Sunday, December 4, 2011


I see people around town all the time.  I don't really know them, but I feel like I do.  I even come up with their life scenarios which I am sure are pretty darn close to their real life situations because I am after all only going by their looks.

Anyway, take the bus stop people for instance.  I drive my kids to school so I see a number of people at various bus stops.  There is the old man that walks a teeny girl to the bus stop, only now she is not so teeny and is probably in 2nd grade, or maybe first.  There used to be an older red headed boy that he would see to the bus stop as well, but he is now in high school.  That bus comes early so I don't see him any more. 

I have seen a young woman with him in the mornings at times too so I am assuming she is the girl's mother.  So, here is what I surmised.  The woman is a young single mother who works so he helps her by getting her daughter on the bus.  He has to be the grandfather (or even great-grandfather) because he is so sweet with the little chatter-box girl.  Seriously.  I only drive by them, but she is a talker.  They walk and she is just talking up a storm.  It is so sweet.  He used to hold her hand, but now she's a big girl.  I imagine she just melts his heart.

I even saw the man do a funny dance to make the older red-headed boy laugh.  It was super sweet.  The man is not super friendly to me though.  Yes.  I still have only driven by, but I would wave.  It was almost like he would try to not look at me, but I am happy to report I get a wave occasionally now.  I mean I drive in the other lane to make sure they are safe so I wave an acknowledging wave.  You do that right?

So, it was funny on Halloween night to see them trick or treating in our neighborhood.  I feel like I know the guy, but what do I say?  "Hey!  It's me, the lady who drives by you on a regular basis!  Can I just ask you to verify my back story I have created for you?"  Originally I thought he must be their sole guardian and everyone else has died.  Now I don't think that everyone has died, but he must have some kind of guardianship or something.  See, I do need verification.  I should have asked him on Halloween.  That's so not weird at all. 

There are others.  One woman I would see at story time all the time.  That ended, but I continued to see her at parks, the grocery store, etc.  Finally one day I introduced myself because it was just getting weird how I would see her ALL the time and we never said anything.  It turns out her husband leads the local cubs scouts.  Good to know. 

Another lady I see at the bus stop has a little baby.  Well, he was super little, but now he wears a leash because you just can't have a little toddler free to roam on that road, way too dangerous so I don't blame her one bit.  It is cute to see the others fussing over him at the stop though.  He was just standing there with a big smile on his face the other day.  So cute!

Another woman I only just saw the other day.  She was cute waving to her kids on the bus.  She looks like she has a hard life, like she works hard for the sake of her kids.  See?  This is what I do.  I make up stories for people.  But, with her it was like she would wave to the kids all smiles and so sweet, but when she turned to continue walking her face changed.  The hardness showed through.  She saves face for her kids.  Don't we all at times?

There is another group that I just plain worry over.  There are so many of them at this stop on a busy two lane country road.  It just scares me to see all those people crammed onto a corner with barely any sidewalk.  Oy.  I see the moms walk along the road with their kids trying to get to the corner, but there is no sidewalk!  I hate it. 

I could go on.  It's funny though because I am sure my stories are way more dramatic in my mind than they are in real life, but you never know right?  Am I the only one who does this?  Or, am I the only one that sees certain people so much that it feels like I should know them? 

Tell me.  I need to know your stories if this happens to you ... Tell me I'm not SO weird!!!

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