Thursday, May 5, 2011

So many Elijahisms ...

so little brain power to remember them all, but here are a few ...

we were walking past men's warehouse the other day and he said he saw the president, but he didn't have a head. i asked him how he knew it was the president and he said because he was dressed like him and wearing a bow tie :)

he thanked me yesterday for marrying dan. we were at the school and he had just spent a few minutes in dan's office. they love to show their love for each other by punching/smacking/kicking and wrestling each other and do so even in the office. so, on our way back down the hall he thanked me for marring "papa." i assured him that i was very thankful i did too since i wouldn't have him (elijah) if i hadn't :)

elijah just had a birthday. he's six now, and he sure knows how to live up the birthday attention. he got a crown from school and was so happy to announce "i'm the birthday boy!" we went to chuck e cheese with peyton, madelyn, noelle, mom-mom, pop-pop nick, me and papa. they had sooooooo much fun. it really was a fun day.

another thing on his birthday is that he and noelle found a dead mouse in the yard. elijah thought for sure that it was a dead beaver. i assured him it wasn't since beavers live near rivers and he replied, "maybe a hedgehog then." there was just NO WAY it was a mouse :)

elijah and noelle had a really intense conversation yesterday on the way home from school. it went a little something like this ...

e: you should not make jokes about people dying. it's inappropriate and it's like you are making fun of someone who died.
n: yeah.
e: my mom-mom ruthie died because she was really sick. and really old.
n: how old was she?
e: uuuummmmm ... 93 ... i think ... oooorrrrrr ... 99.

the conversation went on and changed a little. i didn't hear everything, but they were so sincere and low key about it all. it was really cute.

we were at the dentist today and oh my did elijah have a good time. he asked questions about EVERYTHING he possibly could ... what is that button? why do you have that light? i know why you have gloves on. how are you doing that? ... and on and on ...

when he asked about the light she told him that his mouth was really dark so she needed the light "unless YOU have a light in your mouth. if that's the case, will you turn it on please?" so, of course he pretends to turn a light switch on on the side of his cheek. twice. each time she needed to get in his mouth after that :)

when he was done he said he was going stop brushing his teeth so he could come back to the dentist sooner. yikes.

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