Monday, December 14, 2009

Hello Blog ...

It's been a while. So sad that I never post on here anymore. The days just slip past and all these funny, cute, amazing, brilliant, poetic, majestic, marvelous, intelligent ... (should I go on?) things that my children say don't get posted here.


I'll tell you why. I am a P. A Perceiver. Ever do the MeyersBriggs Personality Test? I completely fit the P profile. I am a little bit of a J, but mostly a P. I get bored easily. Start projects that never get finished, etc. Hence, the state of my blog.

But, while I am here I'll update a few things ...

Right now my girl is suffering from asthma. She hacks and hacks and hacks and hacks ......... Every time she goes through an attack like this I come so close to having one foot in the asylum. I do believe I may live there one day. But, that's another story. It's just not easy lying in bed in the middle of the night listening to your child hack in her sleep ALL NIGHT LONG.

She is getting better though. Praise God.

My boy is suffering from sinus congestion (as usual). He is supposed to get his adenoids out on Friday. Friday. So, why couldn't he stay healthy through Friday? Argh. So, one last round of antibiotics before the big day. Boo. I don't like the fact he has to have surgery, but the fact he has been on an antibiotic 9 times this year is no good either. The poor boy. I don't even think he realizes how miserable he feels half the time since he's always congested.

Both kids are loving school (when they can get there). They just had their Christmas concert. Elijah sang his little heart out with a few yawns here and there. I love 4 year olds.

CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!! EEEEEK!! I am so excited. I can't wait to give the kids their toys, etc. I love the whole thing. I am doing my best to not buy them anything else, knowing they will get things from others as well. This is why it's best if I don't get my shopping done early.

Oh, remember how I said I wanted to write about our experience with Dan and what he went through with his health? I changed my mind. I may write about things here and there I just don't want to revisit those places just yet. Things are too nice right now. Although I will say this ...

There are days when I will just be driving down the road and enjoy the peacefulness of our lives right now. Sure we still have issues, but it's not constant. We are not running to appointments constantly, or making emergency trips to appointments on a regular basis, stressing about what will happen next, will the meds work this time, are we doing the right thing? All that is gone right now, and boy do we know it and appreciate that fact.

So, I catch myself thanking God on a regular basis for the simplicity of our lives right now, and I don't think I would do that so much had we not gone through what we went through. Whew! It was a long road, and you do emerge from it feeling somewhat wounded. But, if the woundedness draws me closer to my Savior then so be it. Closer to Him is where I long to be.

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