Monday, July 21, 2008


We had a fantabulous time this past weekend. Vern (Dan's brother) and Pam (Vern's wife) came to visit us. It was so great. They are so great, and the kids had a blast. Jennifer (Dan's cousin) came on Saturday too. She's so fun, and I look forward to seeing her more. She lives in Harrisburg now and she offered to come and babysit. Boy is she going to regret that ;)

This summer has been fun, even amidst all the trials with Dan's health. Susan and Josh came to visit, along with Vern and Lois. Shannon and her kids, along with my mom, were here for a bit. Nick spent about a week here too. Good times all around.

Along with those fun times came Dan getting really sick, pneumonia-like sickness, for about two weeks. We had a couple appts at Georgetown and after the last one he spent two days in the hospital getting IVIg treatments. So far so good on the vision front. No episodes as of late. Praise God! We go tomorrow for another appt and prayerfully there will no new activity in his eyes.

The kids continue to grow and it's so fun to see their little minds develope. It's interesting having Madelyn home all day again too. I love it, but she needs a bit more to do. So, it's been somewhat of a transition for us. She and Elijah just love each other so much though. It's so cute to see them hug in the morning when they wake up. They are both so sweet (and that's a completely unbiased opinion ;).

So, this is just a little post to sum up what our summer has been all about so far.

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