Sunday, June 22, 2008


I don't understand them. Raising my son so far has been so different from raising my daughter. She is so rules oriented, he ... not so much. I could tell Madelyn why she shouldn't do something and she would know what I was saying and not do it. Elijah hears it, says he understands, but when I ask if he will do it again he says a resounding "yes" as if I've said nothing at all ... (sigh). So, I need to work on how I communicate with him. Okay.

But, please tell me why he thinks it's okay to run around with a bucket on his head! He can't see. It practically covers the top half of his body, yet he runs across the yard. He also sees no problem eating sand. He crunches away on it from time to time and tells me, "Mommy! I ate sand." The other day he comes in the house and says, "Mommy, I ate ants!" After confirming whether or not I heard him right, asking his father (who was outside with him) why he was able to eat ants I wanted to know more so I asked if they squirmed in his mouth. He said, "Yes." When asked what they tasted like he said, "Food!" I then told him he should not eat anything unless it is set before him in a bowl or on a plate and he is told to eat it.

I just don't understand boys. I love them, but don't understand them.

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Stange Family said...

ah, yes, boys. We have 2. They are 6 and 4 now. They still confound my understanding and challenge my ability to parent. Two bits of advice: read Bringing Up Boys by Dobson and defer to the "guy wisdom" of your husband frequently. I often ask my husband, "Is this normal?" and "How do I handle this?"