Saturday, August 6, 2011


holy moly. my dreams have been crazy lately.

last night i was shoe shopping at a really cool mall and i over heard a lady insult my outfit. i then realized i wearing cropped leggings with a mint green shirt that was longer in the back than the front and i came in barefoot hoping to find some cool shoes to wear through the mall. i left with a scarf and slippers.

then we went to a different part of the mall where outside the entrance to the arcade was a bunch of snow and a snowball machine that shot snowballs at you. it was crazy and a little dangerous because the machine went around in circles so you had to stay out of the way. i woke up after dan got hit and fell over. he was knocked out and i was trying to move him before the machine came around again.

after i fell back to sleep i dreamed i was hanging out with robert pattinson. he was filming some things. nice guy.

see? crazy.

the night before i dreamed about a friend we haven't heard from in a while and now i know why. he was with a new woman. i don't know where his wife was, but there was no introduction to the new woman. it was almost like he was pretending she was his wife. see? crazy. and that was only half of it. i can't even write the other part even though it was funny.

sometimes i am curious where my dreams come from. other times i would just like to forget them. i do know that the kids needs shoes for school. madelyn always looks cute in her legging outfits. i would not. i don't know about the snow machine except that dan has been going through some stressful things at work? and maybe that's where that was coming from? i don't know.

i should keep a dream journal. or, maybe not.

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