Okay, I do love politics, but I don't discuss them much. I'm the type of person that has really great arguments going around in my head, but I get too fired up over things that when I go to speak them I can't formulate the words, much less a sentence. So, it usually works best for me to direct people to where I got my info.

But today, well today is different. I just watched Matt Damon in an interview on ABC. I don't know why they were interviewing him. I'm assuming he has a movie out or something. I don't usually know what the latest movies out are. But, the clip I saw was him commenting on Sarah Palin. He's afraid of her becoming president if McCain dies. He actually said there is a 1 in 3 chance McCain won't survive his first term in office. What? I wonder where he got that info from. He also said that he does not know why being a mayor of a really small town, and gov. for less than two years qualifies her to be president. He said he just thinks it is so scary, doesn't think 8 weeks is enough time to get to know her, and he just doesn't know enough about her. Has he not heard about all that she accomplished during her terms in office? Probably not because it sounds like he is just getting his news from the MSM.

Okay, that being said, I do understand his sentiment, and I say absolutely find out about the candidates. Get to know them, what they've accomplished, are they prepared. All good questions, and the nice thing is that what people have accomplished in office is well-documented and probably you can find out a lot in just 8 weeks if you do a lot of googling. It's really amazing the info that's at our hands these days.

So, let's look at Obama for a minute (and only a minute b/c the whole Matt Damon thing gets better). Obama is running for the actual President position, not VP. Does he have more experience than Palin because if he is elected he will definitely be the president? I don't think so. As a senator you don't have executive experience. And, he's only been a senator for one term right? And, half that time has been spent campaigning. Oh, but I do know he voted for partial birth abortion about 4 times though.

Okay, but regardless who you are for, back to Matt Damon. He went on to say he needs to know if Sarah Palin actually believes that there were dinosaurs on this earth only 4,000 years ago, and if she really wanted to ban books in the library. Huh? What the #%&@ (excuse the language, yet another reason I don't often argue politics) does that have to do with her being VP? THAT is what he needs to know?? And, apparantly it is because he said he needs to know if she believes this about dinosaurs because she is going to know the nuclear codes. Wow. That's deep Matt. Thanks for bringing up dinosaurs. I am definitely going to find out what Biden and McCain believe about dinosaurs too so I can really make the right decision.

Check it out for yourself. I am not making this up. Really, I'm not. It's at the tail end of the video ...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Feeling Sad

This has been a tough week. We said good-bye to a dear sister in Christ, Lucille Valori. We had dinner with her and her husband, Pastor Valori, just weeks before she was diagnosed with one of the worst kinds of brain tumors. They ministered to us greatly that evening. Madelyn absolutely LOVED Lucille. Madelyn is my reserved child who takes a bit to open up to people, but Lucille had this quiet, gentle way about her that Madelyn was just drawn to. When we were pulling out of the driveway that evening to go home Madelyn asked if we could go back the next day. So sweet!

I told Lucille how much Madelyn enjoyed her and she said to bring her over any time to spend an afternoon with her. Lucille also offered to watch the kids for me any time because she knew what it was like to not have family around to rely on for childcare. I truly planned to do that, to allow Madelyn to spend an afternoon there, and to keep her in mind for babysitting. I also just wanted to get to know her better, only it was not to be. The Lord had other plans.

As I said, it was only weeks later that she was diagnosed, and it was only months later that the Lord called her home. I wish I could have known her better. The night we had dinner with them she asked me how I felt about being the wife of the Headmaster of a school. She shared her feelings and some experiences of being a Pastor's wife, and she was just so great about it. I loved her spirit and attitude about it all. She was so beautiful. She always looked so put together, and did not look her age, 74. I never would have guessed that was her age!

Her passing is just such a shock to us all, especially her husband. He told us he wakes up every morning just in shock. It all happened so quickly.

She is rejoicing with her Lord and Savior. Her race is finished. She is resting in the heavenlies. Praise God.

