Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I am at war.

With little brown critters.

Ugh. Why do they have to be so cute?

I am seriously conflicted. I want these things OUT of my house. I have heard them in the walls, seen signs of them in the kitchen, and this morning came face to face with one.

Ugh. The experience this morning has left me feeling awful.

It was quite humorous really. Dan and I each armed with our gladware containers trying to trap this teeny little mouse with a white belly, cute little ears, and beady eyes.

Man are they fast.

He got away.

I don't like killing things. Stink bugs try to take over our house in the winter. They are annoying, look prehistorice, are not pretty, and yet even those I have a hard time killing. I usually flush them though.

But mice? Our options are trap them in glue where they either starve or die from stress. Poison them so that they run off and die somewhere in your house most likely. Or, set a traditional trap that apparently doesn't always finish them off right away and you end up having to finish them off yourself. Not to mention I have 4 animals that are at risk when we set these things out.

Those 4 animals certainly are not doing their jobs very well.

So, short of burning down my kitchen which is what I want to do, I am having Orkin come back today since I now know where exactly where the mice are, or have been. Our options remain the same as far as getting rid of them, but seriously, why did God have to make such a cute little animal such a destructive little pest?

I don't want their blood on my hands!

I want my animals to catch them! laimos.

Ugh. I have issues.

The good news is that it has motivated me that much more to get my house CLEANED out. I mean really CLEANED OUT. I worked in Elijah's room yesterday. It still isn't done, but it's at the point where it is just organizing what is left in there mostly. Then it is on to Madelyn's room.

Her room scares me.

Oh, but besides the cleaning out I am doing I also noticed yesterday on one of my "hunts" for mice that our hot water heater is leaking ... yay ... (sigh). So, all these nice little distractions from my mouse issue.

Orkin really can't get here soon enough today, but the guy told me between 4 and 6 this evening. I don't know how the Orkin guy is going to handle a sobbing woman holding on to him begging him to relieve her of these little tyrants who are taking over her kitchen.

I guess we'll find out ...

On a lighter note, we watched Tangled last night.

Oh. My. Goodness. I am so in love with that movie. It is so cute and sweet and fun. Elijah even liked it. We are going to watch it again today. Madelyn can't wait. And, yes I did cry at the end. My kids think I am crazy. And, they are probably right.

UPDATE: I am so over the "oh they are so cute" issue. Finding that they had been in Elijah's room changed all of that. So, by the time Orkin came I was ready for them to put traps EVERYWHERE. And he did :)

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