Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Children do such weird things don't they?

I do King's Club at TKA on Monday afternoons. It's basically their after school program. It's an hour and the kids are mostly staff kids. It's nice because it allows the teachers to have some time to wrap things up for the day, or on Mondays have a meeting.

Anyway, yesterday one of the girls was pulling around her younger brother by his ankles. He was lying on his back on the floor holding onto the waist of his pants while she drug him around. He didn't seem to mind at all. Then I look over and see a friend holding the back door open while the girl begins to drag her brother outside! I yelled to them to stop and they all just happily ran off to do something else.

So crazy.

Elijah and I were in Target the other day. He was hanging out in the cart while I, uh, shopped. There. I said it. I have shopped at Target a lot lately. Believe it or not I do go on long breaks from Target every now and then, but man, that place is fun.

Anyway, Elijah is in the cart and he says, "I am thinking about stealing so much I think I actually am going to steal something!" WHAT?! Um, no I don't think so!! What in the world? A lady was within ear shot as well. Thankfully, she just smiled.

But, he says this on the heels of this whole long "what if" scenario about me leaving him sitting in the cart and then leaving the store and never coming back for him and somebody would end up taking him!! After assuring him that I would NEVER do that, I finally told him to talk about something else.



Kristine said...

I love Target too :)

kate said...

Hi Kristine! A fellow Target fan. I knew I liked you ;)