Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Dan came home to exercise over his lunch break. Elijah makes for quite an audience.

He keeps asking him why he's exercising, why he's thirsty, and saying things like, "that's hard isn't it?"

Then he was doing jumping jacks with him.

When I workout he does the same thing with me. One day he was running circles around me while I was doing kicks and dodging my kicks. It was pretty funny.

I also have the added blessing of Daisy dog getting in my face as well. It's weird how as soon as I decide to workout Daisy dog gets all excited and in my face. She'll roll on the floor around me, tail wagging like crazy. I mean there are times I can't even do the pushups or other floor exercises because she is in my way! Dan got to witness this one day and thought it was so funny. Our timid dog gets a little crazy during exercise time.

Now Elijah is getting in Dan's way. I think he just got kicked. Dan asked if he was okay and Elijah told him to kick the other way. Too funny.

Now Elijah is telling him he just kicked the couch. You see, one of Dan's problems with exercising is he is extra extra big. So, during arm exercises he can't reach all of the way up because he hits the ceiling. The ceiling in the basement is pretty low. In the living room he's fine. So, now apparently we have the problem of his legs being too long and he is now kicking furniture.

That's the excitement around here right now. Later it gets even more exciting with a trip to the library and to Bed, Bath & Beyond to return Dan's b-day present. Be sure to stay tuned!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Low Carbs

While it felt good to give up carbs and it gave me a good jump start into exercising regularly and eating right, I have welcomed carbs back into my life.

It felt good to go a full 3 days without any carbs. I felt cleansed, energized, and by the 3rd night just downright hungry.

I never intended to go without carbs forever. I didn't really know what to expect, or how long I could go.

When your stomach is growling at 11 p.m. and carrots just don't settle the growling something's gotta give.

So, now I am just trying to limit my portions and still keep sugars, carbs, processed foods, etc. to a minimum.

Oh, and keep exercising of course.

I do know that I am an emotional eater. Someone let me borrow the book Love to Eat, Hate to Eat. I am looking forward to reading that. A friend had recommended that book a while back so I am glad to have a copy to read now.

Good times! Food. What a blessing and a curse. I am thankful though that we don't just have manna to survive on each day. I do wonder though what kind of creative recipes the Israelites were able to come up with though.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Elijah's Quotes

Today Dan was leaving for work and he is out the door, but Elijah yells, "Wait! I forgot to give you a hug!"

It's not as though Dan didn't say good-bye to Elijah. Elijah just wants that last moment together, just one more hug. So, Dan comes back in. They hug and then as Dan is walking out to the car Elijah yells, "Thank you for coming today!"

Yesterday we were going to pick up Madelyn from school and we have to drive past a couple farms, one being a dairy farm. So, it was a bit stinky yesterday.

Elijah says, "Sometimes I smell a smell so stinky it smells like old hamburger." I said, "Oh, are you smelling that now?" "No."

He is very in tune to his environment where Madelyn isn't so much, at least she doesn't verbalize it like Elijah does.

When I exercise Elijah is right there with me. His comments are pretty funny, but he can also be very encouraging. When I finish the workout he says, "Yay Mommy! You did it!" or "You won!"

One part of the workout involves kicking and the other day he was running circles around me while dodging my kicks. He was having a great time, and to be honest I think it's good for him. The more energy he burns off the better. The kid is oozing with energy.

Smellin' like the house!

Dan comes from a farming family. When the kids were sick or not spending enough time outside his grandfather would say they are starting to smell like the house.

I think that's me this week.

I will readily admit the fact that I am a homebody. I love being home. I love my house. When I am away for any extended amount of time I love my house that much more and so look forward to being home again.

This week I've just been home too much, not enough interaction with adults. I was supposed to get together with a friend on Tuesday, but my stomach was sick so there went that. She did still take Elijah though which was so sweet, but I still just stayed home.

Now I am feeling the effects. I don't want to do anything. I don't want to clean. I don't want to pay bills, make phone calls, anything. I just want to sit and read, play online, veg, you name it.

