Monday, June 27, 2011


I've got a lot swimming around in my brain and when this happens it's best to write some tidbits ...


I am excited. We are getting a new (used) bed. Weird. I know. But, this couple works with Dan and they had the best custom made for them, used it for a year and decided it's not working for them.

Compare that story to ours. We have been using a $500 bed for 13 years. We bought it when we first got married. It's getting old. Literally. At this point anything will be better than what we have.

And new beds cost a lot more than what we are paying them.

We went and checked it out last night and a friend is helping us get it tonight. That friend has a truck and will help Dan load it. Such nice friends.

I'm a little (a lot) excited about sleeping on something different. I may not wake up tomorrow.


I am a princess. Dan's cousin, who we saw when we went to the wedding, has a 4 year old daughter. She is so stinking cute with her dark eyelashes, hazel eyes, and freckles across her nose that make her picture perfect.

She came up to me at the camp site that we went to after the wedding and told me she had seen me earlier in the day when I was a princess up on the stage :) Oh my. So sweet. I had NO idea what she was talking about, but does it really matter anyway? I mean, if she thinks I'm a princess, let's just let her go with that.

I asked her what I was wearing and she said "black" so she probably thought I was one of the bridesmaids, but that doesn't change the fact that she is now my favorite 4 year old little girl :)

And I may or may not have had the family refer to me as "Princess" for the rest of the weekend. "Your highness" was allowed as well.


Who do animals have to be so stressful? I have not been able to consistently get the pill into Simon like I should be.

That being said he does seem a little better, but he has now figured out what I am trying to do so he avoids the bathroom. Then he spits the pill out.

This just makes the fact that I am leaving him for a week that much more stressful, not to mention the poor girl who is going to be looking in on them.


Dan is going to the doctor today because his shoulder is really hurting him. It has been for weeks. I know it must be if he actually called the doctor. Plus, Dan isn't really one to complain, but his shoulder gets him.

I am sure it is cancer, but I am trying to not think that way. I tend to think everything is cancer. Yes. I am fatalistic like that.


One of the best things in my life right now is the fact that my children still hold my hand when we are out. I absolutely love walking hand in hand with my little dumplings. Sometimes Madelyn will take my hand and then hold Elijah's hand with her other hand. Or, they will each have one of my hands.

Part of it is that Elijah just does not pay attention in parking lots. He tends to be in his own little world anyway, and parking lots do not phase him. So, he HAS to hold my hand. But, most times they just want to and it makes my heart melt because I know they are only going to be this small for a little longer.

I caught our shadow the other day too when we were all holding hands and I wanted to take a picture. I consider myself blessed that Madelyn is still so sweet and loving. She is showing signs here and there of the upcoming tween phase, what with the huffing and/or eye rolling, but mostly she is still super sweet. And, I remind her how miserable life will be if she chooses to have an attitude ;)


Our dishwasher is done. That means I am washing dishes starting today. Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. I just had to get that out. I am sure we will buy a new dishwasher soon, but with vacation coming up, etc. I just don't know when. We have one picked out that is on clearance, but we'll see. We found out that if you get one with a stainless steel interior it helps fight again the mineral build up on your dishes and interior of the dishwasher so that's what we will be going for. Our water here is terrible because of all the minerals.


And that's all for now. I can't put off this sink full of dishes much longer. Unfortunately.

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