Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Funny Thing

Every night the kids take Juice Plus.  I believe it has done wonders for them.  They no longer have the asthma issues they used to have.  Colds come and go now.  It really still amazes me.  Colds used to be the worst thing ever for us in this house.

Anyway, Juice Plus is a chewy kind of vitamin and the kids have to take 2 a night.  One is a fruit chew.  The other is a vegetable chew.  Whichever kid is ready for them first (usually Elijah) gets them out for the other one. 

Well, lately Elijah has been ready first so he gets Madelyn's out.  He doesn't just hand them to her though.  He sticks them to the wall.

hahahahahahahaha ...

We didn't know he was doing this until the other evening when Madelyn came down from her room and said, "Elijah, will you PLEASE stop sticking my vitamins to the wall?" 

He stuck them on the wall outside her room.  Last night it was the kitchen wall.  So, so funny.  We all crack up laughing.  Well, except for Madelyn.  She is amused though.  How can she not be?  That is super funny. 

I love my little family. 

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