Wednesday, October 13, 2010

starting over

isn't it great how God designed life by allowing us to start out fresh each day? i am looking forward to starting over tomorrow. it's just been one of those days, not my favorite kind.

i mentioned to dan tonight how glad i am that days only have 24 hours in them and not 72. can you imagine? "ugh. this day is never going to end! there are still 56 hours to get through!" yeah. God knew what he was doing and i thank him for that.

it's not as though anything particularly bad happened today. it's just that nothing really went how i thought it would and i kept getting thrown off.

i thought i would get up at a decent time. didn't happen. not a good start.

i thought i would run this morning. didn't happen.

i thought i would get my office cleaned up after much neglect. didn't happen.

i thought it would be good to get elijah some time at the park with neighbors. it wasn't.

i thought i had nothing going on after picking up madelyn from school. i was wrong.

i thought i would run tonight since i didn't run earlier. didn't happen.

on the plus side, the weather was beautiful today. i got my living room and bedroom vacuumed even though i didn't get my office cleaned up. so, it's not a total waste of a day. it just didn't go how i planned.

so, i am looking forward to starting out fresh tomorrow with God's mercies anew. what a blessing.

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