It's like the smallest task becomes a HUGE one. Not cool. I hate feeling this way, and I fight against it.

So, my plan of attack for the day is to give myself until a certain time to play around. Turn on some fun music and start the things I need to do ... vacuum, pay my tax bill, clean the kitchen, straighten rooms ... and I'll set the timer for each room so I don't get stuck doing one thing for too long.

I'll post an update on how the battle plays out ...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It Figures ...

I type a post about healthy eating and how good it feels and what happens ... just hours later I am giving in and making rice crispy treats.

The good news ... I didn't binge on them (not that I would do that - yeah right). I still exercised (and I really wanted to resume my position in my bed under the covers reading). And, so far I am sticking to my refusal to have an "all or nothing" mentality. That would normally kill me every time. If I didn't do the program exactly, I would just give up. Well, that's just ridiculous.

Let me explain. Power 90 is a 90 day program, 6 days on 1 day off. Well, I have yet to do it 6 days in a row. Although right now I am on day 4 in a row. But, I am going from no exercise to Power 90. That's a big adjustment, and I just need to do something. So, just the fact that I am getting up off my rear and moving my body is a good thing whether it is every day, every other day or every other week. It's just good to move your body.

So, that's what is going through my mind these days. I give myself these little pep talks. So, so what I had a few rice crispy treats. I didn't buy chocolate cookies and munch away on them like I daydreamed about earlier in the day. Always look on the bright side :)

Enjoying Cooking ... Me?

I have been cooking and trying new recipes a lot lately and it's been surprisingly fun. I don't normally like cooking, but Pioneer Woman has some great easy recipes that have been yummy and fun (www.the pioneerwoman.com).

I've also been cutting out carbs lately. I realized I was obsessing over food WAY more than I should be and I had the extra poundage to prove it. I really feel good now that I cut out a lot of the processed foods and carbs. It's amazing. I have never had any desire to cut carbs before, but this was almost a feeling like I had to for my health's sake. It's been an interesting convicting week concerning food.

I feel like I am living off of farm foods now which seems to me would be a lot healthier. Many veggies and meats and some fruit. Good stuff. I'm not following any specific diet plan, but I have read up on some just to get the idea behind it.

Since I cut carbs I have been exercising a lot more consistently too. I am doing Power 90 and have been consistent with it the last 3 days and haven't even felt like skipping a day. It feels good.

I will admit though that last night and this morning I wanted carbs something feirce, but I didn't give in. I just made my eggs, etc. and have been fine since. And, I know I have taco salad waiting for me for lunch. YUM! So, it's all good.

Although, like I told my friend yesterday, check in with me next week and see how I am doing.

I should say though that I don't plan on doing this forever. I just knew I needed to change my eating habits and this seemed a good way to start. Slowly I have been adjusting our diet in general so little by little I will allow myself some yummies along the way, but still keeping carbs to a minimum.

Fun Weekend

Last weekend my mom had a big Birthday. So, of course a celebration was in order.

She and Nick came up Friday. We played Scrabble. Two games. I lost both. Nick and my Mom both won one. The one Nick won wasn't even close. He used ALL of his letters for a word ... twice! Ugh.

Good times though. Dan was watching March Madness, the one time of year that he watches a ton of games so he was excused from Scrabble.

Saturday I had secretly planned for my mom's family to come and surprise her. I told Mom I was taking her out to lunch, but she didn't know there were going to be 12 of us.

Okay, surprises are stressful.

I didn't tell Madelyn because I didn't want to put her through the torture I was going through, even though I knew she would be SO excited. I didn't tell Nick because he can't keep a secret to save his life. I know this is just a saying, but it's really true with Nick.

I see my Aunt's car pull up, but I knew it would take them a few minutes to get everyone to the door. I tell Madelyn I will help her with her outfit and then she says for all to hear ...

"Is anybody else coming today?"

Ummm ...

