Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

My cat is better!!!  Yay!!!  The amount of ribbon he puked up was unbelievable, especially since I don't keep ribbon in the house because I know he eats it.  I have no idea where it came from, but I am thankful the Lord answered our prayers.  I started praying that if there was something causing a blockage that the Lord would move it, and He did.  Yay!  Ugh.  It was a rough week of going back and forth in my  mind over what to do with my kitty, knowing I couldn't really afford another vet bill.  Ahhhhh, breathing a huge sigh of relief, such a gift to have that burden lifted before Christmas. 

I am soooo looking forward to getting together with our good friends today for dinner, a little gift exchange and lots of laughs I'm sure.  Then we will go to their Christmas Eve service, come home, and wait for Santa ... literally.  Our neighbor dresses as Santa and comes over.  He is so sweet.  We don't even do Santa, but the kids love it.  Elijah is saying he believes in Santa too so he especially is excited.  His determination in believing in Santa is pretty funny. 

I still have gifts to wrap, but I would really like to just chill and read my book about a woman who was kidnapped by indians, escaped and walked 1000 miles back to her home.  So crazy!  It's a true story.  The novel is historical fiction based on her story.  It is so good though.  I feel terrible putting the book down and leaving them in the wilderness.  It is her and another woman who escaped.  Oh, the things they go through.  The human will is amazing.

But, it's Christmas Eve so I will be doing Christmas things today, like writing a blog post on Christmas Eve :)

I will post soon about my First Grade Christmas party experience.  Serena told me I need to write it down.  I was in charge of games, and for those who know me you probably know I am amazing at games, and crafts, and party planning ... no.  I'm not.  There may have been tears and frustrations involved in my games.  Stay tuned. 


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