Saturday, February 26, 2011

slumber parties

slumber parties are great, or are they?

i am so happy that madelyn is feeling more comfortable with sleeping away at someone else's house, or am i?

okay, enough with the annoying questions. madelyn is wrecked after her sleepover. she is my little introverted girl so she definitely needs her downtime, away from people, whether it's after school or after a long week. sleepovers however don't allow for any downtime for approximately 19 hours, and this is after a long week of school. that is too long for my little dumpling.

add onto that the fact that she gets zero sleep. she is wrecked. so, now she is quietly playing barbies in her room so she can regroup, recharge, whatever you want to call it.

i knew we didn't have plans for today so it was okay for her to sleepover. we do have plans for tomorrow though that involves ten kids being here. that should be interesting.

as far as me liking sleepovers, i'm still on the fence. i am glad madelyn is feeling more comfortable being at someone's house, but i don't like it for one. i miss her. our house seems off when one is missing. two, i just don't like it. i miss her. oh, did i mention that already?

okay, seriously, if i don't know the family well or have any reservations the sleepover just won't happen. i almost told her she couldn't sleepover last night because she is getting over strep, but i didn't. they had a lot of fun so it was all good. the problem is she won't nap. i told her she is going to have to lie down for a while, but i doubt she will fall asleep. she just doesn't do naps.

i do though. i actually just did :) ahhhhh, glorious naps. i'm not sure why madelyn is so down on them. i actually napped in her bed and it is still comfortable. so, i think she's missing out by not napping.

that won't keep me from trying to get her to from time to time.

UPDATE : To my shock and disbelief Madelyn did indeed fall asleep. She looked so snuggly and cute too under her little Hello Kitty blanket that Dan gave her when he went to Africa. It says I Love You on it. She still went to sleep at a decent time too. I was shocked, but so glad she did. We have a fun day planned today with friends from college.

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