We also found out this week that Madelyn's beloved Kindergarten teacher, Laurie Suk, has stage 4 cancer. She was diagnosed with colon cancer that was removed, but it metastisized and is now in her lung. This is such devestating news. To see Laurie you would never know this. She looks great. She says she feels great so she hates the thought of more surgery or chemo. She also says she is prepared for what the Lord has for her. The problem is the rest of us are not! The King's Academy is such a family. You can't find a better group of people than the staff there. They are so loving and supportive, and when one of the TKA "family members" hurts so do the rest of us.

So, we will cover her with prayer and support her any way we can. We love you Laurie.

As in good times and bad we will rely on our Lord and Savior knowing that all things work together for His good. This is an imperfect, fallen world. We suffer, but we suffer with hope. We know that one day we will all rest in God's glory. Oh what a day that will be!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I don't like to wait ...

... (fingers tapping, fingers tapping) ... I want to meet a dog, Austin (some of you may have heard me mention his name, once or twice, or two thousand times). He is with a Rescue, living with a family. I've been in touch with the woman he's living with. I've been in touch with the woman who runs the rescue. We are at the point where we are ready to meet him and move forward, and then ... nothing. I haven't heard from anyone since Friday.

Now we did have a whole mess of a lot of rain on Saturday so at this point I am just assuming that they are all flooded out, their houses are floating, and they and the dogs are hanging on for dear life. I wish I could help them, but no one will contact me. I will take one of the dogs off of their hands (if he gets along with Daisy, loves my children, and doesn't mess in the house, eat my cats, or bark too much - simple things I look for in a dog) to lighten the load (I know, generous), but no one will contact me.

So, I wait (fingers still tapping) ... and wait (still tapping) ... and hopefully I will know something soon ...

UPDATE: I heard from the woman in charge of the Rescue today. She obviously hadn't received my other e-mail so now I should be meeting Austin on Sunday at a meet and greet they are doing for their animals up for adoption :oD

Monday, September 8, 2008

Never Too Early

Recently, I had my Bible out and Madelyn asked me what stories were in it. I told here ALL the Bible stories were in it. Then I asked her if she wanted to read one. After debating between reading about Moses or Samson she chose Samson. (She is my born student. I love it.)

So, we sat down and read the whole story of Samson. It was 3 or 4 chapters. She was soaking it in, and what a great opportunity to talk to her about God's people and the Philistines, and also about guarding her heart in regards to who she falls in love with.

The way I see it is it is never too early to start talking to your children about love, and what character traits to look for in a mate. I mean girls especially start very young with the princess stories, and fairy tales and princes, etc. They start thinking about marriage and love at a very young age. Madelyn was just soaking it all in, and it helps that I can point to Dan as a perfect example of the type of man to fall in love with.

I do the same with Elijah, only I tell him I am the only woman that he will ever need, and as long as he sticks with me we will live happily ever after. He doesn't need to bother with all those other young girls who are going to be looking to steal his heart and steal him away from me! ... (sigh) ... He just hugs me and tells me he loves me. Ah, the mind of a 3 year old boy :o)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Sweet Girl

Madelyn started First Grade today. She is becoming such a grown up little girl. I love it and hate it at the same time.

She had gotten dressed, and eaten her breakfast when she asked where Elijah was. He was in our bed. Yes, he kicked me out last night and snuggled in with Dan. He was still sleeping when Madelyn asked me this so I told her I was going to blow dry my hair and that would probably wake him up. Well, when I get done with my hair I see her in my room kneeling down next to the bed where Elijah is. She was explaining to him that she was going to be gone all day, but would be home in the afternoon. He, with his sleepy little eyes, just said okay, but I could tell she was very concerned about leaving him so she wanted to make sure he knew where she was.
After we got Elijah dressed and ready to go Madelyn got her new school shoes on. She asked me, "Do I look taller in these shoes Mommy?" Of course I said, "Yes, I think you do. The sole of the shoe is a bit higher than your other shoes." To which she replied, "I already feel like I am 6 in these shoes!"

Love that girl.

Elijah and I walked her to her class. Well, she was pretty much running to her class. When we got there her cute little deskmate, Madison, said, "Hi Madelyn! You are right over here!" Madison, obviously an extrovert, and a perfect match for my little introverted girl. I think they may become good friends :o)

Notice the pictures. Madelyn was a goof the whole time. I had to make her just stand and smile for at least one.

... one day down (almost) of first grade ...