Monday, January 3, 2011


what a great christmas break this has been. we have had so much fun. we had a great christmas. we got a little snow. we played a lot with the kids. we got to see friends. we got to relax. we got to see friends again. we just had the perfect mix of fun and relaxation.

and now they are all back to school. (sigh) usually i am ready for routine again, but not this year. i want them home with me.

alas, i will sip my coffee and pour my heart out in my blog ...

we kept the 3rd grade class pets all week. three guinea pigs. they were funny. quite verbal. and i will admit ... it was hard to send them back. the table we had them sitting on in the basement is so bare now. we took them back last night since dan was going to turn the heat on at the school anyway. and i thought it would be best for the kids to come back and have them there right away so nothing was unusual about the room. i had to remind myself that they are by themselves every night at the school. i know. i have issues. this is why dan limited me to my four animals. i haven't asked for one, but he already told me we are not getting a guinea pig.

my poor kids though. we had a great relaxing week that i already mentioned and then new year's eve struck. madelyn was up until 1:30 with the rest of us and elijah was up way too late for his little body that normally turns off at 9 pm whether he is in bed or not. they did not recover. so, this morning i felt like i was sending them back to school as exhausted as they were when vacation started, and they are all paled with dark circles under their eyes. this morning and yesterday morning we had to wake both of them up for church and then school today. elijah is usually up with the sun. he kept telling me how he shouldn't go to school because he was so sleepy he was going to fall asleep in his class. poor little guy. madelyn was excited enough to see her friends that she was motivated enough to get moving.

madelyn got a leapster for christmas that you can buy a camera attachment for. she LOVES it. she told me last night that she was going to take a picture of all of her classmates so that if anyone leaves next year she will have a picture to remember them. so sweet.

we went to IHOP last night for dinner because it was our last day of vacation. halfway through dinner madelyn asked if we could go to dunkin donuts for dessert. ha ha! this just cracks me up. we told her no because we were eating dessert for dinner, you know "dinsert" or "disnert" however you prefer to say it :) i just crack myself up.

we spent new year's with jess and jon like we normally do. it was fun. jess and i danced to just dance 2 for the wii. so funny. you can dance duets where you are both doing some similar and some different moves. some moves you faced each other and i could not look at jess without laughing. it is so funny when you are trying to do the moves and stay focused, but then you look at your friend trying to do the same thing and it is just so funny. of course dan and jon did not participate, but felt free to coach us as we went along. typical right?

preston and elijah were buddies this year too now that preston is almost 4. they were really cute together playing super heroes and what not. the girls were typical girls playing barbies and taking pictures and yelling at the boys to stay away. the boys were sad, but we told them ultimately this was a good thing since they probably didn't want to play with barbies anyway. older sisters can be brutal though.

we got to see the warrens so much that now they are back at state college it is really sad all over again. thankfully they still come back to this area enough where we can see them regularly. it's just so nice when you have friends that are great last minute peeps who can get together on a whim and you don't have to clean your house for them.

i can't not mention target again. i got a load of wrapping paper for next christmas there last night. huge rolls for 60 cents and packs of multiple rolls for $1.25. sadly, they were out of boxes and bags. sadly, i need both boxes and bags for next year. i may head to the other target soon to check out their stash. i really did not think i would be back in target so soon, but who am i kidding? i love that place. also, i would like to dedicate this paragraph to Kristine Eberly who shares my love (obsession?) for target :)

elijah is stuck on this age thing. yesterday he was telling dan that he couldn't believe he was so old and still alive. what?? dan just went along with it. a woman at our church just turned 96 and you would NEVER guess she was that old. elijah couldn't believe she was still alive either and thinks that maybe she will end up the oldest person ever. so funny how their little minds work.

well, this should be all for now since i haven't worked out yet today and i was hoping to do it first thing. we are having fun with out wii fit. my plan for this morning is to do some running on it, but ugh. who wants to run when you can just sit on your rump and sip coffee? i know. i know. i need to if i am going to ever fit back into my clothes properly without this belly hanging over the edges of my pants. oy. just keep reminding me of that when i post about the fact that i am still sitting on my rump.


Kristine said...

Aw, thanks. I think obsession is the better word.

Glad you are able to hang out with the third graders regularly. I wish I was able to get in there more often, but there will be a time and season for that!

kate said...

they are a great class. your time will come. some days i miss the excuse of having my little one at home ;)