Dan and I don't lie to each other, never have, even when it comes to surprises. Dan is far more gifted in this ability. I can't "fudge" things to save my life (I'm like Nick). We don't lie to our children either. So, here is where I confess something ...

I lied. I told Madelyn that no one else was coming and "why would you think someone else is coming?" (nervous laugh) ...

Then I pull her aside and whisper, "Yes, other people are coming, but it's a surprise and Mom-mom doesn't know."

She replies, for all to hear, and very matter of factly, "Mommy I won't tell Mom-mom!"

Quick poor cover of more nervous laughter and then my family walks in ...

I am not kidding when I say I had a stres blister on my lip from all of this secrecy. Secrets wear me out! I don't think I will try to pull anymore surprises for a long time. It was fun though.

We had a lovely lunch. Elijah was in full entertainment mode asking EVERYONE what they were having. It was very cute.

We came back for cake and ice cream and coffee ... YUM! (especially since I just gave up carbs for a bit). I won't mention that I over cooked the cake and one of the tea bags broke while brewing ... oh wait, I think I just mentioned that.

This is why I don't bake much. I will admit that I am enjoying cooking more though so I will stick with that since I HAVE to do that for my family.

All in all a good weekend. I think my mom had a Happy Birthday. Mission Accomplished, and then I crashed that night.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Snuggly Girl

The other night I was hugging Madelyn goodnight and she said, "I wish I could sleep with you every night." I laughed, and she said, "I'm not kidding."

I knew she wasn't kidding. I told her so and said, "Honey, I've known that since you were a teeny baby swaddled in my arms you didn't want to leave my side."

I have said many times that Madelyn would be thrilled to just be by our (mine or Dan's) sides continually. We were her security blankets, pacifiers, you name it. She was content with us.

I was relaying my labor story with Madelyn to Susan last night because Susan wants to have a natural birth. I did too until Madelyn decided she didn't want to come out of the womb. They had to start pitocin to get things going. Then I HAD to have an epidural. After prepping me for a c-section she finally decided to come out.

I thought, "Hmmm, it really has been since the womb that Madelyn has been this way."

I love my little snuggly girl, and I wouldn't want her any other way. I think she's the best!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Baby Heads

My pregnant friend was over the other day. She is expecting twins.

She and Elijah were having a conversation about the size of her belly so she said to him, "I don't just have one baby in there. I have 2 babies!"

"Wow!" Elijah says ... points to her (you know whats) and says, "And you have their heads in there too!"

ha ha ha ha! ... ah, I love my boy ...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happiness is ...

A cool breeze blowing through open windows. It's almost a little too cool, but a sweater will make it all okay.

Add to that studying God's Word as an incredible part of His creation blows through the room and around the chair you are sitting on. It's beyond just general happiness. I don't know what the word would be, but it does something for the soul.

Ahhh, forget that there are toys and pillows strewn about the floor. That's what playing with friends is all about when you are almost 4.

Oh, and did I mention sunshine? Again, my soul ... it feels healthy in this environment ...

Speaking of happy ...

It's his general state of being, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Roller Coaster Day

Didn't sleep well last night. Dan actually had to wake me from a bad dream. Apparently, I was whispering like the Others from Lost. ha ha ... that made me laugh, but in my dream I was yelling. It was awful. I won't bore you with the details, but it was Heroes related for anyone who watches that show. People were coming after Claire. I don't know. It was crazy.

Then Elijah woke me up around 2 because he wet the bed and needed help with that. Then again came down because he needed a drink.

Got Madelyn to school, wanted to crawl back in bed, but didn't. I ate and had coffee, and was waking up a bit. I felt good. I did my Power 90, some things around the house. Then I realized the day was disappearing rather quickly. I was making a grocery list when Dan's mom got here. She was on her way home. It was a nice little surprise and a very short visit.

Later I went to pick up Madelyn. I had food packed for a friend who is pregnant, but it turns out I missed her. She picked her daughter up early. Bummer.

