Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Dog

Daisy. I love her. We've only had her for a month now, but I just love her. She is a mutt with a golden retriever look and she is 3 years old. She has come at a perfect time.

Things have been a bit tough here at the Tubbs household lately and Daisy has been a nice distraction. She has to be walked so it forces me to go outside and enjoy some fresh air every day, even if it is cold or rainy. She has not disrupted our household. She just joined right in and is part of the family like she's been here forever.

She is a timid dog, afraid of men, most likely because of abuse, but she loves me and the kids. The kids can run and jump and scream and Daisy doesn't even blink. She is my shadow though. She follows me everywhere and just wants to be loved and snuggle. She has barked once since she's been here, and growled once when a man walked by our house. She is so quiet and sweet. Then she perks right up when you take her for a walk. It is like she is a free bird marching her way around the neighborhood like she owns the place. It is fun to see more and more of her personality the longer she is with us.

I am so grateful for her. It's amazing how therapeutic a dog's reception can be. When I get home with the kids she is so excited and runs and jumps and does her little doggy dance. It is so fun. We spend the first five minutes home just fussing over her and laughing at her antics. She is a Godsend. I know that sounds extreme, but I truly believe she was provided by God to help me through this most difficult time in our lives. I am grateful.


I literally submitted this post, took Daisy out, and she barked like crazy at the neighbor's dog. I have never heard her bark so much. And, she has seen that dog before. Usually she will just make a little wimper sound at other dogs, but today she was full-forced barking. That's big news for us. And, I can tell you, at this point in our lives if our "big news" is just a few barks from our dog, it's a good day here.

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