Friday, May 15, 2009

Things I want to Remember

Yesterday was cloudy, 61 degrees, and rainy. When Madelyn got home from school and the kids were playing outside Elijah insisted he needed his jacket and gloves. He was thrilled too when he found his winter hat. He put it all on and then ran outside in his barefeet.

The best part was when he brought all his clothes to me to help him put it on and then said, "Oh, will you excuse me for a minute please?" He ran back to the office and got his milk. He came back and said, "I just needed to get my milk." It was polite and grown up sounding. There is hope for my boy yet.


Madelyn is so tender-hearted, always has been. Elijah has been sick this week (as has Madelyn), but as Madelyn was getting better Elijah was getting worse. She has been feeling his head, stroking his hair, trying to tell me what she thinks he needs, asking if she can take his temperature. She will be a good mommy one day. I could just hug her all day long.


We are going away this weekend to the beach. My mom will be here with the kids. I know that they will be in good hands, but it's always a bit hard to leave my kids behind. I actually was planning on taking them with us, but Dan thought it would be a good anniversary getaway for us. I agree, but it is still hard to leave them. So, this morning the kids and I were hugging and taking turns with knock knock jokes. Mine always ended up being something about hugging the kids. Madelyn said she was going to hug me forever and ever. I always tell her when I hug her that I could just stay like that forever. She giggles and tells me all the things she needs to do that she can't quite do with her mother attached to her. Then I remembered I had to get her to school! Oops.

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