Then I had to go into the school. Some days I like going in because it's fun to catch up with people. Today I didn't. I just am not feeling social today. I am enjoying just being home and feeling a bit like a hermit. But, I went in anyway because I need grocery cards that a portion of them are credited to our tuition.

Of course, on the way in I meet a mom of one of Madelyn's friends. First impressions. Ugh. Of course, I have flip flops on (in March) with my comfy pants that were only worn in public because I put my long sweater on. Yeah, not so cute. Oh, and no makeup. Ugh. Meanwhile, she's working mom so she is dressed nicely, makeup, and is skinny as a twig, and she's had twins. Ugh again.

We go in ... Elijah is nutso. For those of you who know him, you may remember how he likes to just run into things and fall over for no apparent reason. Well, he goes barreling towards the 2nd grade classroom door! These doors are like one big window with glass panes so the teacher could see him. Thankfully, he stopped right before he reached the door. I get Madelyn. She and Elijah go tearing down the hall together (no running in the halls right?)

I finally catch up to them when Elijah slams Dan's office door shut. These doors are so heavy. They are the solid wood doors with a big window in the top. It echoes. I am telling Elijah to not do what he is doing so he's looking back at me while he is walking and tumbles down the stairs, hits his head, and does a weird twist/flip. Oh my.

Now he is screaming. I still haven't gotten my grocery cards because Carol was busy when I first went in. Now I have a bunch of ladies peering over the stairs asking if he's okay, do we need ice, etc. Meanwhile, I am so frustrated with him for all of his running and disobedience. I probably seemed kind of harsh, but ugh!!!

Finally, I make it outside where Madelyn is playing with her friends and she tells me she doesn't want to go home. I just grab her back pack and walk to the car. Of course she comes soon after and gets in the car. She doesn't understand why I just want to go home (and crawl under the covers and pretend I am alone ... just kidding ... no I'm not).

We get home and I am trying to explain to Elijah why I was not happy with him and how he needs to obey and pay attention to what he is doing. All the while he is walking backwards away from me and trips over his toy truck on the floor! Another explanation and then he is sent to his room to play. He is not happy about this and when I find him he is in his bed crying. So pathetic. I knew he was tired because I had to wake him up at 8 so we could take Madelyn to school.

I laid down with him. We snuggled and chatted and then we both fell asleep. Madelyn did her homework, such a good girl. And, Elijah is still sleeping, not good. He's going to be awake for a while tonight.

Oh, and did I mention Elijah started coughing again?

So, for a day that had such potential it turned out to be an overall blah day. Here's to tomorrow being better.

And, if you made it this far into the post, you win an award. It's an invisible heart shaped thank you award. You will get it in the mail soon.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Christmas 2008

Remember I lost my camera and then found it about a month ago? Well, I finally uploaded the pictures and videos which were mostly from Christmas.

This video is dedicated to Aunt Susan and Uncle Josh since they are the ones who gave Elijah this costume ...

Friday, March 13, 2009

I Knew It!

Okay, maybe not, but I did talk to God about it.

Dan mentioned recently that if there is something that you need or want then you should talk to God about finding it for free somewhere instead of wracking up a bunch of debt, etc. Dan is going to a financial seminar thing that a guy he knows is doing and this is what the guy said one night.

So, when I knew I needed a new dresser I talked to God about this. I knew we wouldn't ever go to a furniture store to buy a bedroom suit, but even a few hundred dollars for furniture right now is a stretch. I knew I would be able to find a bargain I would just have to wait for it.

Well, it's here. We are getting one for free. We go look at it tonight. It belongs to Dan's grandparents. His mom is in town now cleaning out their house and she asked if there was anything we needed. I asked here what there was and she started listing things off, and mentioned the bedroom suit.

Um, hello!

She did make a point to say it is 35 years old because they bought it after they got married. But, it's in great condition. It's real wood, etc. I told her I wasn't picky. I just wanted something that was real wood, still in nice condition, and for a good price. Um, free is a good price.

