Monday, February 20, 2012


It's so sad how neglectful I have been of my little blog.  So many good intentions.  I have just had so little time to just sit and focus on any one thing it seems. 

So, here is a quick post to mention a few fun facts about life lately.

I like getting up early.  Not really, but I can see the good in it.  It makes my mornings more relaxed and my evenings more sleepy.  It really is good though, and I like having a little extra money in my pocket.

My kids LOVE Star Wars, and Wizard of Oz.  It has been fun introducing them to some of our classics.  Madelyn especially is loving Star Wars.  She is old enough to get the whole story.  Elijah likes the action and things it is terribly sad that the people have to die.

Friends are such a huge blessing.  I do my best to not take my friends for granted because I seriously don't know where I would be without them. 

We saw Kim and her kids on Saturday.  Reuniting with my MD friends is always so bittersweet.  I LOVE my MD friends so much.  We had our babies together and shared such a precious time in life together.  I love our life in PA now too, but I will always sort of mourn the loss of our MD life even though it's not really a loss.  It was just a stage in life left behind.  You just wonder what our lives would look like had we stayed there.

We saw the Warrens on Sunday which is always fun.  They are like our friends/family that we have here.  It's so easy to get together.  No real prep work, just having enough food for everyone.  The kids disappear and play forever until it's super late and we have to leave.

Otherwise, just busy with Bible Study, school, and life.

Oh, and Thirty One has been busy lately too.  I had 3 shows this month.  One is still going.  Two of them were catalog shows.  Women love their bags.  I do too.  It is fun, and also fun to have a little more money in my pocket, or to buy more bags with.  Hee hee ...

Okay, I have to do my Bible Study work, and I really would like to do some sewing again in my life time.  See?  My blog isn't the only thing I have been neglecting lately.

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