Sunday, February 20, 2011

so spoiled

i don't know that i can ever host another international student after having cindy. dan and i both said tonight that this was a really rare situation. she so perfectly fit in with our family and we all miss her terribly.

cindy set the bar really high and has probably ruined any chance for another student to come live with us.

well, unless that student doesn't mind us calling her cindy and doing all the silly things cindy would do.

yeah, that probably won't happen huh?

well, then back to what i was saying then ...

another reason is i don't think i can become so attached to another child who is going to then leave us and go half way across the world! it's a terrible feeling :(

what it comes down to is cindy is one special little girl as far as we are concerned and we will cherish the memories we have from these last two weeks. we will also hope that she will come back to visit us again soon.

and did i mention we miss her? :'(

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