We go look at it tonight and then we will just need to find a truck to get it all here. Yay! I actually love the fact that it is so old and belonged to his grandparents. They are wonderful godly people. His grandfather is in glory now and Elva his grandmother is in a nursing home now. So sad.

Alton and Elva. Lois' mom died when she was 46. Lois was only 19. Her mom had been sick with kidney issues and she told Alton that if he were to get married again he should marry Elva. Elva was 50 when she married Alton, her first marriage. I still stand by my statement that they are the cutest old couple I have ever known. They were so happy together and just did everything together. The biggest thing though is that they would pray for everyone in the family every day. They alternated days for her family and Alton's family. I know that I have experienced the effect of those prayers, even when Dan and I were first dating. I have always been so thankful for those prayers. Wonderful wonderful people those two. Alton was talking to the hospice nurses about the Lord up to the very end. They just love the Lord so much.

Such a legacy.


Happiness feature time:

Free stuff :)
Productive days
Good dogs
Drawers full of clean laundry

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So, this is what I dream the other night ...

The mother of a guy Dan and I barely knew in college was winning an award for most creative piece of architecture. The piece? An underwater McDonalds ... in a mall.

That's right. You would walk by the water and only see the roof of the McD's sticking out. You had to go to the lower level to get into it. Pretty clever huh? (Don't steal my dreamy idea!)

Yeah, but it was all in my dream. I am friends with the guy on FB and I guess from seeing his status update I ended up dreaming about all of this.

After the awards ceremony we went out to eat with him at Bucca de Bepo and never got waited on. It was very frustrating and we eventually left. We complained and everything. Argh.

Of course, the logical question that Dan asked when I told him my dream was "Why didn't we just eat at the McDonalds?" That's a very good question. I only have so much control in my dreams though. What's a girl to do?

Oy. My dreams only went from there.

I was going to spare you the details of the dream I had after that, but decided against that because I thought (in my dream) that I was funny in my dream.

I was on an investigative reporting team that was going to check out what was supposed to be a filthy house. Well, besides some dog doo in the yard it really wasn't that bad.

We go in and there were just a bunch of guys sleeping in there. The place was huge and there was a guy sleeping on the sofa and other random places in the house. It seemed like a drug house (which it was), but it wasn't full of filth like I expected. The carpet felt icky. How do I know? Oh, I was just wearing socks ... again, I only have so much control in my dreams.

It turned out I knew the guy sleeping on the couch. He woke up. We said our hellos and then he asked what was going on. I said we were there to check out the house because it was thought to be filthy ... and here comes my funny line ... ready? ... I told him if he wanted more details he would "have to watch Dateline on Friday to find out the rest" ... ha! I thought I was so clever.

Sometimes my dreams drive me crazy, but other times they provide some good amusement for myself. I'm kind of glad I dream.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happiness and Lent

I have to admit that the things I gave up for Lent really make me happy ... chocolate candy, pastries, and donuts.

Now, I know they are not good for you. That alone is a good reason to give these things up. I have also been trying to exercise lately, and I emphasize "trying." I gave them up because people kept talking about Lent. I think it's good to fast or give something up for the Lord at times so I jumped on board.

I don't know the meaning of Lent. I don't know why it's called Lent. I need to google it and get some info on it, but I just look at it as a form of fasting.

But, boy oh boy do I miss those things.

The donuts is probably the hardest because well, I love them. YUM! There were some at church this morning, along with pastries, but I resisted. It felt good. I felt strong.

But, these days, when the female hormones have me all out of whack I want me some comfort food. It's terrible. I'm sleepy, unmotivated, and just feel hungry constantly.

The thing is I honestly think I can go without donuts and pastries for a while. They really are an indulgence. Chocolate is a whole other story. Thankfully, I only gave up chocolate candies, namely because the hershey's chocolate that is on major clearance from V-day. Therefore, I can still have chocolate cookies. Hence the reason Madelyn no longer has lunch snacks.


