Tuesday, March 2, 2010

4 Year Olds

I love them! They say the funniest things ...

Ellie: "Elijah, my mom said you could spend the night at my house for, ummmmm, 29 days if you want. Do you want to???"
Elijah: "Yes! Mommy, can I spend the night at Ellie's for 29 days?"
Me: "Aw, I would really miss you."
Elijah: hmmm
Ellie: "Okay, how about 10 days? That is still a lot of days."
Elijah: "Well, I want to be with my mommy."


Elijah: I don't know how God can see everything all the time.
Ellie: He has very big eyes. And heads. And hands. And hair, but not like girl hair.
Elijah: No because he's a boy.


Elllie usually tries to tell me that he mom said she doesn't have to take a nap when anymore when she's at my house. So today I said, "Really? She didn't tell me that." To which she replied, "Oh, that's because she's not feeling well today and she couldn't call you to tell you that because she was in the living room watching tv. And that's the real truth."


I am trying to teach Elijah why lying is so wrong. He's just not getting it. In his mind it's very simple. You lie, you get out of trouble. You tell the truth, you get in trouble. So, he lies. Understanding the fact that he and Ellie are obsessed with the idea of Satan these days I played off of that by telling him that Satan is VERY happy when you lie. Well, I think it's starting to sink in. On the way home today Elijah explained to Ellie that if you lie, you make Satan very happy. If you tell the truth, you make God very happy. Poor Ellie feeling guilty already just blurts out, "I am not even lying. I really am not!!" She hadn't been saying anything at all. Poor thing. Then she says, "I LOVE Jesus and that is not a lie." Elijah's response to that, "I would never punch God." Keep in mind he is all about super heroes these days. He is always pretending to be one or another so punching is a big part of his pretend lives as super heroes. He is okay with the idea of punching Satan though.


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