Sunday, June 29, 2008

Potty Training My Boy

Elijah is in the midst of potty training. It's been interesting and very random. He has gone on the potty quite a few times, but now will go up to the potty even after he has gone in his diaper. He takes his diaper off and then sits on the potty so the toilet seat ends up smeared with stuff from his diaper. He's really making an effort though so for that I give him props.

Madelyn came running to me the other day to tell me Elijah was sitting on the potty. She and I then ran upstairs. She said, "I came out and he was sitting on the potty. He didn't even tell me!" That's when I love having a "second mom" around :)

And, Madelyn gets so excited for Elijah too. She congratulates him and hugs him after he goes on the potty. It's so sweet! Then she gets jelly beans too. Although I think she enjoys the candy more than he does. He is hoping for more computer time with every time he goes potty. That's his favorite reward :)

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