Well, here's to comfort food and keepin' on keepin' on ... I hate these days of the month (sorry to any man reading this blog - namely Dan ;) ...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Happiness Feature

In college I had a book that a woman wrote that just listed all the things that made her happy. I forget how many there were all together. I have since gotten rid of the book, but I think it was 1001 things. She just started writing things down that made her happy and eventually wrote a book that sold at least one copy. Mine!

I like being happy, as I think most people do. And, I think it's important to be reminded of things that make us happy. There are so many factors in this fallen world that can bring us down so let's take time and focus on happy things.

Hence, the happiness feature on my blog, and I would love for whoever reads this to add what makes them happy whenever they want to post something that makes them happy.

Today these are the things that make me happy ...

Getting checks in the mail.
The first signs of Spring (my daffodils are growing :)
Snuggling with my boy who seems to be getting bigger by the minute.
Accomplishing a major grocery trip and knowing I have food in the house to last a while.
Hearing my children happily playing together.

Ah, happiness ...


I am so sleepy today. I think something is wrong with my eye. It was really bothering me last night like there was something in it and this morning it was crusty. Lovely huh?

I took Madelyn to school, got the car washed, and then went grocery shopping, and when I got home I still just felt so so sleepy. I was going to make coffee, but instead laid down while Elijah watched tv.

Okay, meanwhile, Elijah cannot leave me alone if I am in the room with him. I laid down on the couch in the basement while he was watching pbskids. Well, he was so happy to have me there that he is sitting on me, laying on me, hugging me, scrunching up next to me. It is very sweet, and would be much sweeter if he could just settle in and stop moving, but he can't. He moves constantly in one way or another.

I was able to get some rest though, surprisingly. I still feel like I could just crawl in bed and stay there all day. My eye still feels weird, but it doesn't look bad. It just feels like there is something going on. I just don't know what.


I cut a lady off today (kind of) and ugh, it turns out she was going the same place I was. Ugh! It's a little grocery outlet so it's small and I she pulled in right behind me so she knew who I was and there was no way around not seeing her. I honestly wanted to hide. Instead I swallowed my pride and when I saw her in the store I apologized. She was kind of taken aback, but I told her I thought there were two lanes, etc. She said she thought the same thing and just let me go. She was very sweet about it, but I still wanted to crawl under somewhere and hide. It all was so silly, and I still am surprised at how worked up I got over it, but it's not often that I am in such an awkward position. I'm just glad it's over. So silly.


I am going to make french onion soup again this weekend. It is so yummy! I made it and ate it for the first time a few weeks ago. What is it about that soup? I mean we had leftovers and by the time we were done eating them I was a little grossed out by the fact I was eating a mouthful of onions, but now here I am REALLY wanting it again. YUM!


My high school principal just died from pancreatic cancer that ended up spreading to his lungs. My dad just had surgery to remove a growth in his pancreas before it became cancerous. That is HUGE! Usually you don't know anything is wrong until it's too late. My step-mother said they feel as though they have been given a gift, and I do believe they have. I am very sad for Dr. Thompson's family. He was only 60.


I've mentioned before that Daisy hides treats and things. Well, now I keep finding little piles of food in random places. The cats have started munching on her food so I wonder if she is trying to keep it from them. It's a little weird though to go in your bedroom and find a pile of dog food next to your bed.

I do love that dog though. She is the sweetest of all dogs. Have I mentioned my love for her before? I can't wait until the weather is warm so we can go on long walks, etc. again.


Our car that Dan wrecked is in the shop to be fixed. We haven't heard the extent of the damage. It's a 1997 Honda Accord. We just had the transmission replaced a couple years ago because we know Hondas can go forever if taken care of so that was our plan. Dan only drives it to work and occasionally we take it other places. It's a good car, but we are thinking it's not worth much so we are wondering if the insurance company is going to be willing to pay to have it fixed. We'll see.

