Thursday, March 24, 2011


life as a christian ...

don't you love it when you feel like God gave you just the right words to say in a "i'm not so sure how to respond" kind of moment? that happened to me today.

oh, but not before i called a friend back to apologize for a comment i made when she and i were talking on the phone.


why can't i learn to shut this yapper of mine!!


madelyn's big day is tomorrow! oh, not her birthday. her friend alli is having a birthday and the two of them have been bouncing off the walls about if for over 3 weeks now. you would think it was christmas!

they are leaving school early to go see joseph at sight & sound tomorrow evening then having a sleepover. i told madelyn if she felt uncomfortable at all she can come home. she just looked at me like "why would i come home? i have been losing sleep with excitement over this night for a month!!" i said, "oh you know, just in case you feel uncomfortable or want to snuggle with your mother who will be feeling off balance all night because one of her babies is out of the nest."

okay, no i didn't say all of that ... but i wanted to. i just said if she feels uncomfortable at all she can call us. she said she was going to be fine because "it's alli!!" she did say though she might feel a little nervous because the grandparents are going too and she doesn't know them as well. apparently allit's one grandfather is really funny though so we are thinking it might be him. we'll see. i am excited for her.

no really i am :)


elijah slept in madelyn's bed last night since there was a storm. madelyn said this morning he asked her if she was awake and then held her hand. he loves her so much. it's really sweet.


poor dan has been super duper busy these last two weeks and i barely see him. when i do see him he is so so tired. poor guy. his birthday is monday and our kids have such a busy weekend i am trying to squeeze a time in for us to celebrate. it's not looking promising. at least he has march madness.

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