Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Recently ...

We went to Knoebels.  Good times.  We met Kate, Ean, and the boys there.  It went perfectly because Peyton and Elijah like the same kind of rides and Madelyn and Bodie are buddies so they partnered up nicely while riding.  Then after lunch/snack Madelyn found her TKA friends and hung out with them. 

I was so proud of my girl.  She went on some big rides that she had never ridden before.  I was kind of sad to miss it, but I also knew she might not have gone on those rides with me there.  Her friends offered some positive peer pressure.  She had a blast.

I went on the haunted house ride with Kate since she said that last year was the first year she ever rode it and opened her eyes during the ride.  I understand why now.  It is sooooo pitch black on that ride until things light up or jump out at you or touch you!!  Yes, things TOUCH you.  EEK!!  Kate was laughing her head off at me the whole time which made me laugh too when I wasn't freaking out.  It was funny.

Saturday we went to celebrate Jess and Jon's twins turning 3, the little cutie pies.  We were at Jess' parents' house so we stayed, cooked out, and the kids swam in the pool.  We met some of their other friends too which was nice, although generally I am against our friends making other friends besides us.  Just kidding.  (not really)

Jess' brother and sister-in-law just got a bull mastiff puppy and they brought it that day.  Oh my.  You know how some people are with babies?  That's how I am with puppies.  I kept having to hold him and snuggle him.  He loved it.  He was so scrumptious and snuggly and soft and sleepy.  He was only 8 weeks old and already weighs more than my chihuahua.  There will be many puppies like that in my house in heaven.  I just know it.

This was all before Father's Day.  Welcome to my non-chronological blog.

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