Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Meltdown Anyone?

Sometimes your kids just need to be snuggled after a rough day.

King's Club was going fine until the last minute. Literally.

We had time inside playing Twister and this fun Dr. Seuss game that I bought the kids for Christmas. But, after school is a tough time to entertain kids and I have found if they have time to run around everyone is just a little better off.

So, we spent time outside. It was a small group today which is lovely, but it is also the first week back after vacation, wed of that week, after school hours when kids are hungry ... you get the idea. Well, combine all those things along with a wide age range of the kids and disaster is bound to happen apparently. Just when I was ready to mark the hour off as a success all you know what broke loose. Kids started trying to mess with the younger kids by taking their toys they were playing with so you have a meltdown, very guilty looking older kids who then end up fussing at each other, reluctant apologies and it's time to go in so one of the littlest ones (mine) start crying because he doesn't want the play time to end. Oh my.

What a great way to end an otherwise good day.

In all honesty I am beat too. Before I had to leave to get Madelyn from school I really just wanted to snuggle up and take a nap. Alas, responsibilities ruin that plan.

So, again tonight I have great plans of snuggling into bed early and reading my book until I fall asleep, but do you know what will really happen? This ...

Dan will get home later than expected. The kids will go to bed later than expected, and they need showers. Dan will then say we have to check in with the wii fit since neither of us has done it today. Admittedly, I have started to look forward to that time of day because it is really funny. I'll post on that later though. Then we will head to the basement where our tv is and it will be an hour before we come back up.

In the meantime, I will hang onto the fantasy in my head of lying in bed at an early hour reading Bonhoeffer (such a great book by the way).

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