Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Elijah's Baby

Today Elijah has been taking care of one of Madelyn's baby dolls that looks like a real baby. It was actually the gift my mom gave Madelyn when Elijah was born. It was her "big sister gift." So, we've always just referred to him as Elijah's twin because it would creep us out to see it lying on the floor when we had real baby Elijah sleeping in his bassinette.

So, for whatever reason, this morning Elijah has been carrying him around, feeding him, hugging him, etc. He was being so quiet and gentle with him and we were heading downstairs to get breakfast when UH-OH the baby tumbled down the stairs. It rolled the whole way down the stairs. It was so funny. The kids and I cracked up and then Elijah picks the baby up and says, "He's okay!"

Then the baby had breakfast with Elijah. He was feeding him cereal and giving him milk. It turns out he named him Judah. Judah is the name of a little boy who sometimes comes with his mom to Bible Study.

Elijah then brings Judah over to me and says, "He won't stop picking his nose!" He had Judah's finger up the doll's nose. I said, "Well, I don't know what to tell you because I keep telling my son to stop picking his nose and it hasn't worked yet!" Elijah didn't get the message in that.

So, to be funny I took the doll's finger and put it up Elijah's nose. Well, he thought that was the best and then stuck the doll's finger in his ear. Thankfully, after a few times of telling him to stop Judah would stop.

It was so cute seeing Elijah with this baby doll. Besides the one time I saw him hitting the baby's face with a spoon over and over, oh and dropping him down the stairs, he was really sweet with him.

It's funny too that he took an interest in the baby the day before his birthday since it was a gift to Madelyn for his birth day.

Which brings me again to the fact that my baby is turning 4 again. I seriously keep hyperventilating. I kept kissing him tonight while he lay sleeping because it's the last time I'll be able to kiss him as a 3 year old. I think I need some therapy.


Kim said...

I think you need another baby. :)

The Topiary Lady said...

Yep, it's time for another. I just keep "munching" on Becky's baby. It helps....
Hey, my baby is 6! It doesn't get any easier.

kate said...

Funny. A lot of people are mentioning another baby to me lately, but I plan to help my friend with her twins to fill whatever void there might be there. Also, I just got rid of our changing table. There is no more baby stuff in plain view anymore. I've passed on our swing, our baby tub, and some other little things. Of course, now I probably will get pregnant though :P

As far as I know or have control over we are done in the baby department :)