Just in case, I have been looking into other vehicles ... I hate the thought of a car payment because right now we don't have one, but I do love the idea of having a car that we can seat friends and family when they come to visit. I saw one at CarSense that is reasonable and nice ... just in case. It's a sporty looking minivan type car that has the tiny 3rd row seat that you can flip up if needed. And, if you don't need it you have a lot of room for stuff in the back.

I honestly hate paying for cars though so I really am not thinking about it too much.


This is a lot of rambling, but I am putting off cleaning up the kitchen. If I would just do it, I wouldn't have to worry about anything else until dinner time. I just saw Kim's status on FB saying her house is clean and she can just relax. I thought I could feel the same way if I would just get my kitchen together, but I haven't done it yet. I just feel funky today. I will do it soon though. I try to have things in order for when Dan gets home.

Okay, enough rambling today ...


So, on my quest for a new inexpensive bedroom set, I actually found one. The problem ... I didn't move quickly enough. I found it on Craigslist for $150!! It was real wood and in great condition too! By the time I inquired they had already sold it though. I am happy for them that they sold it, but I did cry myself to sleep.

Okay, that was a lie. The truth is I wasn't sure about it, but it was a great deal. And, I always feel in situations like this that it just wasn't meant to be.

So, the quest continues ...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Need Spring

I know everyone says they can't wait for Spring, but I NEED Spring.

When I start to have fantasies about running off to a warmer climate or another country even, I know that something (like the coming of Spring) needs to happen soon. I need the warm weather to take away these icky germs that are plaguing us and our friends. This winter has been TERRIBLE in that way.

It's sad too because generally the winters have been kinder to us. My kids used to always get sick all the time, but we've learned to manage their symptoms to where they don't get too bad. Well, so much for that this winter. It's been nuts!

If I was the only one going through this, I would really worry that it was something about my house, or our environment, but SO MANY of our friends and Madelyn's classmates have been going through the same thing.

So, Spring, if you can hear me, get your toosh over here right now and clear away these germs! I promise I won't complain if you bring a lot of rain with you. Just please, please come and blow away all the germs.

Thank you in advance.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blue Pants

Yesterday we had snow so I picked out a pair of athletic pants for Elijah to wear. They were perfect for the day because they are water proof and lined so he will be dry and warm when we ventured out for his ENT appt.

I told him to put them on and what happened next I have no idea. This is usually the case with our boy. We tell him to do something and it really goes in one ear and out the other.

I hear him and Madelyn playing upstairs. When they come down he has no pants on. He doesn't know where they are either. So, I send him on a mission to find his blue pants.

Next time I see him he has blue pants on, but they are sweat pants that are too small for him so I send him off again to find the blue pants with the stripe.

Next time I see him he has a pair of blue khakis on. You've gotta give him credit for finding blue pants.

Finally I go to find the pants I had given him and there they are on the floor in Madelyn's room with the shirt I had given him to wear too.

The other day when I sent him to his room to find pants to wear he came back with a sweatshirt. He was so proud. I congratulated him on finding the sweatshirt, but he agreed that he needed something to cover his legs if we were to go outside.

I'm just glad he can now get underwear on with no assistance :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

What a Day

We got a snow storm. 2 Hour delay - Yay!

Got a phone call. Dan. School is closed. Yay!

Made a phone call. Dan. Too much snow. Need a schauffer to the ENT for E. He's leaving at 10. Yay!

Got a phone call. Number? I don't know. Ignore.

Got another phone call. Same number. Answer. Dan. Accident. Boo, but he's okay. Yay!

Made a phone call. Changed ENT appt.

Waited for Dan. Waited some more. Finally home. Yay!

And, I see for myself he's okay. Yay!

Take Elijah to ENT appt. Roads are pretty clear. Could have driven myself. Poor Dan.

Elijah definitely has issues, but what? A month on antibiotic, Zantac, and ear drops as needed. Boo. Then hopefully we will know. Poor little guy.

Car needs some work. Boo.

