Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Need People

Today is a day where I really need to be interacting with people. Otherwise, I am in a funk. Some call this being an extrovert. I can go with that.

This morning I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Knowing I needed to make a Redners run for TKA gift cards and go help out in 3rd grade only made me want to crawl back into bed more.

Right when I was walking out the door my dad called. That rarely happens (that he calls I mean) so I had to take it. We had a nice little chat and all of a sudden I was energized. I walked into 3rd grade ready to make more snow globes with the kiddos. Well, today was bring a favorite Christmas toy, preferably an electronic one. Madelyn took her Barbie guitar in. It's electric and plays tunes, namely Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cindy Lauper. Love that about that guitar.

Right before doing centers with the kids one girl asked if I would play the guitar. I thought it was sweet that she asked, but I said, "Oh honey I can't. We have to do centers now." To which she replied, "Oh. Mrs. Ache said we should ask you if you would play for us since Madelyn said you all played the guitars in Target before Christmas." ha ha! Our secrets are coming out!!

I had to laugh. I said, "OH, well since Mrs. Ache mentioned it maybe I can play a little before I leave." I honestly didn't think this would happen, but I was prepared either way. I mean I don't want to let down all those 3rd graders. Another boy even asked me too before the time was.

Okay. So, next thing I know the kids are lined up with their lunch boxes and the subject comes up again. Never one to pass up a challenge (or dare I say dare) I began rockin' out to Cindy Lauper and a few of the girls started dancing along. ha ha ha!! It was so funny!!!

Let's just all be thankful that Mrs. Ache did not have her camera on her today. Let's also be thankful no parents happen to walk by while I was jammin'. While we are at it, let's be thankful that my husband who was right down the hall trying to be professional and run a school that is all about academic excellence was not aware of my shenanigans.

But, even if I am asked to not come back to volunteer at TKA it was well worth it just seeing the girls dancing and giggling and seeing the kids cracking up. I do love that 3rd grade class. Those kids are so great.

So, now I am back home and have not been able to motivate myself to do ANYTHING. But, I guarantee if I got a phone call from a friend I would be up off my rump straightening up and getting the house all together.

Just as I was writing that sentence Kerry called me :) Yay!! I perked up right away and told her all about my blog post. Of course, then I had to leave to go pick up Madelyn so I didn't have much time left to do anything, but it was fun just the same!

Yay for people!! I need my friends and loved ones in my life so badly. They truly keep me going and keep me motivated in life. I don't know what I would do without them! Oh wait. Yes I do. I would sit on my rump and get nothing done :P Thank you friends!

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