Sunday, February 20, 2011

a couple cute elijahisms

today elijah came downstairs to the living room where i was sitting. he didn't know i was here so it was cute to watch him work his way down holding and facing the railing with two hands, imagining some super hero scenario i'm sure. he gets to the bottom of the stairs i said hello to him. he comes over to snuggle, but has a straight face on the whole time. i said, "wow. such a straight face you have. no smiles or anything." he said, "oh. let me try that again." he goes ALL the way back upstairs, comes down to see me with the biggest grin, says hello and runs over to me all happy and smiley. he is my sunshine kid. very rarely does he stay in a sour mood. it was so cute!

tonight after we read together we were just snuggling on the couch. i said, "i am so glad you are a snuggly boy. some kids don't want to snuggle with their moms very much, but you do and i am glad." he said, "mommy, are you being serious?" he could not understand why some kids would not want to snuggle.

lately i have had a lot of moments where both kids have come to sit with me on our big green chair in the living room. i don't ever want to get up when i have the two of them all snuggled up with me. i was thinking tonight as dan carried them both at the same time up to bed for stories and praying how sad it will be when they are too big to be carried at all.

so, i will enjoy these moments and snuggles as long as i can. i am very blessed.

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