Thursday, June 21, 2012


Elijah had a birthday back in April, the 29th to be exact.  This is how on the ball I am.  It's June 20th and I am finally blogging about it.

We had a birthday party for him because that is ALL that poor boy has wanted since I can remember.  He was so so happy.

We did a Mario Bros. theme and invited the boys from his class.  The best part is they had to wear fake mustaches in order to play any games, you know so they looked like Mario and Luigi.

We did a coin hunt and had a pinata.  They were so cute in their mustaches!

The best part is when they sang Happy Birthday to Elijah they called him Mario.  He loved it. 

The party ended with a massive wrestling match with Dan at the center.  Thank goodness too.  Nine 7 year old boys is insanity.  Trust me.  As much as you want them to stop trying to wrestle each other you quickly learn it is a losing battle.  Dads then become handy in these situations. 

It was a two hour party that seemed like ten hours, but my boy was happy and that made it all worth it.

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