Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hugs from Dogs

I love when my dogs hug me.  It might sound weird, but they do. 

Daisy just walked over the where I am sitting in the chair, sat down and pushed herself against me.  That's her hug.  I hug her back and she is so happy.  Plus, she is big so I can really hug her and squeeze her and she doesn't mind at all. 

So, we just had a little moment.  She trotted off all happy, grabbed her bone and is chewing away on it now. 

Molly will do the same thing.  She will jump up on the bed, come over to wear I am, sit and lean into me.  It's so sweet. 

I know.  I have issues.  But, I am feeling really sentimental about life right now.  Christmas this year is really getting into my heart.  It's good and bad.  Good because I like feeling the emotions of holidays and really feeling the moments.  Bad because who wants to be weepy around Christmas.

It doesn't help that my kitty has been sick.  He's being so sweet about it too.  I have read that cats really mask their illnesses well.  He definitely is.  He has barely been eating, etc., but he is still so sweet and is loving any attention he gets.  I had already been giving him extra attention since losing Simon.  Samson is just so laid back and squeezable so I've definitely been squeezing him lately.  A friend said maybe that's why he got sick.  I was squeezing him too much.  Ha ha.  That made me laugh.

He's 14.  There's only so much we can do for our little buddy.  Going through all of this though makes me never want to get another cat.  We were looking at cats last night at the pet store.  They were so sweet, but all I kept thinking was "you cost A LOT of money."  Vet bills are ridiculous.  It's sad because I would probably get a million animals (give or take a few) if they didn't cost so darn much to care for. 

So, here we enter another point of change in life that is a reminder that we are getting old.  A college friend and I were just talking about things like this.  Life events that make us wonder how we got this old.  I remember getting my cats and thinking, "I could have them until I am 40."  I've heard of cats living for 20 years.  Thirty-five is pretty close to 40, but it does kind of take me back a step wondering how I got to this point so quickly.

Well, my kitty is sitting here wanting some love and probably some tuna juice.  I read it helps with hydrating, etc. He does love it too. 

Now go hug your dog, or cat :o)

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