Monday, August 25, 2008

"I'll Race Ya!"

Dan and I were coming in from getting ice cream the one night at the beach. I went towards the elevator because our condo was on the 7th floor. As the doors were opening for the elevator Dan says, "Let's take the stairs." I said, "You can take the stairs." So, he says, "I'll race ya!" I just laughed and got on the elevator with the guy who was waiting there with us.

So, I told the guy that the last time Dan and I raced down to the first floor (me on the elevator, him on the steps) he got out at the 2nd floor and pressed the button so I wanted to warn him. Well, we are approaching floor 7 and the guy says, "I bet he's on the 3rd or maybe 4th floor." I said, "4th floor if he's lucky ;o)." So, I say good night to the guy as I'm stepping off the elevator and what do you know! Here comes Dan around the corner saying, "Where ya been!?" just as the doors are closing for the elevator so the guy saw Dan too. It was so funny!!!! It still just cracks me up. I don't know how he made it up those stairs so quickly. It has to be the fact that his legs are about as long as I am tall.

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