$500 deductible. Yay!

But, on a 1997 Honda. Boo.

But, it has a fairly new transmission. Yay!

Oy. What a day.

UPDATE: In case anyone is worried that this might be an attempt at writing poetry, fear not. It was a simpler way of getting the info down and not rambling through all the details. That doesn't mean from time to time I won't try to rhyme ... hee hee hee.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Some Tidbits

Mucinex works. That is when you are able to get it in your system. This is not an easy task with Elijah. Have you seen the commercials for cough meds where the boy runs and hides under the bed. That is Elijah. Today I bribed him with swedish fish and it still took me tracking him down, holding his one arm so he couldn't walk away and teeny bit by teeny bit getting it in his system. If I don't do it teeny bit at a time, he throws up, just like he did yesterday. But, today his cough is so much more productive rather than just a junky cough that doesn't go anywhere.

Speaking of swedish fish, I have no self-control when it comes to sweets. I gave up chocolate, donuts, and danishes (specifically Entemann's cheese danish) for lent so it seems I've turned to swedish fish. Ugh. I just can't bring anything of that nature into the house or it calls to me until it's gone. This is why I don't bake often. Well, that and the fact that I don't really enjoy baking.

I need a haircut. I'm getting one on Saturday. Can't wait. I may color my hair again afterwards, but we'll see. A cut just might be all I need.

Can you freeze cheese? I bought some terribly expensive cheese recently, used it for a recipe that was de-lish, and now I don't want it to go to waste. I've been using it as much as I can, but it's a gourmet kind of cheese and there is only so much you can use at a time. Meanwhile, we are still in love with romano cheese. If you haven't substituted that for yucky parmesan in the plastic container, do so as soon as possible. You won't regret it. Although, Madelyn does still love the powdery parmesan. I just never have.

It is beautiful out today, yet we are supposed to get a bunch of snow tonight and tomorrow. Crazy.

I love Power90 and am so glad my sister made me get it. Although, I did skip yesterday. Oopsie. It was an unusual day though with having to take Elijah to the doc and then me taking a 3 hour nap (that NEVER happens) that started at 2:30. I plan to do it today though.

I think that's it as far as tidbits go. I love my family. Now, time to get the laundry going.

The Time Has Come

I need a new dresser.

There is just no way around it now.

It's gotten to the point that one drawer is unusable. Another stays partly open at all times and since that one is open it's hard to get the one under it to close.

I always have to have some clothes on top of my dresser now because they just don't all fit in the drawers that are working. That's quite annoying, not to mention my wardrobe is not large at all these days.

Ideally I would like to just replace the whole set. I don't know that I could sleep in a room that doesn't match. I have issues in that way. I like things to be coordinated, matching, facing the right direction, etc. I would think most people are this way. Am I right?

So, my plan is to get rid of my dresser at our Spring cleanup day where the city comes and takes away whatever junk you set outside your house. Then maybe I can talk Dan into giving me some of his drawers and putting more of his clothes in the closet where he basically owns the whole closet anyway. I was not kidding when I said my wardrobe is VERY limited.

All this to say, if anyone knows of places to get inexpensive furniture, or knows anyone getting rid of decent bedroom furniture, let me know. I am not one to turn away hand me downs, or yard sale finds.

I do enjoy the hunt of finding great bargains when we need something. I can't tell you how long I would browse housewares sections at stores when I knew we would be needing new dishes. So, how thrilled was I when I found our lovely green dishes, a set of 8 that came with matching mugs, bowls, small plates, silverware, glasses, and big plates for a grand total of $38 dollars!! Woo Hoo!!! I thought I might find out they were plastic, but they aren't. They are a rounded square plate too and they are solid. The silverware was a nice compliment to the ones we already had because we were starting to run out of silverware when we had guests come over. I love me a bargain, and I love my green plates.

It doesn't take much to make me happy. So, it may take a year, but I am bound and determined to find a good deal on a dresser set. Wish me luck!