Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some things ...

Dan was making a list tonight of what he needed to pack for France and Elijah said, "Don't forget a washcloth, 2 spoons, and some jam." ... Yup. He just came up with that.


Yesterday Madelyn asked for an apple and she wanted it cut. So, I promptly sat down and peeled an apple for her. When I was done peeling it I realized what I had done and I said to her, "You wanted it cut didn't you, not peeled?" We both just kind of giggled and then she said, "You are very tired." :) It made me laugh that she said that. The funny thing is neither of my kids eat their apples peeled so I don't know why I did that.


any time dan is away i stay up waaaayyyyy too late. i am already tired so this is not a good thing because i really should get up and get the kids to school even though i am REALLY ready for a break and just want to be done with the school schedule already.

how's that for a run-on sentence?


my cat is dying. it is terribly sad. i just keep trying to love on him as much as possible. he has lost a ton of weight and i think he has cancer. he doesn't have a definitive diagnosis, but the things mentioned by the vet gave me some ideas to research and it seems pretty obvious.

i got my cats the year dan and i got engaged. they were 8 weeks old. brothers. my sister is the one who convinced me to get two so they would have company when i was in classes all day. it was a good decision. they are nice cats. friendly. only now that they are older have they had issues with puking and what not. blech.

one thing in simon's favor right now is dan is away and the animals get to sleep on his side of the bed. shhhhh ... don't tell dan. but, that's what happens when you leave the country ;)


i was just talking to madelyn and sometimes i am so struck by how little and cute and still so small she is. other days i am struck by how grown up she seems.

she is coughing though. boo. i hate it. she has a hard time getting to sleep as it is. add coughing to the mix and forget about it. i can't sedate the poor girl though. it's tough.

meanwhile, elijah is sacked out flat on his back sideways across the bed. his switch turns off at 9 pm. coughing or not.

i love my kids.


tonight the kids were so excited because we bought frozen pizzaria uno pizza and played uno while we ate it. when we bought the pizza at sam's the kids came up with that idea and were excited when i said we could do it :) it was fun.

elijah spreads all of his cards out next to him on the chair because he can't hold them all in his hand. poor madelyn had some rough hands, but she handled it well and was cracking jokes about it. she is pretty funny these days. i love her sense of humor.

meanwhile, they were so psyched anyway because last night i bought a wii game that is a bunch of old school games from way back, including pacman, and some new improved games. i think i am their favorite person right now :)


i bought adele's cd today, 21. it's fun. i love my ipod. i don't know what i did without it because i rarely ever bought cds after i had kids. itunes is so great though. and, the cd was on sale at target. perfect.

elijah is my dancing buddy. he's like me. he has a hard time not moving to the music when it's on. i'll see him playing or doing whatever and if there is music on he's moving to the beat. it is sooooo cute :)


this post was written over the course of a few days. i don't know why i couldn't get it done. so these are some tidbits from what's been going lately.

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