Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our Weekend Getaway (Summed Up)

Fabulous. No kids. Cute little house. Perfect. Fog. Cool. Movies (@ 4 p.m.!! and on - who does that?). Good wine. Yummy coffee (made by hubby). No cooking. Yummy food (whenever we felt like eating, not based on bedtime schedule). Time to have conversation, giggle, laugh heartily. Driving around like teenagers. Walking. People watching. Staying up late and sleeping in. Flirting. Doing nothing. Ahhhh ... life with no schedule. It was wonderful.

Back to reality now.

I realized this weekend that I am good for about 24 hours and then I am ready to hug my kids again. I loved being away, but I know they would have had fun too so I can't wait to go back to the beach with them. Hopefully the weather will be nice when we go back though so we can do more outside. The kids would have gone nuts this weekend if they were with us because we couldn't really play on the beach and only minimally in the yard.

This was so crazy. We were dripping with water after being on the beach due to the thick fog. I have never been in a fog like that before where you are literally wet after being in it. It was crazy.

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