Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Been a While ...

Wow. How sad that my last post left things on such a sad note. There are updates to Rachel's situation. Sweet little Ryan was diagnosed with Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome. It is very rare and little is known about it. But, already Ryan is showing signs of advancement. Recently, he crawled across the room. That was exciting news. They do have a long road ahead of them, but they are relying on their Lord and they have lots of support. Continued prayers are much appreciated.

My, much has been going on since I last posted. One thing is that we have all fallen completely in love with a little girl named Cindy from China. Although, she isn't that little. She's quite tall actually. She is 9, but towers over Madelyn. She is a real cutie pie though and super goofy so she fits right in with us. She is shy, but once she warmed up we realized what a goof she is. Right now Dan is reading Voyage of the Dawn Treader to them, but has had many interruptions due to two little nutty girls. Funny stuff.

I knew Cindy was fitting in when we got in the car on Valentine's Day and said, "Raise your hand if you are excited about today!" Our kids feel as though they have a new sister, but sadly we have to say good-bye in a couple days. We are all dreading it, even Cindy. It's terrible.

In other news, my Bible Study finally finished Esther. We have had to postpone our study sooooo many times in the last few months it's been ridiculous. Esther is not a long book. The study included other books as well, but for some reason Esther took us a while to get through. We are moving on to a different study now. But, what a book Esther is, such a great example of God's sovereignty and justice playing out. Amazing!

Dan has been sooooo super busy in the last couple weeks. There is a lot going on at the school with trying to find property or new buildings for the school. And, he is helping with a voucher initiative for the state of PA. He spent the day in Harrisburg working on that.

We have had lots and lots of snow days. Now we don't have off for President's Day, but those snow days sure were fun :)

Other than these things we have gotten together with friends, good times, and have kept busy with other things. Mostly we have been wrapped up with spending time with our chinese girl. Her english is amazing. We really have been spoiled. It's hard to imagine having such a good experience with any other student. I am hoping she might come back next year, or the year after that.

OH, our other big news is Madelyn got glasses. She is so cute in them. The only problem is I didn't think to get the glare resistant lenses so when I take her picture the flash puts a glare on her lenses. Mine are the same way. I didn't even think about it when I ordered them. I got prescription sunglasses too. So excited. I just need it to be spring now so I can get more use out of them. Come on Spring!! You are welcome here anytime :)

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