Sunday, May 24, 2009


So, Elijah pulled ligaments in his shoulder. We made a water slide in our back yard and he fell off the ladder climbing up to the slide. I think his shoulder hit the base of the slide and that's how he hurt it as badly as he ddid. We spent Friday night at the ER, 5 hours total. Good times. Actually, the kids were super cute sitting next to each other on the bed watching Scooby Doo on the DVD player. Thankfully this wasn't a rush out the door to the ER kind of thing so I was able to go prepared for the long haul.

Well, after we settled into the waiting room at the ER I said to Elijah, "I'm so sorry Elijah. I didn't realize you hurt your arm so badly. I thought you were just being a crab apple." He said, "No. I was a sad apple."

He didn't really complain about his arm after he hurt it. He cried like normal when he falls, and it was dinner time so I thought he was just tired and hungry. It wasn't until he was going to bed that I realized it was really hurt. He complained about it after climbing into his bed. He was crying because he put pressure on it and it hurt. Poor thing.


He has also been telling me that he doesn't want to grow up lately. He wants to stay little so I can hold him forever.

This morning he told me that growing up was not "working out for him." But, after talking about it for a bit he said, "If I grow up and my legs get long I can reach the pedals and drive a car right?" He was better after that realization.


He has been super polite lately. He and Madelyn will be playing and he'll say, "Will you excuse me for a minute please Madelyn?" He needs a bathroom break. It's so sweet when I hear him say it!

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