Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oy. Dreams.

It's no secret anymore (at least I don't think it is) that I have really really strange dreams on a regular basis. This week has been no different, but they have been especially vivid for some reason, maybe because something has woken me up at some point in the night each day this week.

Anyway, night one I dream about an old friend that I reconnected with. For some reason in my dream she had facial hair purposely. She is a beautiful girl. Seriously, one of the prettiest people I have ever met, but I think I dreamed this because I was watching something recently where the woman mention having all of her hair lasered off. That is a dream of mine. How great to not have to shave or pluck anymore unwanted hairs. If I win the lottery one day, that is the first thing I am going to do. So strange though really. Otherwise, it was nice to reconnect with her.

Oh, but the other thing about that dream is my friend is pregnant with her third child. Well, in my dream her third child was already six months old and she found out she is pregnant again!! I wonder if I am prophetic. Thanks to facebook I should find out in due time (pun intended :).

Okay, day two I dreamed about friends of ours who just moved to the area who were friends of ours when we lived in MD. Sadly, they have had SO much going on since they got here and we have too so we have not been able to get together, except for in my dream of course. We had some kind of birthday party and they came and of course other bizarre things happened, but all in all dreams like that tell me it's time to get in touch with them and plan a time to get together.

Day three was last night. Madelyn's piano teacher is pregnant and about to have her baby a month from now I think. A teacher mentioned getting a baby gift for her yesterday and voila! next thing I know I am dreaming about her having her baby and getting gifts, etc. Until ... uh oh!! I realize I am pregnant as well and due any day!!!! WHAT??!! I started counting up the kids toysrus gift cards because I have NO more baby items. I realize I need a carseat, a bouncy seat (for some reason this was an especially major concern of mine in my dream), a stroller ... I had NOTHING. What does Mary Kay say to me? "I told you as soon as you get rid of your baby stuff you end up pregnant!" ha ha! That part cracks me up. I told her today at the school what she said to me. She said, "Oh that is helpful!" So funny. Ugh, but so stressful.

Thankfully, I woke up from all of these dreams with no crazy bleached facial hair, no pregnant belly, but still in need of making a call to our friends.

I need a nap.


Skinney said...

I've had two strange Alec Baldwin dreams lately. In both we've had a complicated history/relationship. I haven't even been watching 30 Rock....

kate said...

that is very strange, but also very funny. alec baldwin ... blech :P